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picture done by Ken Musgrave


At this moment in time,
I have to admit I am going insane.
There's a piece of my heart missing,
but I am trying to act brave.

Lord, if you can hear what my heart wants,
let it come quickly.
For I can only act bravely, for so long,
before my heart finally knows,
that it is love stricken.

This person stole what was mine, 
and I never noticed it at the time.
Now I am finding it hard to considerate
because of the void this creates.

I never wanted anyone to take my heart,
so when it came to love,
around it, I'd put up a wall of hate.

This guy, came in my life,
and I put that wall up way too late.
And now I sit here, with it down,
praying this love, is truly found.

For if this love, turns out wrong,
my heart, again, 
will never be strong.

©written by Beverlee MacLellan

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