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Welsh Politics Page

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# The Governance of Wales
Clicking on the link will take you to a series of pages covering all aspects on the governance of Wales, its institutions, local government, the Welsh Office, Parliament, the European Union and the Quango state.

# The National Assembly For Wales
This series of pages will explain the constitution, powers and method of election of The National Assembly For Wales.

# Devolution Referendum
This will take you to the results of the 1997 Devolution Referendum [under construction]

# General Election Results
The Results of the 1983, 1987, 1992 & 1997 General Elections in Wales, [very much under construction.]

# Unitary Council Election Results
From April 1996 Wales has a new local government map, elections to the new Unitary Authorities were held in April 1995, these are the results of those elections. [very much under construction.]

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