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Anthony found Macy drunk at a restaurant.He was a complete stranger to Macy.He brought her back to Thorne's appartment but was so attracted to her that he kissed her goodbye while she lay unconcious.Thorne witnessed the kiss and hated Anthony from the very first meeting.Later on Anthony went on to be the head designer of Spectra Fashions.Macy refused to work but since Spectra was in dire straits she had to co-operate though Thorne was against it.

After the Forrester and Armando fashion show Anthony was sure to be in Spectra.By now Macy was attracted to him.Meanwhile Sally asked Anthony to move in and she felt Anthony was the right man to father CJ.Macy received divorce papers from Thorne and felt she could start a brand new relationship with Anthony.When she came to know about her mother's feelings for Anthony she forced Anthony to tell her the truth but everytime he wanted to tell Sally he felt he would be hurting her so kept quiet until one day when Sally witnessed a romantic conversation between Macy & Anthony.Sally was so hurt that she fired Macy from Spectra.

Macy,Anthony & Sly