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Bikini Bar

Thorne & Macy were going through a difficult period in their lives when Macy was accused of stealing the Forrester designs.Thorne was falling for Karen & their marriage was getting weaker.Darla brought Macy to the Bikini bar knowing for sure that Thorne & Karen were there.Sly invited Macy on stage.Thorne couldn't resist & he joined her on stage.They sang a wonderful duet together after which Karen realised that Thorne really loved Macy.

An year later producer Don Weaver signed a contract with Macy for a new band called RAPTURE.Thorne accompanied Macy and Don said that Rapture would be possible only if Thorne would join the band.With a lot of encouragement from Ridge Thorne joined Macy and Rapture was born and the band did well too.All this happened at the Bikini Bar so it is a very special and lucky place for Thorne & Macy.