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    SODguest: Hi B&B fans! Welcome  Bobbie Eakes! 

    BOBBIE EAKES: Hello and thanks for caring! 

    hesable2 asks: What's next for Macy?

    BOBBIE EAKES: Well, I don't know. I usually don't like to know. I like to get my  scripts and be surprised along with everyone else. I know the writers told me  it's going to be some interesting stuff   coming up ... and I said say no more. 

    vkw40 asks: What was it like filming Grant's dying scene?

        BOBBIE EAKES: Oh, you know, it was hard because I enjoyed working   with Charlie Grant and of course I knew this was the end, but he really made those scenes work. I think it's hard for men to bring emotion to the surface in general and he was so amazing in doing it, that he made it easy for me as an actress. But  personally, it made me sad to have to say good-bye to one of my favorite co-stars. 

      Jo_Vin asks: Grant's death scene, with Macy singing to him, was incredibly moving. I'm curious -- why did you choose to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings"?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I didn't choose it, the writers chose that. I can only              assume it pretty much said what the character would have said to her husband  as he was dying. That's the hard part in finding a song that fits the story well  enough to fit the emotions, so I guess why they chose that one, but I didn't  choose it. I agreed with the choice, though. 

                          PeacefulPenguin asks: Your chemistry with Charles Grant rocked! Was it      hard saying good-bye to him?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Yeah, it was. Like I said, he's one of my favorite                 co-stars to work with. I think he's such a talented actor and in the beginning  especially, I loved the levity the characters shared. Macy's had a lot of  depressing things in her life and when Grant came along, it was very light and fun ... and it was great to play for a change. 

                          XXL_76 asks: What are the chances of Thorne and Macy getting back  together ... now that Grant is gone?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: You know, I don't think that's going to happen. I think if anything they'll focus on the two as friends. I mean, Macy & Thorne had four weddings -- three that went through LOL -- and that story has been played  for a while, so I think the writers are going to give it a break. I think it would be interesting to see Thorne with Darla. I think the fans would, too... and I  think Schae Harrison is so talented and they have great chemistry together. 

                          Jo_Vin asks: If Macy doesn't reconcile with Thorne, who would you like to see her get together with?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Hmmmmm..... I don't know. You know, I think it would  be nice if Macy had a storyline that isn't necessarily a romantic storyline, but maybe just play the friendship between Macy & Darla or the business aspect  at Spectra. I don't think you have to have a romantic interest to make a story  interesting. Plus, her husband just died! Let's give her the grieving period!  LOL But, down the line, she could use some counseling ... so maybe Pierce. He's supposed to be the guru of positive attitude and Macy could use a little   of that right now. 

                          Pjoergensen asks: Hi Bobbie, do you ever still talk to Jeff Trachta                      [ex-Thorne]? 

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Yeah! I do. In fact, Jeff was just nominated for a  prestigious theater award here in town for Three Men Naked From The  Waist Down. We do sing in Europe mainly, so we don't see each other as  much as we used to when he was on the show and we don't live near each other, but I'm sure we'll continue to work with each other for a long time. 

                          anitanl asks: You've (almost) finished your solo-CD. What kind of songs are on it and will you ever sing with Jeff again now he's busy with his solo-CD  too?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Yeah, we're both pursing the solo thing for a while, we  did do 2 duet records. This record for me is purely in a direction I've wanted   to go in for years. The first record I did was an all girl record and then the  records with Jeff were in keeping with the idea of the show -- romantic   ballads. This is more a record in what I've wanted to do. We did it in   Nashville, it's contemporary country ... country on the pop side.   I'm really excited that I'm working with one of the top producers in Nashville -- Don Cook, who's produced the Mavericks, Alabama ... He's produced  probably 40 or 50 Number 1 hits ... It was a fabulous experience for me. It  will be released in Europe [on] November 7 or November 15, depending on  when I get the artwork to them. I have to get the photo shoot done  tomorrow! 

                          SusanneDK_98 asks: Do you have a greatest hits in mind after your  solo-CD?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well, I don't know. :) I think I would have to have a few  hits first :D  Yeah, I would love to down the line ... continue making music and that would   be one of my dreams to have enough material to put out a greatest hits CD,   but only a few artists get that honor. That's a dream of mine. 

                          anitanl asks: Hello Bobbie! Will you come to The Netherlands when your  new album will be released? If you do, I invite you for a drink, and you're  more than welcome! If you come for dinner, I make something typical Dutch  for you!

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Ah! Meat & Potatoes! I go to Amsterdam/Holland a lot.  I was there 3 weeks ago. But I plan to go and do promotion for the record.  So yeah, maybe we'll have a drink together, as long as my husband can go, too. 

                          Macy_4ever asks: Do you have any touring plans now that you will soon have a new CD out?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: It's just tricky with the show. It looks like my storyline is   picking up right now. I try to utilize my free time as much as I can. Usually that  means going over during the holiday season while B&B is dark. I enjoy going     over ... nothing is set right now, but I'm sure something will be going on over there in the next 2 or 3 months for me. 

                          Macy_4ever asks: Why was your original chat session cancelled? I was SO  disappointed!

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Oh, well thank you ... I was working. I was on the set. And that day we had babies in -- I think the babies that play Thomas -- and    when that happens, the babies have to film first. So my scenes had to go later  on in the day and I never got out in time. They were important scenes in the hospital, not to give anything away, but I thank everyone for hanging in here  and coming today :) 

                          SusanneDK_98 asks: We think you would be great in a musical. Which one  would you like to have a lead in? 

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well, I love the musical Chicago, although I'm probably    not a good enough dancer :) Cabaret is a lot of fun, and I think they're doing  a road tour coming up. Anything really, just to have that experience would be terrific. I've never really done theater, and I haven't really had the time, but   that's one thing that I would really love to do and I'd love to do it in New   York. That would be really exciting. 

                          Macy_4ever asks: Will Adam Alexander (Macy's dad) ever show up in  LA?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: We've always wanted that. First of all, Darlene Conley   [Sally] is an amazing actress and sparks would just fly if she came across him   again. That would be [a] really interesting story for the audience. It's up to the    writers, but I think it would be great if they brought him on ... There are a   million ways you can play that.

                          Macy_4ever asks: What will be the name of your new CD?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I'm not sure, I'm thinking of a couple of things, but it   hasn't been decided yet. It may be one of the songs on the CD. Any   suggestions? :) 

                          CorineNL asks: If Macy could choose between Eric, Ridge, James and  Pierce, who would it be??

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Oh, how do you choose? She really does need a good     therapist, so probably Pierce or James. Those Forrester men probably need a   rest, they've been getting so much action lately ;-) 

                          Jo_Vin asks: Your brother CJ says he wants to help mom save the business. He's a teenager -- is that realistic???

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well, you know. ;) Are soaps realistic? Yeah, I think it's   a sweet sentiment from a child that is starting to grow up and take more responsibility. It would be great for him to try and help Sally out. 

                          hesable2 asks: What do you like to do on your down time?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well, I'm learning guitar right now. I have been focusing  on my music and writing, just this whole project. Other than that, the normal things, hanging out with my friends. I went out with Schae Harrison [Darla]  and people from work the other night. Other than that, it's been real busy with  the record. 

                          KindredK asks: How did you get involved in acting?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well, basically when I was in the Miss America pageant   a few years ago someone from Hollywood flew me out to test for a pilot,  what turned out to be Star Search. I didn't get the part, but I met some   people and then got my SAG [Screen Actor's Guild] card by being in the last episode of Laverne & Shirley. I thought it would be fun to come out and be an actress while pursuing my singing career. But I came out hoping to get a record deal and pursue the whole music deal. 

                          Tenderness101 asks: What's in store for Spectra Fashions?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Ah... well, I think we're going to start focusing a lot on   Spectra, that's what Brad has been telling us. I don't know, though... as I said   I don't read ahead ... [since] I can't change it :) But Brad is going to be    focusing on us at Spectra, so I'll be just as surprised as the rest of you when i all materializes. 

                          hesable2 asks: Bobbie what was your first big break?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well, I guess it was when I came out to LA, and Fred  Silverman was putting together an all girl band similar to the Spice Girls, except we all played instruments, etc. I auditioned and got the gig as the lead singer. We signed a deal to Epic then I got an agent who represented me not   only as a singer, but as an [actress] and things just started happening from  there. 

                          marirn2 asks: Bobbie are you singing at Grant's funeral?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: You know what ... Grant doesn't have a funeral that they    show on camera, at least. So I'm assuming Macy was there, but she was too  distraught to sing. I can't imagine any widow would be strong enough to do that. 

                          luke199813 asks: Would you like to sing again on B&B?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Yeah, I enjoy it occasionally. It wouldn't hurt my feelings  too too terribly if they said no more singing. But it is fun. 

                          jcbarney asks: Who would you like to work with now that Charles Grant is  gone?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Hmm ... a new person would be nice. It would be great if they brought in somebody new ... like George Clooney, or I don't know, is that asking too much? ;-D

                          nfickett asks: What's it like to be known overseas?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: It's fabulous. The big plus is you sort of lead sort of a   normal life in Los Angeles, which is an industry town and there are big, big, big stars walking around and people aren't too impressed by it. Then you can  go over to Europe and pretend to be a big shot! :) And then you get back to   reality, get your priorities straight, and be just a regular Joe when you're at   home. 

                          XXL_76 asks: Do you have any pets?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I do, I have a cat and a dog. Elvis is my cat. My dog is  Katie ... She's getting kind of old, she has her problems, but she's a   sweetheart. They're my babies :) 

                          ksh_66 asks: What did you do before you became an actress?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I was a singer. Started singing in bands when I was 16  That's what I always did. I went on the road when I was 19 and went all over  the country in a bar/club band and decided to come to LA to pursue a record    deal. For money, I never waited tables or anything like that ... just sang in     clubs. You're kind of living a vampire existence, up all night, sleeping all day.   Just having this job at B&B was nice to live a normal life. I learned that I was   a morning person :) I like having a normal day job. 

                          Felicity_143 asks: Sometimes your character is so naive it makes me angry.  When will you get your strength back?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: When it's written that way, we do what they give us in   the script and I think they like having different characters having different  strengths and weaknesses. So Macy's a little vulnerable, but it would be nice   for Macy to get a little strength. After all, her mother is Sally spectra, maybe a   little of that will rub off on her. 

                          jackibar asks: I think it would be great if Macy picked up her singing career   again - any chance of that?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Yeah, there's always a chance. Now would be a good  time. She's trying to find herself again, it would be a good outlet for her to find   some strength. There's always a possibility. 

                          Macy_4ever asks: What is it like working with the "new" CJ--Mick Cain?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Mick is fantastic. He's had a lot of experience even at his   young age as an actor. He's another one of those rare male actors that can tap  into those emotions. I think he did some wonderful work with the Grant death  scenes. Everyone was talking about it at the studio. I think he's going to be a   very promising actor in many years to come on our show. 

                          the3fan asks: What do you listen to?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: A little bit of everything. I just go through stages, like   everybody. A little country, a little alternative. Right now, I'm listening to the   Mavericks a lot. Obviously, we have the same producer, but if you haven't  listened to the latest Mavericks album, it's great. It was recorded in Nashville,  but it's not really country. It's got a Latin feel and some Roy Orbison. I really  recommend it. About 3 weeks ago, I was in London and went to see them at  Royal Albert Hall. Just being there was amazing ... thinking the Beatles had  played there along with so many other amazing performers. After the show,   there was a party and after everything had settled down, I snuck out on to the   stage, thinking that this was were the Beatles stood. It was great. I actually  took some photos from the stage! 

                          FrostyKat79 asks: What's the best part about working on B&B?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: It's just a privilege to be working as an actor. I know so many fabulous actors who are constantly looking for work. Other than that,   we have a great group. I know that sounds sickeningly sweet, but we've got a  cool group ... John McCook [Eric], Darlene Conley, Ronn Moss [Ridge]. I  never dread going into work ... and it's always different, the scripts are always  changing. And on top of that, I have time off to pursue my other love, singing. So it's a pretty idyllic situation for me. And I get to kiss a lot of cute guys!  Legally, too! It's amazing :) 

                          dhpis4me asks: What is your favorite show besides B&B?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I watch a lot of news ... CNN stuff like that. But eries  -- I got a kick out of Everybody Loves Raymond last night. There aren't any    that I catch regularly. I was a big Seinfeld fan. I watch a lot of news ... lately the news has been more exciting than a lot of drama plots. Can't ask for  better plots and steamy sex. :)

                          Jo_Vin asks: For a while, Grant seemed to be trying to engineer a Macy/Thorne reconciliation, but then it seemed like he stopped pushing for it.   Did the show decide not to go in that direction?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I really think that's what happened. I really do. They   were probably toying with the idea and then backed off. They'll do that a lot,  test the waters, and then decide to go in different directions. That's very  perceptive and I think that's what happened. 

                          culturebird asks: G'day Bobbie, from Australia! Did you enjoy your recent  visit down here?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I had a great time in Australia. It was my first trip this year. It was a quick trip, covered 3 cities. I was promoting a cosmetics line  that I'm doing down there and I went to a stock car race -- my cosmetics line  had a car that had my name all over it. I love Australia, I think Australians are   great, have a great sense of humor and really roll out the welcome mat. 

                          Maura_West asks: Do you use the internet often...

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I do. I like to get on the computer ... I'm thinking of  starting a web site. There's a lot going on internationally for me ... so a place   people could log on and see what I'm doing. Plus, when my dog got sick this  year, I got on a newsgroup and met all these wonderful people who wanted   to help out and shared their stories about their dog that had the same thing. I    think it's an amazing tool that we're all using. And I check out the SOD message boards to see how fans are reacting to storylines. I think it's really  useful for actors and whoever to see what fans are thinking about the stories. 

                          anitanl asks: Bobbie, when will your cosmetics line come to The                      Netherlands?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I think it's going to be coming soon. I think that's the next  market they're going to target. It's doing well in Australia. So I'll keep you                      posted, but I don't have a set date. 

                          LEAH25_98 asks: What was your fave Seinfeld episode?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Oh gosh, I have so many! I like the one where Elaine is   getting sick of her co-worker who never wears a bra and she gives her the   bra and she wears it without a shirt, just under a jacket. And I love the one  with Kramer and the lawsuit and the Johnny Cochran-like lawyer and the  cigarette company. 

                          BBINSEATTLEWA asks: Do you like to go to the beaches of Los                      Angeles?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I do. I usually like to go up north a bit and out of LA ...    we go up north of Malibu into Ventura county and let the dog run. They're  beautiful, some gorgeous locations up there. I never get in the water here. I   would never do that. It's freezing year 'round. As someone born and raised in  the gulf coast, it's cold here. 

                          mezmarize_me98 asks: Do you ever come back to Georgia?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Yeah, I do. Not as much as my parents would like :) I'll   probably go in a couple of weeks. My sister lives in Atlanta, so I'd really like    to go for a few days, once I get the photo shoot done. I'm a big Braves fan,   so I wish I was there right now! I'd love to go to the game tomorrow. Maybe  they'll be in the World Series and I'll go for that! 

                          dhpis4me asks: What is the name of your cosmetics line?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: It's a signature line. It's Bobbie Eakes and I've got a couple of divisions of that line -- a no-frizz system and a hard water shampoo  line that shampoos [out] all the magnesium and calcium deposits on your hair.  And then a face care division -- skin creams and moisturizers and all kinds of    things. 

                          CorineNL asks: Where do you keep your cow-collection?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: LOL Well, you know what, I have several cows... I  have to explain this. When I go to Holland, fans give me cows, I've got several here at the house. But the last time I was there, I got so many I  donated them to some Children's hospitals because I couldn't stuff all of them   in the suitcase. Plus you can only have so many cows before people start  looking at you funny! LOL 

                          anitanl asks: If you were not an actress or singer, what would you like to do?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Oh God, there's so many things I would love to do. I   think above all I'd love to be a mommy and a Martha Stewart type ... hanging    out growing my own vegetables, etc. I'd love to own an Inn and run a Bed      and Breakfast. That's always been a dream of mine, find an old Victorian  [house] and restore it and run an Inn. 

                          Macy_4ever asks: Do you have a favorite movie?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: Well right now, my favorite movie is The Corn Dog Man. My husband filmed it last year. It's an independent feature he filmed in  South Carolina last year. It's been accepted to a couple major [film] festivals. 

                          Macy_4ever asks: Have you heard the new B&B theme song, and if so,  what do you think of it?

                          BOBBIE EAKES: I haven't heard it, but the new Dionne Warwick version     will be used in our closing credits. I wasn't in that day she recorded it. I hear    it's fabulous. I'm sorry I missed meeting her, would've loved to get her  autograph. I always loved our theme song, so I'm curious to hear the new one. 

                          SODhost: Thank you, Bobbie. And thank you all for joining us!

                          BOBBIE EAKES:Thanks everybody! I enjoyed chatting with everybody