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Latest News:Updated December 8th 1998

Bobbie In Netherlands:-

Bobbie's cd is out now for a couple of weeks in The Netherlands!!! And it sounds really great!! There are 12 songs on it and they are all fantastic! Bobbie just visited The Netherlands for the past five days to promote her album on television and radio. She is a fantastic woman, who takes time to spend with her fans as much as possible. And she wasn't alone, her husband David was there too!!

Recent News:

Bobbie's Solo Album:

Bobbie Eakes just released a single cd in The Netherlands? There are two beautiful songs on it: ' A Broken Wing' and 'While You were Out'. In a few days or weeks Bobbie's new album will be released in The Netherlands, called 'Here and Now'. 

Bobbie is honored by SOM:

 SOM honors Bobbie Eakes as its Star of the Week in the 24-Nov-1998 issue. During her near-decade tenure as B&B's Macy Alexander Forrester Chambers, Bobbie Eakes has skillfully tackled a variety of storylines involving marital infidelity; alcoholism and infertility. But recently, Eakes was presented with perhaps her most difficult challenge to date - playing an impending widow, as husband Grant lay dying in his hospital bed. For her heartrending      depiction of a wife holding vigil at her husband's deathbed, SOM singles Eakes out. Especially touching, the magazine notes, was Macy's singing to Grant the Bette Midler song "WIND BENEATH MY WINGS." B&B Supervising Producer John C Zak states that an instrumental accompaniment was considered, to be played in the background while Macy sang, but the show felt it would be better to go with Bobbie singing a cappella as she did. After her excellent work in that scene, Zak expects more powerful work from  Bobbie as Macy deals with her grief over losing Grant and tries to pull herself out of the darkness.

Macy & Sally in Real Life:

They play a mom and daughter on TV... but SOAPS IN DEPTH tells us that DARLENE CONLEY (Sally) and BOBBIE EAKES (Macy) have a lot in common off-camera, as well. Conley says that both are passionate and volatile, while Bobbie reveals that both do weird things in their sleep, kind of like waking hallucinations. Also, they have similar tastes in men; when they first started working together, Conley was surprised during a talk about movie stars that they liked the same actors. 

Bobbie's solo album is almost finished! It will be released on November 7th or 15th, in Holland, Europe.Bobbie is proud to work with one of the top producers of Europe-Don Cook.

Bobbie was recently in Australia to promote her cosmetics line.The cosmetics consist of Shampoos,Moisturisers & lots more.She visited around three cities and travelled in a car with her name written all over it.It was her first trip to Australia.

Bobbie may also visit Netherlands very soon to promote her cosmetics line.

Recently there was a chat conducted by SOD with Bobbie.Check out the chat transcript by clicking here.

SOM played a word game with Bobbie, asking her to associate something with every letter of the alphabet.Check it out here.