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Careless Whispers-By George Michael AC/DC 

In mid April 89 a beautiful,young girl walked into Spectra Creations in a hurry to meet the owner Sally Spectra.On meeting the young lady Sally was overwhelmed as well as shocked by her arrival.The new character was non other than Macy,Sally's one & only daughter.Her approach towards Sally was like that of a spoilt daughter who only dealed with her mother for money.From their conversation it was evident that Sally sent her daughter abroad for her education and did never share a mother-daughter relationship as she was busy building the Spectra empire.Macy told her mother that her visit to L.A was just temporary as she only visited her to get some money.Macy had come to town with her photographer friend Mick Savage.
Macy decided to meet Sally one last time before she left L.A.Sally pleaded with Macy to stay back in L.A.Sally promised her daughter that they would make up for all the years and explained of how her husband Adam had abandoned her and Macy and so she had to work hard to survive and couldn't spare time to spend with her.Macy was moved by her mother's conversation and decided to stay back.Soon after she joined Spectra Creations and now Spectra was a family which comprised of Sally,Macy,Darla-Sally's secretary and Saul the tailor.
Sally always wanted the best for Macy and so decided that she should marry one of the finest men in L.A.Her intentions were to get Macy to marry Thorne Forrester the second son of fashion tycoon Eric Forrester.Sally set up Macy & Thorne to meet each other.She locked them up in a steam room.It so happened that Macy & Thorne did actually fall in love with each other.Thorne did not know about Macy being Sally's daughter.Sally too wanted it to be a secret as the Forrester's hated her for stealing their designs.When Thorne did come to know about Sally it was too late as his relationship with Macy had gone too far.The Forresters detested the relationship and wanted Thorne to give up Macy.Destiny had its own way and Thorne married Macy as they were very much in love.The Forresters attended the wedding reluctantly.Felicia Forrester was the one and only member who was happy for her elder brother.
Meanwhile,Sally who had married Clarke Garrison gave birth to CJ.Spectra was rolling in profit with Clarke as the head designer but when Sally came to know about Clarke's infedility she fired him.Now the only way to get the company back on line was to steal the Forrester designs for the fall showing.Sally disguised Darla for a job at Forrester.Darla disguised as Camille got a job at Forrester.She stole the designs as per the plan and with the help of Bill Spencer published them in the magazine Eye On Fashion.When the Forresters saw the designs they put the entire blame on Macy as she was the only member from Spectra close to the family.Macy was arrested and sent to jail.Thorne couldn't do much due to the pressure from his family.Macy & Thorne broke up.
Sally decided to encourage Macy to see someone else.Macy started to take tennis lessons from Jake Mclaine {Margo's brother} and one fine evening after a tennis lesson Jake & Macy made love.Macy grew closer to Jake but at the same time couldn't get Thorne out of her mind.Thorne soon came to know about the affair and in anger punched Jake in his office.Thorne told Macy that he would forgive her and they could start a new life once again.But Macy who was guilty felt she needed some time.Meanwhile Caroline's twin Karen arrived in town and took a special intrest in Thorne Forrester.Thorne asked Karen to move in with him.Since Spectra was going at a loss Bill Spencer had taken 50% share of the company and decided to put his daughter Karen as one of the directors.Karen joined Spectra but did not receive a warm welcome as Macy had told everybody about Karen & Thorne.
Macy was determined to get back her marriage together and moved in with Thorne & Karen.The trio never got along and finally Thorne had to make a decision between Karen & Macy.Thorne did opt for Macy and was about to tell her the good news when he saw Macy sharing a kiss with Jake.It was only a goodbye kiss but Thorne mistook that the affair was still on and so he opted for Karen.
Thorne was not comfortable with Karen.He couldn't get Macy out of his mind.Karen soon came to know that he did not love her and decided to move out.Karen did promise Thorne to get back him & Macy back together.
Meanwhile Macy couldn't imagine that Thorne had taken her out of his life & fell a prey to drinking.Macy spent a lot of time at the Bikini Bar with Sly who was the only person she could trust.Another employee at the Bikini started to fall in love with Macy called Keith.He was a very shy person and would never admit his feelings for Macy.Macy helped Keith's brother Kevin who was a bit mentally retarded to get a job at the Bikini since she was close to Sly.Keith inturn buried his love for Macy and helped Sly to get close to Macy by writing poems.Keith was the only one to discover Macy's drinking problem and informed Sally about it.He assmembled everybody {Darla,Sally,Saul} at Sally's office.Sally gave her daughter an ultimatum that if she wouldn't go to ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS she would have to break all her relations with them.Macy took Sally's advice in a wrong sense and moved in with Sly who was the only one who supported her.Sly inturn took advantage of Macy's drinking problem and slept with her.Keith thought it was time he informed Thorne about Macy's worsening condition.
Thorne decided to help Macy and talked to her about getting back together.An overwhelmed Macy forgot about drinks for a while and informed everybody that she had left drinking as she was getting back with Thorne.Macy moved in back with Thorne and convinced him that she need not visit ALCOLIC ANONYMOUS as she has him now.Everything went on well until Kevin saw Macy having a glass of wine hiding at the Bikini Bar.Macy saw Kevin and took a promise that he wouldn't tell anybody.Not convinced that Kevin wont tell anybody she took him for a small ride in the car to convince him to keep the secret.She was still under the effect of wine and couldn't drive steady.She overlooked the road and took a bad turn and the car crashed into a tree leaving her & Kevin unconcious.Both were rushed to the hospital.Kevin was a little serious but managed to recover.Thorne came to know that the doctors had found alcohol in her blood test.Macy swore to Thorne that she would attend ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS immdediately.Macy soon recovered and Thorne decided to keep celebrate by hosting a small party at the Forrester property and even all the other family members felt it was time to welcome Macy into the Forrester family.
Sheila who was not called to the party decided to take her vengeance from Thorne and so took Macy out for lunch.An innocent Macy agreed and accepted the invitation.Sheila mixed wine in Macy's juice while Macy was meeting her close friend.Macy got drunk once again and ordered for more.Sheila left Macy at the restaurant drunk.A stranger saw Macy drunk and gave her a ride home.He put Macy on her bed and couldn't resist her.He kissed her and Thorne walked in right inside to see it.He punched the stranger and asked him to leave immediately. 
Karen brought Spectra a new designer called Anthony Armando.When Macy was introduced to him she recogonized him to be the same stranger who brought her home the previos night and also kissed her.Macy was furious and wanted Sally to dismiss him immediately.Sally was helpless and told Macy she couldn't dismiss Anthony as the company was going on loss and if it continued to go on loss Bill would sell Spectra.Macy told Thorne about Anthony but Thorne remained adamant about Macy not working with Anthony.Thorne and Macy broke up as Macy refused to leave her job at Spectra.
Anthony made a deal with Sally that he would save the company only if she would give him his own designer line.A desperate Sally had no other option but to give Anthony his own designer collection.Meanwhile Sally wanted to get back at Stephanie & she also had to get back Spectra in the spotlight.Sally met the director of the American Film Institute and claimed to be Stephanie's best friend.The director was taken up by Sally & beleived her.Sally told everybody to keep the fasion show a secret from Macy.The Forrester fashion show which was a tribute to Hollywood went on well but to everybody's surprise it was accompanied by another designer collection called as The Armando Collection.When Thorne came to know that Sally was behind all the confusion he was furious at Macy who knew nothing about Sally's plan to combine the two fashion shows together.Thorne told Macy that he would never trust her & everything between them was over.
Anthony asked Macy to forget the past & asked her to be friends.He also impressed Macy by giving Keith & Kevin a job at Spectra since they were fired from the Bikini Bar.Anthony & Macy grew closer.Karen wanted Macy to forget Thorne and start a new relationship with Anthony.So Anthony & Connor started double dating Macy & Karen.Macy started to see Anthony in a diffrent manner.Macy had seperated from Thorne by now & Anthony took full advantage of the situation.Macy felt that she was falling in love with Anthony but would never confess.Meanwhile Anthony who had nowhere to stay after his lease got over,moved into Sally's apartment to grow closer to Macy but to his disappointment Sally told him that Macy rarely visited her. Anthony flattered Sally by making her feel she was beautiful,intelligent & how in the world Clarke left her.Sally started to fall in love with Anthony.She never realised that Anthony loved Macy and not her.Anthony was just using Sally to get closer to Macy.Darla felt Anthony was duping both the mother & daughter & informed Thorne about the situation.Thorne felt that it was time to win back his wife.So he walked right into Connor's apartment and in front of everybody asked Macy to come back home.Macy was stunned to see Thorne and but Macy couldn't say she loved him anymore & Thorne had to walk out dissapointed.
Macy realised she had done the greatest mistake & she searched desperately for Thorne.Macy went over to Stephanie's place to search for him.Stephanie told Macy that Thorne had made an unknown decision to go to Paris.Meanwhile Macy receives an envelope from Connor.She is shocked to find out Thorne had sent her divorce papers.She suspected Thorne to be at the airport and rushed there.To her dissapointment it was too late.The plane had already left for Paris.Macy decided to start a new life ith Anthony but she was shocked when Sally admitted to her that she had feelings for Anthony and that even CJ now considered Anthony to be his father.Macy & Anthony decided to keep their relationship a secret from Sally.Meanwhile when Connor refused to sign the marriage certificate Karen walked out.Macy told Anthony to move in with Connor as he could move out from Sally's appartment but all of a sudden CJ became seriously ill and Anthony couldn't move out.Sally decided to propose to Anthony.As she walked into Anthony's office she witnessed a romantic conversation between Macy & him.Sally was devastated to see Anthony with Macy and decided to punish Macy for carrying on an affair behind her back.Inspite of Saul & Darla's advice Sally fired Macy from Spectra.Macy tried to explain but in vain.
To be continued...............