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WORD ASSOCIATION FOR BOBBIE EAKES (Macy): SOM played a word game with Bobbie, asking her to associate something with every letter of the alphabet. Some highlights include: 

D is for descendants... she and her husband, David Steen, often wonder if he is related to Dutch painter Jan Steen, who live in the 17th century: 

H is for help me Rhonda... a song Bobbie sings to B&B coordinating producer Rhonda Friedman when she needs time off. 

O is for old fashioned, something Bobbie thinks describes her. 

S is for shampoo... as in the BOBBIE EAKES shampoo line the actress has released in Australia. 

X is for X-ray... something Macy knows a lot about, with all the times she has been in and out of hospitals on the show. 

Y is for Yesterday... when (quoting the Beatles), all her troubles seemed so far away....