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Monday 20th September

Brooke tells Taylor she wants her to pose as the hospital volunteer to help Ridge.Brooke tells Taylor she wants her to see the family she will be destroying by revealing her identity.Taylor agrees.Sheila tells James she would like to let him go but cannot.Instead,she promises to take better care of him.


Tuesday:21st September

Jack tells Taylor she should reveal her identity to Ridge rather than just playing games.Connor warns Brooke from signing over her stock to the Forresters.James asks Sheila to have dinner with him in the dungeon.She agrees.Taylor arrives to help Ridge with his recovery.


Wednesday:22nd September

Macy tells Anthony she is worried about him.Stephanie wonders wether Anthony is the killer but Sally feels the idea is ridiculous.Anthony pretends to be sucidal to convince Macy to stay with him.Ridge tells Taylor he knows who she is.


Thursday:23rd September

Ridge tells Taylor he thinks she is a Morrocon princess.Brooke tells Stephanie she will not sign the stock transfer.Stephanie is furious.James and Sheila enjoy their dinner and begin dancing.Brooke tries to get Taylor to leave but Taylor threatens to reveal her identity to Ridge.


Friday:24th September

Dylan voices his doubts about Anthony's innocence to Jeesica.Thorne tells Sally he is worried as Macy may beleive he killed Ivana.Mike is furious when he sees James and Sheila together.Anthony fantasises about winning Macy back.