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Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Denver, CO. August 25, 1998

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!! This was absolutely AMAZING! Well,we woke up at about 8 o clock in the morning, and my mom and aunt wereplaying childish games so we didnt leave till about 12 in the afternoon. Wearrived at Red Rocks Ampitheatre at approximately 2, when it starts at7:30....there were about 100 people already there. So we walk uphill to the line. since this is a mountain, its like VERY steep and you get sooooo tiredwalking back and forth. And the elevation is like sooooo high, in the words of Rob"you get F*ckin Whoopy" so that didnt help much. While we were standing inline, some news people from VH1 were recording us!! We had 2 signs that read"Take me with you Hash Brown" and "Pauly- can we have your drumsticksplease?!?" and they filmed us, but i dont know if they'll air it. Its going to beon this Friday. They said they'd show clips between videos and stuff, sowatch all day for us!! They let us in at about 4:30, since there was about 4rows blocked off for handicapped people with wheelchairs, we were in the 5th row...we were sooooo close! not as close as front row all the othertimes we saw them, but this was good cuz me and Kelsey were able to walk aroundand my mom and aunt could save our places cuz it wasnt an actual mosh pit. So me and Kelsey go exploring. We found the merchandise booth and Igot that rad like mechanic or bowling shirt, and the windbreaker and the programbook thing. Kelsey got the mechanic shirt, the football shirt, and theprogram book. We found the backstage entrance, so we waited around for awhile, when Kelsey sees ROB!!!

We were staring at him, so he waved at us! we waved frantically back! then Kelsey motiones for him to come here. he heldup his finger as saying "one second." he finished his cigarette, then we cameover to the backstage door, and told the security guy to let us in! SO WEWERE BACKSTAGE BABY! Kelsey was wearing a CFA shirt, and he said "is that acool for august shirt?" and it was rad! He signed her program with "coolfor august rules!" then I asked him if they would go back on tourtogether, and he said that he "didnt know, they are recording another album now" andwe got some pictures taken with him. I was totally shaking, I could notcontrol myself. He asked me if I was cold, and I said "No I'm happy!!" thenwe met his fiancee. She was very nice, and pretty. Then Rob left, so we hadto as well. We saw Paul carrying a BABY (hint hint) but he was too far backand we couldnt call to him. Then we saw Dan Wilson peek his head thru thedoor. He just looked out at all the people waiting, and said "cool!" but hedidnt come out. Then we saw all 5 Matchsticks walk by!! everybody wasscreaming. Me and Kelsey were the first people in line so when Kelsey called out toAdam, he blew her a kiss then said one second. We also Brian taking pictures of the big rocks. He was holding someblonde chic's hand. His girlfriend I'm we called out to him andhe waved and we took some pictures. Semisonic came on and ROCKED THE HOUSE BABY! We kept seeing Rob and his financee waved to them a couple times. And once Rob waved to us,without us first waving to him, so that was rad! After Semisonic, we went back to the backstage door. Some guy took ourstuff and had Semisonic sign it....then Adam came back and took Kelsey'sprogram and another girls sticker, but i was sitting down so all i saw were hisfeet and i didnt know it was him. darn me! We missed part of Soul Asylum waiting for Adam, but then we went backand watched. There were soooooo many people there. I dont know how muchRed Rocks holds, but it was sold out. Maybe about 15,000 people werethere. 99% of them were drunk. We had our signs out, and some dude next to us(drunk) asked if my Hash Brown one was a sexual refrence! HA! that was funny! THEN OUR BOYS CAME ON!!!!!! They opened with Argue, and ended withLong Day. They sang Nothing Compares To You, You and I and I, Tired, and Timeafter Time. Rob even said that it was the last time they would play Timeafter Time, but he says that at every show, right? And during Long Day, hechanged it like always, and even threw in a line of Semisonic. THEY WEREAWESOME! We also saw another BABY, the same one Pauly was holding. I keptthinking it was Rob's cuz Brian's girlfriend was holding it, and there were morewomen with backstage then we went to the backstage door andasked the security guy if it was Rob's, and another guy heard us and said yes itwas!! So we saw Rob's baby!!! And Kelsey took a picture of Brian'sgirlfriend, and the baby was in the picture!! Maison does look like Rob. He has lightbrown hair and lots of it. CUTESY! Now here comes the best part, after the show. We went down by thebusses and waited. Kelsey saw Jake of Semisonic, so I went up to him, and shestayed waiting for my aunt to return from the car with our water. So I wentup to him, and just stood there like a freakin idiot! He was talking to somegirls who he brought on the bus, so I just stood there until the security guytold us to leave. Then we saw Dan, and he came out, and I got his autographagain, and a picture. he was so nice! After waiting for about 2 and a half hours, we see PAULY!!! we went upto him, and I showed him my watch and said "Hey Paul! you gave me this watch in Vancouver!" and hey said "HEY! its the watch girl! How are youdoing?!?" then he asked me what I was doing in Denver, cuz I saw them in Seattle and Vancouver, and I told him I moved here, and he asked if I liked it. HEWAS SO ADORABLE!! Then he signed my program and got a picture. And he alsosmiled whenever my aunt took a picture of him just standing there. Then Igave him his present- a bottle of Green Tea. He was suprised yet happy. andsaid that they only gave him one bottle today, so he was running low. Then Igave him a hug, and his birthday card. I was giving him all this stuff, and he was suprised. Meanwhile, my aunt was becoming good friend with Jason, his bodyguard dude!!That came in handy after a while..which you will see later on... The Rob came out, and everybody flocked over to him. I went overthere, but looked back at Pauly, and not many people were with him, so I waitedfor Rob, and went back to Paul. I gave him another hug I think, and then hesigned another picture of him. Kelsey asked Paul if Joey and Kyle were comingout, cuz we had cards for them. Pauly said probably not, but he took thecards to deliever to them. He told Kelsey that it was good that Joey had acard, cuz he dosen't get enough love. Then I said "but I love Joey!" Then ADAM came out!!!! oh that child! Kelsey went up to him, andhanded him his green tea. And he said something like "OH GIMMIE A HUG!" so shedid! He was adorable too! Then I was just staring at him in awe, and he smiledback! then he signed my program and I asked for a hug, and he gave me one!! Then we got a picture and he put his head on mine! that was a highlight of myevening! There were these 2 girls who had stood in line with us, sat by us, andso we kinda knew who they were. One was in love with Rob, and she was cryingwhen he came out. so I took a picture of her and Rob and I'm going to mailit to her. See how nice I am everybody?!?! I also did that for anotherperson. Then Rob was available again, so we went up to him and I handed him apicture that we took of him in Seattle and it was enlarged. He signed it andput "Fatty" on his picture...cuz he has lost a lot of weight since we sawthem last. He looked GOOD! Then I got another picture taken with him. Mythird one for the night. Kelsey was wearing a unbuttoned shirt over her CFAone, so when it was her turn, Rob opened the shirt and pointed to her CFAshirt!! IT WAS CUTE!! Then I went back to Adam and gave him another hug, He also posed forlots of pictures for me. Then I was just staring at him, and he said to mymom," shes so adorable!" and I lost it! I didnt know what to do, so I circled arock, and then went back to Kelsey. Then Adam came up to me and put a guitarpick in my hand!!!!!!! I thanked him and gave him another hug!! Kelsey hadhim autograph more things in her program and asked for another hug. He said "Sure, sweetheart!" so Kelsey was quite the happy camper! As was I! Later on, Kelsey asked for another hug, and he said "yeah, then I haveto say goodbye to my family!" So we didnt know it was his family, and we got a picture of them too. So then we just went back and forth to Rob, Pauly, and Adam. Kyle andBrian went directly to the bus cuz they weren't feeling well. But later wesaw Pauly drinking his Green Tea! And I took a couple pictures of that. Pauly came up to me and thanked me for the card I gave him. He said that itwas really nice. So I thanked him again for the watch he gave me inVancouver, and he said it was no problem. I gave him another hug. Then almostall the fans were gone. We were the last ones there, when I forgot to giveAdam my email address!! So I wrote it and Kelseys on the back on my momsticket, and my aunts new friend JASON (Pauly's bodyguard) gave it to Adam on thebus!! So I told you Jason would come in handy!! Then Jason came back out andtold us that Adam said that there were 2 E-mail addresses on it. Adam knew who Brittany (thats me) was, and wondered about the other one. so Jasontold him that it was Kelsey, the one wearing the CFA shirt. Cuz Adam alsocommented on the shirt! Then Pauly was the last one out, talking to Dean. Dean was on crutches. Anyone know why? so I used up the last of my film on Pauly drinkin hisgreen tea!!Then we left. IT WAS AWESOME!! we were the last ones out of the venue, besides the 5 tour busses, so we were hoping that we would see thembehind us, but it didn't happen.That was the best time meeting them EVER!!!!!!!!!!