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Stuff that came from their mouths!
1. We're all single, we're all heterosexual, and no none of us have made out with Brad Pitt!-All of them
2. Don't believe evil internet dwellers who say bad meany things about people.-Adam
3. Stay in school, they got all the good dope.-Paul
4. If I have to have controversy, I want to hear that its that I fucked Courtney Love in a bathroom in a Texaco in Alabama, or something like that. Something that sounds like fun. The rest is no good.-Rob
5. The record company would kill us for saying it, but we almost want to tell fans when we meet them to stop buying the record, so we can go in and make the next one.-Brian
6. I hate the scares me.-Paul
7. You know what bigger feet mean.......bigger shoes.-Rob
8. I'd like to thank my mother for giving birth to me so I can wear tight pants.-Rob

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