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Mercer Arena - Seattle, WA. February 27,1998

My concert was Feb. 27 at 8:00!!!!!!!!! That was the best concert Ihave been to!! Ok, here's what happened: We went to SEattle early in the morningand hung out and stuff, we played laser tag and blew a whole bunch of moneyand stuff, and then my dad let me and my 2 friends go to this alien exibitthing and he went to get a drink, and we were gone for about an hour, andwhen we got back to my dad in the restaurant thing, this dude who lives with myfriend Nastajia was there and his girlfriend said that she saw a big bus pullup outside of Mercer Arena, so we went there about 3:30 and waited 5 and ahalf hours for the concert to start. We walked up and saw the busses and Iwas freakin out, I was like "oh my gosh, its their bus!!!" and then Kyle walked out!!!!!!! I totally went in shock, I could not move, I just fell on the ground with my hand over my mouth going "oh my gosh, its Kyle!!!!" andhe was about 30 feet away from me, and saw me and just kept walking and my friend was trying to catch up to him, but he got inside before we could get to him. And I was sooo stupid for doing that too, I was so mad at myself, but then we just waited and asked a guard if he could let us backstage and he said no. and we were trying to figure out ways to hide our cameras, and we put them on our neacklaces and put them behind out neck, so the hood on the back of our sweatshirts were covering them up, and we had it all worked out and everything....then we were talking to the guard again and Rob cameout!!!!!!

I was oh man, I have to get my camera. and my necklace was so tight and I was like choking trying to get it off, and the security guy was watching,and then I looked at Rob and I started freaking out again, I fell to the groundagain, but then I hurried up and got up...Rob had his hand around his girlfriend....and I finally got the camera and I tried to take apicture but he already had his back to me, and he went in the doors, and I was mad again....SO then everybody started lining up, and we still had 4 hoursto wait, but that was ok because we were in the front of the line. So mydad wanted to go to back to the hotel because he wanted to change and gothe the bathroom and relax, and we were like "no, were staying right here, you can go but we are not getting out of line" and our hotel was only a block away, so he walked back and left us, and like 2 hours past and nothing happened, so me and Nastajia were getting worried, cuz my dad had the tix, so we left Kelsey in line and went to get the tix from my dad....when we got back to Kelsey,Paul, Adam, and Brian had been there, and she said she got really good picsof them, and she shook Paul's hand, and I was mad because I wasn't there, ugggghhh!!!!!! So I was having pretty bad then we waited some more until they finally let us in. And the security was really tight!!! I thought we were gonna get caught with our cameras, but we didn't! I bought 3 shirts, and then we got in the very front row!!!!!!!!! We had to sit on the ground for another hour until they started, so that was very boring, but then Cool For August came out!!!! I had never heard of any of their songs, but they did a really really good job and I really liked them! and I got their cd today.. But anyway I swear the singer looked sooo stoned, he was really weird. And he goes "would you catch me" talking to the crowd, cuz he was pretending that he was gonna jump. And there was a barrier thing from the stage to the crowd were the security guys were standing, it was like 10 feet away....and then a couple songs later he goes "catch me" and he jumped into the crowd!!!!I was like 4 feet away from him, I wish I could have been where he jumped. And he sprayed the crowd with his water, and I got some on the side of my head. And the guitar player was really hot! They played for about 30 minutes,then Rob came out and sang a song with them!!!!!! The crowd went to crazy!!! I screamed my life away, I have never screamed so much in my life!!!

And then he went away and they played a few more songs and left...they are really good!And then about 20 minutes later there were these guys in the seats and everybody thought they were Cool For August, so we were screaming at them, and I really think it was them in disguise, watching mb20...and I kept looking at them, and one dude blew me a kiss and waved, and I did the same....he was really hot! And some people were asking if it was them, and the security dude said"at lease one of them is" and that was really cool!!!! then the lights went out and there was a curtain and a movie screen thing, but no instruments onstage or anything, and then the movie thing came out and it did a count downthing, and then when it got to 1 the curtain fell down and there theywere!!!!!! They opened with Busted, and Rob was wearing a blue shirt half way unbuttoned and he looked really hot! and Kyle was right in front of us, and he looked really hot too!!! I couldn't really see Paul, Kyle or Rob were always in the way, and Brian and Adam were at the other end, but they came over to see ourside a couple times, and you could tell Kyle really liked making all the girls scream, he would come up to the end of the stage and play right infront of us and everybody would scream and reach their hands out for him....he did that alot!!! And then once Rob was right in front of us and girls were screaming I LOVE YOU ROB and stuff, and then I took my camera out, and since I was in the front row, the security was right there so I couldnt have flash on and I had to be really really careful, so I waited until they were distracted by crowd surfers, and then I got pushed back so people got in front of me, so I turned flash on and I could aim the camera now and I was short so I hid behind someone and I started taking really good picutes, I got mostly Rob and Kyle cuz they were really close to me. towards the middle, they had a little break and showed another movie thing, it was weird, I cant explain it, but then after that they sand 3AM and the crowd went crazy! I got squished and it was gross cuz everyone was sweating and we were all close and stuff, but I didn't care. And then when Rob was introducing "Damn" he said "this is a song about trying to get laid" and then I cant remember what other song but he said "this is about f***ing up" and when they played Push it got even worse,everybody was trying to push up and stuff, and I again got squished, and I got sepereated from my dad and Kelsey and Nastajia, but that was ok becauseI knew where they were. And Rob was sweating alot and he driped off the stage and I almost caught it, but it didn't come far enough....then they left the stage without singing Hang or Long Day and then they came back out with 2 guys from the Counting Crows and Rob and Kyle sang Hang....Kyle sang the 2nd verse alone, and he really sounded very good!!! He got alot of screaming, and then they finished the song and they sang Long Day and they crowd really got crazy, that was probably the craziest one. Adam from the Counting Crows sang the part where it goes "And your so set in life man a pisser there waiting..." and he sang the wrong words, I cant remember what he said, but he messed up. And then Rob and Adam from CC sang "Mama's dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys" and they were good!!! And Rob kissed the other guy from CC on the cheek, and then at the end of Long Day, after Paul did the last beat on the drums, they all tried to jump up at the same time, but they were off,but it was still cute!! Then we left and went back by the busses, and there werent alot of people there, and I saw the cute guitarist from Cool For August, so we went up and stareted talking to him, and I said good job and stuff, and I'm gonna get your cd, and he was like " thanks alot" and he was really nice! And he signed my paper "Brittany, thanks sweetie," and his name, which is Andrew something. And then we got a picture with him. And then we met all the other guys from Cool For August except the "Stoned" singer, and we got pictures taken with them, and one guy smelled like beer really bad. And my dad said that he wasn't goign to stay longer, he said be back at 11:30 and that gave us 30 minutes to meet MB20, and we asked Andrew when they were coming out,and he said "Matchbox with probably be out in another hour or so" so we waited patiently until our time was up, we didn't get to meet anybody, and we ran back to the hotel and begged my dad to let us go back and stay another hour to meet them, and he said yes, but we had to be back by 12:30 or he would kill us, so we all ran back and there were less people, and now I had another camera so I could take more picutes of them...we waited about 20 minutes, and Rob came out!!!! everybody we up to him and he was really really nice!he was signing everything, and the crowd started clearing once they got his autograph, and I was standing in front of him, and handed him my cd book, and he signed it and Kelsey's sticker and Nastajia's paper, and I got some really really really good up close pictures of him. And then I asked if he would take a picture with me, and he said sure and put his arm around me and I was dying!!! Kelsey started cracking up cuz I was like "wow!" and then Nastajia tapped him on the shoulder and asked for a pic and he said yeah hang on, and he kept getting more people and she tapped him again and he siad to the person who was trying to get an auto, he said "hang on one second, I promised her a picture" and Nastajia was really happy and then more people left and I was standing there and he looked at me again and said "you want a picutre""and I started to say I already got one, but I said YEAH! so I got 2 pics taken with him, and he was sooo nice!!! and I took about 18 pics of him up close,and Kelsey asked if Adam was coming out and he asked someone if the other guys were coming, and the dude said they already snuck past you, there gone now. Everybody was so wrapped up in Rob that we missed the other guys walk by! and Rob said something like "I'm the nice one, I spend time with you guys,baby!" and later Kelsey was like he called me baby!!! and she was telling everybody. And then a bus pulled up and it stopped and he signed the bus! It was funny! And then he had to go and got in a car with Adam from CC and I took a picutre of that and I got the liscense plate number too!! So I'm gonna look that up...then we walked back alone to the hotel at 12:30 at night in downtown Seattle........THAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! Rob is so nice, I was just in awe...I still can't believe I got it meet him. And I know looks aren't everything, but I just gotta say again that he looked hot that night!