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Subject: Islands / Disasters.....Extended Volcanic Crisis on M'ssarrat .. Academic Works continue
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 06:38:44 -0500
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... from the MNI list via Tony Glaser
Montserratian topics at the American Geographers Association in New
York on March 2. Perhaps some of the list members in NY might be
interested in going? Further details from: The
presentations are:

TRACY SKELTON, Nottingham Trent University, Lost Places, Lost
Identities?  Maintaining and Reformulating Montserratian Identities
in the Face of Natural Disaster and Enforced Migration

MARTIN LEVER, University of Manchester, ELECTION
SPECIAL 2001, Somewhere in the Middle: Citizenship, identity, and the
future of the Montserrat evacuees

Franklin J. McDonald
National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA)
[formerly NRCA ]
10, Caledonia Ave., Kingston 5
JAMAICA, West Indies
JAMAICA, West Indies
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