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Following is an E-mail message from Douglas A. Darby
announcing that 26 new pictures will be available on his

*...WEBSITE which you are invited to visit.
Please note that these pictures will be replaced when new photographs
become available!
Doug also mentions a CD by Arrow with the fetching title :"SEISMICITY"
and the message contains the text of the poem "ADVERSITY" by
Randy Greenaway featured in the CD.

From Sun Mar  2 12:04:19 1997
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 21:36:36 -0400
From: "Douglas A.Darby" 
Subject: NEW PHOTOS POSTED - 3/1/97

Via MNI-INFO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Hi To all-
  It's been a while but we now have 26 new photos posted at    
   There's been alot to take pictures of recently so these photos will
only be up for two weeks before we change them. Included are 3 KEVIN
WEST photos of PRINCE ANDREW during his visit. Also, there's a REMEMBER
WHEN photo of QUEEN ELIZABETH II on her visit to Montserrat in 1966. 
However, since we returned to Alert Level AMBER and Plymouth was
reopened for day visits the first time in over six months, most photos
concentrate on PLYMOUTH, FEBRUARY 17, 1997.  Included are photos of THE
returning to RILEY'S YARD and BETHEL to compare how the volcano looks
today. And finally, to complete the set, some pictorals of the ruins at
FARM ESTATE and TRANTS YARD at the airport.
	Already developed and ready to go are some great photos of the Concert
at Old Road Bay featuring Arrow, Randi Greenaway, Justin "Hero" Cassell,
and other former Calypso kings plus additional photos in the above
series from Plymouth including photos of The Yacht Club, the Inn at
Sugar Bay, Kinsale, etc.
   	You may notice a slight decrease in scan quality this time around. 
Our apologies.  Fortunately, the problem has been discovered (darned
ash.....) and the next set will be back to normal.  
	Most of the photos are not pretty but we must remember that this is
part of Montserrat today too... Hope you enjoy the photgraphic update.
	Many thanks for the warm reception from all who have discovered the
music of Arrow and Randi Greenaway while visiting                    
We do this to spread the word about Montserrat's talented music artists.
Of course the world knows Arrow yet his cd's and tapes are not that easy
to find outside the Caribbean.  And, right now, Randi Greenaway's music,
"Seismicity," is only available here.  I can't show you his music here
but I can show you the intensity of the lyrics of his songs.  With
permission, here are the words to "ADVERSITY," from the "SEISMICITY"
tape.  Please click on the ad on the first page of the photos to find
out more about Randi Greenaway's "SEISMICITY" and Arrow's two cd's,
"Ride de Riddum" and "Phat." 
    Many thanks-  DD

                   Randi Greenaway

A man explodes in violent anger
A woman smiles with peace within her
Both in the same sad tribulation
Brought on by forced evacuation
They had to leave that place they call home
Move to the designated safe zone
A truly adverse situation
Which test the meddle of the human
Brings out the best in us or brings out the worst
Adversity will bless or curse.

Some men will thrive on spreading terror
Some will spread joy within the shelter
One will stay bitter in a corner
While one kneels to the Lord in prayer
Some will fall short and blame their leaders
Some will be givers, some receivers
All sorts of action and reaction
In dealing with the same frustration
Brings out the best in us or brings out the worst
Adversity will bless or curse.

Some claim false rights to break the curfew
Some exercise a common virtue
Some receive strangers with arms open
Some take advantage of the system
Some will attack the hand that feeds them
While some show great appreciation
Some add hurt to a hurting nation
With sudden rent and food inflation
Brings out the best in us or brings out the worst
Adversity will bless or curse
Will you be blessed? Will you be cursed?

. . . The Electronic Evergreen, courtesy of GEM Radio Network

first version: March 2, 1997; file:/~ehem/car/islands/mts_picts_cds.html;

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