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Below are the links to my stories and my poems. I will add more as I write more.

The Shadow of a Duck
The Love of Sir Gallont
Everybody Dies Sometime
Untitled: a sneak preview if you wish
Isolated Fears
The Tail of the Rat
Confessions of One Who Worked The Door: Fun memories

My poems: updated March 2009

The Information Page: see pics and stuff about M. J. Hinton (me!)
The Firebird: see my last car... The Firebird
The Camaro: see my previous car - Camaro
Midnight: see my first car named Midnight
The miscellaneous page: a page where just the odds and ends will go

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A Dark Corner of Secrets

Welcome to my dark corner of secrets. I am M. J. Hinton. I open my writings up to you in hopes of sharing a bit of my self for I am in everything I write.  So sit back and enjoy the ride through my reality.  

picture by M. C. Escher

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