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Heather's MATRIX Tribute

the fight for the future has begun...have you seen The Matrix?

THE MATRIX opened in Canada and the U.S. on Wednesday March 31st, 1999 (It must be an excellent film to dare to open on a Wednesday) The Los Angeles Premiere was on Wednesday March 24th, 1999.

Since my Keanu fandom started in July of 1994 I have awaited the opening of "Johnny Mnemonic", "A Walk in the Clouds", "Chain Reaction", "Feeling Minnesota", "The Devil's Advocate" and of course the video release of "The Last Time I Committed Suicide". Every one (except "Chain Reaction") I have caught on it's release date.


  1. Sat. March 27th, 1999 at the Toronto Advanced Sneak Preview (after waiting in line for 4hrs, free tickets and free posters! *The posters arrived in a hummer with the poster printed on the side.*) It is the most KICK ASS movie I've ever seen in my life!
  2. Friday April 10th.
  3. Friday April 16th.
  4. Tuesday April 20th.
  5. Saturday May 1st (AND IT STILL ROCKS!)
  6. Friday May 7th (I think I've got most of it memorised now!)
  7. Friday June 4th (It still has me...!)
  8. September something...for $2.50
  9. Saturday November 13th at the Toronto Cinesphere - HUGE screen!
  10. Only seen it once more since I own it...I'm busy, alright!
  11. Some time in February (I believe...) at Bloor Cinema. You'd think I'd have more of it memorized!

ANYWAY, it's been over a year since it first came out! And it's still strongly one of the top movies for rental and otherwise! Woohoo!

"Johnny Mnemonic" was a good attempt, on Keanu's part, to act in a decent sci-fi role. That movie didn't really work out.... The Matrix however is, shall we say to the "-enth" degree of that. It combines not only the science fiction theme, but also the unique angles of Japanese Anime/Manga (Japanese Animation and comics), along with the classic Hong-Kong action film moves. That makes it a mixture between (*for example*) "Robocop" (he he), with Jackie Chan-type fight scenes, mixed in with the camera angles of those Gap Swing commercials, with sights like Mortal Kombat I guess, plus it's own morphing thing ("bullet time") that looks REALLY COOL. Don't know about anyone else, but I think that it is a cool combination especially with the addition of Keanu Reeves. =)

In general, the whole thing just kicks ass!

4 months of Kung-Fu and stunt training irritated (Aussie actor) Hugo Weaving's hip (hense a pic of him on crutches) and Keanu's neck was in a brace the first day on set. They must've thought it was worth it.

Keanu also thought it was worth it to shave his entire head, including his eyebrows, for some of the last scenes back in late August 1998, despite the odd look. (Note: he also shaved some other places - legs, arms, etc...taking him two hours to complete the...task...he talked about it on the Tonight show, on April 1st.) Of course, not to worry his head (several months later...) is back to it's hairy-old-self! If you saw him at the MTV Movie Awards (June 1999), you'll agree...very hairy.

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More to come very soon! This page was first started on about March 21st, 1999. I plan to write more and more info on the plot, as I find's complicated and hard to write everything at once! Questions and Comments?
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