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(Front Cover)

1. Put Me On (4:56)
2. Mademoiselle (3:57)
3. Jennifer (4:16)
4. Crystal Ball (4:32)
5. Shooz (4:44)
6. This Old Man (5:11)
7. Clair De Lune/Ballerina (7:09)

Release Date-1976

(Back Cover)

The Members
Dennis DeYoung
Chuck Panozzo
John Panozzo
James "JY" Young
Tommy Shaw

Crystal Ball marked Tommy's first album with Styx. Tommy's input within the band could already be seen: he had collaberated with the other members of Styx on four songs on the album, and a song that he had started to write while playing with a band in an Alabama bowling ally before hooking up with Styx was the title track--Crystal Ball! Tommy's guitar playing, with its slightyly bluesy/slightly country style, complimented JY's raw guitar playing very nicely. Crystal Ball was yet another stage of developement for Styx's musical style: It sounded very different than its predesessor, Equinox, and it definitely didn't sound anything like the early WN Styx albums. Unfortunately, Crystal Ball wasn't a success, but that didn't deter Styx from their path to stardom! The 400 shows performed by Styx in support of Equinox and Crystal Ball had sharpened their playing to perfection, and all of this work would soon pay off!

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