(Front Cover)

1. Lights (4:38)
2. Why Me (3:54)
3. Babe (4:25)
4. Never Say Never (3:08)
5. Boat On The River (3:10)
6. Borrowed Time (4:58)
7. First Time (4:24)
8. Eddie (4:15)
9. Love In The Midnight (5:25)

Release Date-1979
(Back Cover)

The Members
John Panozzo
Chuck Panozzo
Dennis DeYoung
James "JY" Young
Tommy Shaw

With the release of Styx's ninth album, Cornerstone, the band took a noticeable change in direction with their musical style. The band, and especially Dennis, felt that it would be safest if Styx would try to alter their sound for this album because, at that time, the art-rock style seemed to have fallen by the wayside a bit, and it appeared that the wisest choice would be to try a more "poppy" sound. The result was a fresh new sound, and the album had a considerably different style than its predecessors. However, this new style for Styx seemed to go over very well with the public.

Cornerstone allowed Styx to experience newer and better heights than they had ever had the opportunity to experience before: Tommy's folk song "Boat On The River" charted in the Top 10 in almost every country in Europe, and Dennis' ballad "Babe" hit #1 on the Billboard charts in America and was voted the People's Choice Song of the Year in 1979!

So, Cornerstone's release brought Styx a whole new audience of listeners, their first number one single in the United States, a huge hit throughout Europe, a "Song of the Year," and, last but not least, yet another triple platinum selling album!

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