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Edge Of The Century
(Front Cover)

1. Love Is The Ritual (3:48)
2. Show Me The Way (4:35)
3. Edge Of The Century (4:20)
4. Love At First Sight (4:35)
5. All In A Day's Work (4:11)
6. Not Dead Yet (3:32)
7. World Tonite (3:38)
8. Carrie Ann (4:26)
9. Homewrecker (5:12)
10. Back To Chicago (4:18)

Release Date-1990
Kilroy Was Here
(Back Cover)

Not Available

The Members
Dennis DeYoung
James Young
Glen Burtnik
John Panozzo
Chuck Panozzo

In the late 80s, after JY, Tommy, and Dennis had each released solo projects to varying levels of success, there were several attempts to reunite Styx, but becuase of such things as errors in timing and availability problems, the attempts were made in vain. However, in 1990, four out of the five members of the most popular line-up of Styx reunited. Chuck, John, JY, and Dennis were joined by A&M singer/songwriter/guitarist Glen Burtnik who joined the group in the place of Tommy Shaw because he (Tommy) was by that time committed and honor-bound to his new endeavor--Damn Yankees.

With the entry of Glen Burtnik into the group and seven years since their last studio album, Styx' musical style was noticeably different. Nonetheless, with songs like JY's "Homewrecker" and Dennis' "Show Me The Way," Styx' sound was still evident. In fact, the latter of the above mentioned songs climbed to #3 on the Billboard charts, partially because of its close affiliation with the Gulf War Crisis, and made Styx one of the few bands to have had Top 10 hits in three different decades! Furthermore, the tour in support of the "Edge of the Century" album brought Styx' music to standing room crowds of both old and new Styx fans. The tour was one of the most successful tours of 1991, and Styx had once again proven that they were a force to be reckoned with even after a seven year gap in studio albums and the absence of one of their most popular members--Tommy Shaw.

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