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(Front Cover)

1. The Grand Illusion (4:36)
2. Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) (5:29)
3. Superstars (3:59)
4. Come Sail Away (6:07)
5. Miss America (5:01)
6. Man In The Wilderness (5:49)
7. Castle Walls (6:00)
8. The Grand Finale (1:58)

Release Date-1977

(Back Cover)

The Members

Dennis DeYoung
James "JY" Young
Tommy Shaw
Chuck Panozzo
John Panozzo

Maybe it was luck? Maybe it was fate? Or maybe it was sheer talent! Whatever it was, this album was Styx's breakthrough.

The Grand Illusion, their seventh album, was released on 7/7/77, and it was the album that finally allowed Styx to break away from being labeled as a support band to becoming "superstars" (pardon the This album spawned the hit single "Come Sail Away" which remained on the charts for 22 weeks where it peaked at #8. The album also contained the Tommy favorite "Fooling Yourself" and the JY rocker "Miss America." This album was not only their first hit album, but it was also a first for them in other aspects too!

The Grand Illusion was also Styx's first concept album. The concept was basically about following your dreams and not letting others (especially the media through their portrayals of stars as being perfect) discourage you. Also, this was Styx's first in a string of triple platinum selling albums, and it finally gave the band the attention that they so much deserved.

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