Here are some of the articles, reviews and other tid-bits that have appeared here on Gamers Web over the past year or so. The archive list will stay as is for the time being but will soon be available as a zipped file format allowing you easier access to all of the older stuff.


Marc Farrimond June 98




Game design 101. A brief talk on how to get started in writing your very own system.


He’s behind you! A look at the recurring villain in film and television and how it can be used to keep your players on there toes.


Dying is easy, Comedy that’s hard! Why just have your roleplaying sessions stoic and bland. Had some humour and your well on your way to having a very memorable time.


I was a live roleplay virgin. Simon talks us through his weekend thrown in at the deep end when he attends The Gathering one of the largest Live Roleplaying events of the year.





Men in Black. A review of the roleplaying game of the movie of the same name. West End Games bring us all alien stomping action all the time.


Star Wars Introductory Adventure. A very simplistic game, aimed at first time players and captures the feel of the most famous movies of all time.


Werewolf the Wild West. The second of the White Wolf’s games that places one of there systems in a different context.


Full Thrust and More Full Thrust. Jon Tuffleys excellent space combat systems


Earth Alliance Sourcebook. The first add- on for Chameleon Eclectics Babylon 5 Roleplaying game ‘The Babylon Project.


Mutant Chronicles Second Edition. Target Games second time around for this techno fantasy roleplaying system of the far future.


Sisters of Battle. The Space Marines have a new and deadly ally in the form of the lovely angelic Sisters of Battle.


Gen Con UK 97. A weekend spent at one of the best gaming events of the year.

High Elf Armies 2nd Edition. The first of the revamped Army books for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.


Dark Eden. Warzone comes to Earth with this expansion


Casualties of War. An expansion for Warzone.


Beasts of War. Another expansion for Warzone.




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