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Welcome to the fiction section of Gamers Web. Most of the stuff you will find here is fan based fiction written by myself and a few of the other folks who help out here at Gamers Web. Most of the stories here are based around some of the most popular games around and often show the game in a light that you may not at first imagine. As with a lot of things the fiction is ours but the whole pathos is the copyright of the various companies, shows and movies around which they are often based. We don't intend to rip off here or plagiarise someone elseís work so credit to the creators is offered in advance (far to many to name here of course) and we only wish to honour the men and women who have given us so much joy and entertainment over the years.


If you have written a story based around your favourite movie, show or better still game, then why not send it to us here at Gamers Web to share with the rest of the world. Unfortunately we canít offer any payment at all as of yet, but you will get full credit for your work, and who knows you may even end up getting something else out of it.


Happy reading and writing


Editor and chief writer

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A wealth of fiction based around Warhammer 40,000 and Warzone, with some Star Trek and Star Wars added for good measure.


Warzone Stories




Has this crazed Bauhaus vet bitten off more than he can chew or has he more lives than a cat!



War is hell and its tolls are many, sometimes even the most rash decisions can have lasting consequences.



Ace fighter pilot Michael is one of the best that the Brotherhood have ever trained, yet even the best can meet their match!



Warhammer 40.000



The Imperial Guard squad didn't know what had hit it, till it was too late.



 The tears of Ishtarn. Follow the adventures of Ishtarn and his young sister Cava as they fight to survive in a world invaded by Chaos Marines. Look out for chapter two coming to Gamers Web very soon. Also look out for rules for Ishtarn, Cava and other characters from this story for use in Warhammer 40,000.



Shadowrun Stories.


The Book.

A tale of Deckerís double cross and intrige. Seattle is not a nice place to live in 2050.

Hunters Hunted. A short Necromunda story from the talented hands of Graham Tunnicliffe


Logans Fun Join Kyra Logan and follow his misadventures in the near future world of Cyberpunk. Once again from the talented hands of Graham Tunnicliffe.


Fantasy Stories




Jerrard had waited all is life for a chance like this. To prove himself to the One King and restore the honor that his family had been robbed of. The tower at Barnak would give him more than his chance, in fact the very fate of Chronopia would lie in his hands. The first in a serial of the tales of Chronopia.


The Battle


Can the forces of The Black Louts stand firm against the overwhelming force of the Devout.


Tales of the She Wolf

A Chronopia Tale of Adventure.


Voyages of Discovery. A tale of Spelljamming on the high space seas of adventure. Join Flynn and his crew as they travel the universe.



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