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So what’s going on around the world.



 Warzone 2nd Edition on the horizon. 6/10/98

Following hot on the heels of Games Workshops recent re-release of Warhammer 40,000, Target Games have recently announced that they will soon be launching a new 2nd edition of their award winning sci-fi skirmish game Warzone. The new set will be released in a new format for the company, in the shape of a boxed set containing 3 rule books, dice, die cut templates, and 80 plastic miniatures (Bauhaus and Imperial) and should be out by the end of the month. Many gamers who have recently purchased the rules supplements and compendium may be disappointed to learn that they will be obsolete in the new edition. Target Games have not as yet contacted me about the new rules, to clarify this fact.

Warzone & Chronopia in Beatties Stores. 6/10/98

Some very observant readers may remember me posting this fact way back in July of this year (had to remove it for legal reasons.) but now it seems second hand news. Still. Target have signed a deal with the paint manufacturer Humbrol to place both Warzone and Chronopia products in many of the companies retail outlets, Beatties. The move will bring both systems to the forefront of the hobby and it looks as if the stores may be running demo games of both systems! Also if the plan goes ahead and sales justify it, Airfix one of the largest manufacturers of plastic injection kits (also a subsidiary of Humbrol) will be bringing a full range of plastic tanks and such out to support the systems in the future. Again Target didn't comment as of posting. We will keep you up too date on this subject.


Slaughterloo set to take gamers by storm. 6/10/98

The long awaited and much anticipated mass combat system from Flintloque designers Crescent City Industries, Slaughterloo is due to hit stores all over the world in the next few weeks or so. The system will allow players to field hundreds of models at once without losing much of the simplistic and fun gameplay that has made Flintloque so popular. The system will come as a set of rules with templates, and CCI are planning to release army packs at a much lower price to allow players to build up their armies.


Worlds first for CCI? 6/10/98

CCI are perhaps now one of the only games companies in the world who are supplying pre-painted miniatures to order for their Flintloque system. The models will come as a full unit, presented in a special shrink-wrapped packaging, and will retail for £25.00 for 8 well painted models. CCI have already taken hundreds of advanced orders for these from around the world (with the Americans going nuts for them) so get yours while you can.


Forge World set to take world by storm. Updated 15th September 98.

Forge World is the latest addition to Games Workshop and is all set to produce some of the best terrain pieces that you have ever seen. Forge World will work mainly in resin and will also be the guys who will produce the larger scale miniatures as reported by me here last month. More on the large scale kits just in. The kits will be in high quality resin and will measure around 220mm high (almost 6 inches) and the first up will be the Terminator. Forge World have also created the new Golden Demon awards for the ceremony this week end and they are rumoured to be the business.



West End Games out of business?


News broke last week of the sad demise of West End Games, one of the longest running games companies in the roleplaying industry and creators of some of the finest film and television tie-ins. West End are perhaps best known for their award winning Star Wars roleplaying game, a system that was so detailed that Star Wars creator George Lucas made the information in the West End Games system official Star Wars mythos. West End recently released the Xena and Hercules RPG, based on the two hit fantasy television shows, and speculation about the company began to arise when the system was released almost six months after the deadline. West End will be greatly missed. We at Gamers Web would like to thank all the hard working staff at West End who have brought us some of our most memorable gaming moments and wish them all the very best in the future.





Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition Update.


More on the new version of 40K 3rd Edition now. The game will include both Space Marines and Dark Eldar as reported on both Gamers Web and Portent, but will not include a plastic Dreadnought as was thought but will include an all new plastic Landspeeder, one of the two new designs being created for the game. The rules are more simplistic in their approach and it is possible to custom build your army around a theme. Look out for a pre- release at this years Games Day UK in September.


 July 18th 20.00 hrs GMT

Harlequin Miniatures Still Going Strong

Contrary to what you may have heard on other sites or newsgroups Harlequin Miniatures the Nottingham based company run by brothers Dean and Vaughn Edwards has not gone out of business and still very much alive and kicking! The long awaited Dr Who game is very nearly finished and should be available in stores everywhere very soon. I have seen a copy of the latest draft of the game and believe me when I say that this is a great system that is going to surprise quite a lot of people. Simple to play, but impossible to stop. Also look out for loads more excellent fantasy miniatures very soon.


Space Hulk on discount.

Any gamers in the UK who like Space Hulk are in for a treat at the moment. The second edition of the best selling table top game is now cropping up in discount stores (the big places that sell factory overstocks and such) all over the country. Prices seem to vary from store to store with the system being sold for as much as £20.00 in some stores and as little as £9.00 in others so shop around, a great game in itself or an excellent start to a Space Marine/Tyranid army.

Target Games Still Expanding.

Target Games the makers of Warzone and the excellent new fantasy system Chronopia are still looking for new blood to add to the impressive line up that makes up the design team. The Edinburgh based studio is looking for Artists, Writers and Layout people to join in with one of the fastest growing games companies around at the moment. Rates of pay are excellent and the hours seem just right. So if you think that you have what it takes to work for a games company, work well in a team, and can meet deadlines why not contact Target, you never know your name could be on the next hit combat system.

Contacting Target Games

Mr. John Robertson

Target Design Studio

Suite 8, 2 Commercial Street





Tel +44 131 555 6400 (add 0 in the UK!)

If you send samples of your work always enclose a self addressed envelope with enough postage to cover return.



 Winners at Origins 98. Check out the winners at this years Origins Awards.

Warzone tanks on the go?

Latest word from my contacts about Target Games, informs me that the company may just have found a manufacturer for their Warzone and Chronopia ranges large tanks and war machines. Airfix, one of the oldest plastic injection kit manufactures is rumoured to want to produce the large scale tanks for Target in an attempt to join in the games section of the hobby market. More news as I get it.


 August 21st 21.00 hrs GMT

Large Scale GW miniatures sighted.

As reported last month here on Gamers Web, Games Workshop are planning some larger scale miniatures, aimed primarily as collectors items rather than for gaming with. A very good source of mine who works for Games Workshop has seen the first two prototypes, a Space Marine in MK7 armour, and a Terminator Captain. I am informed that both models are 54mm scale, with the Marine standing around 3 1/2 inches tall with the Terminator standing a little taller at almost 5 inches. Both models have a fully detailed base and should be available from Mail Order before November this year. A price hasn't been set as yet, but expect somewhere in the £15-£20 range (around $30 US). Both miniatures will come in a neat presentation box.


Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition Latest!

A street date for the latest version of 40k has been set as the 5th of October this year. As of yet the price hasn't been disclosed, but sources tell me that it should retail for £50. The game will contain both Space Marines and Dark Eldar plastics with an all new plastic Landspeeder (which will also be available to buy separately) and the rules will also be available to purchase on their own. Latest news tells me that everything that you need to play the new game is in the box and the codex's will be a lot slimmer than the older versions, but aren't needed to play. Psi phase is a lot simpler now with Psykers only able to cast one spell per turn. The new logo for the game is currently being used by SSI on their Games Workshop collaboration Chaos Gate. It is still an Imperial Eagle, but now all the text is in green and looks more like fluid than static text.


Space Marine Command Squad latest.

Mail Order inform me that the latest Space Marine boxed set will be available to buy from August 29th. The set will contain a Captain, Vet Sgt, Banner Bearer, Medic and Tech Marine, and will retail for only £15.00. Having seen samples of the new miniatures, I can report that despite his long absence, Jes Goodwin still has the old magic. Look for a full review here on Gamers Web in the next couple of weeks.


New Black Library Product.

Just when you thought it was dead and buried, Epic Warhammer 40,000 rises once again like a phoenix from the ashes. This time around it is in the form of a new production from the Black Library (GW's publishing house) called 'Firepower'. The magazine will feature articles and conversion ideas and painting guides that have been featured in both the Journal and White Dwarf and also some completely new items written just for this product. This adds further fuel to the rumour that Games Workshop are planing to take non core games out of White Dwarf so it can concentrate on just Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. As mentioned before here on Gamers Web, the Calendar will be out in the next couple of months. Here is a scan of the cover as it appeared in Previews magazine, please forgive the poor quality of the image. Finally on Black Library for this update, it appears that the old Games Workshop novels may make a come back under this new banner, as well as two other books that are currently being written. More as we get it!

More news as soon as we get it.



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