Games play a huge part in my life and to be completely honest with you the majority of my friends are all people I have met through gaming in one way or another. Sadly though games don't always stick around forever and over the past twenty years or so I have seen some great systems both come and go. As with all hobbies the games that people tend to play are only in fashion for a short amount of time before they are withdrawn or changed to meet with new clientele. Its a matter of fact that there are now more and more people involved in our hobby than say 15 years ago, and the numbers of both wargamers and role-players seem to be on the increase, despite the computer revolution and the introduction of home games consoles. Games are both sociable and therapeutic in nature and can give both hours of fun and relaxation. This section of Gamers Web will take a look at some of the best known (or perhaps not that well known!) systems that have come and gone over the years or have changed beyond recognition. Not only will you find retrospective looks at roleplaying and wargames but we will also take a look at some of the best table top and board games that have been and gone. If you would like to write a retro review of your own personal favourite game that is sadly no longer with us then please follow the submissions guidelines elsewhere on the site and let the world know just what you used to play. Of course many of these games are no long out of print, but if you are lucky enough you may find a copy in a flea market someplace or somebody selling one cheap. Game shows the world over often have bring and buy stalls where you can pick up out of print games at bargain prices. Keep your eyes open and your wallet handy.



Marc Farrimond

July 98



Warhammer Rouge Trader


One of the best selling science fiction systems ever and the very backbone of Games Workshop. We take a look at how the system started over 10 years ago and just what has changed and why.


Judge Dredd the Roleplaying Game.


Based around the most famous of all British comic book heroes, most people will only be aware of Judge Dredd from the abysmal movie staring Sylvester Stallone. However Judge Dredd provided Games Workshop with one of the best written systems that they have ever produced and remained faithful to the comic book setting.


Teenagers From Outer Space.


A wacky and mixed up game from the creators of Cyberpunk. Now in its 4th edition, much has changed since the system was first thrust on an unsuspecting public. Aliens roaming high schools and beach parties were the order of the day. Take a look at what you missed out on.



Tunnels and Trolls


One of the oldest systems around and still a great little buy if you can find it. Check out the game that gave Dungeons and Dragons a real run for its money.




More retro coming very soon



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