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Credit where credit is due is the order of the day here. So without further ado I would like to introduce all the people who have worked so hard to bring you Gamers Web.


Marc Farrimond

Chief Writer and Editor.

When not busy writing or updating Gamers Web, I somehow find the time to juggle a wife, 3 kids and a cat all at once. I love to write and have a couple of sites dotted around the internet, including my erotic fiction site (its a dirty job.....) I have been involved in the games hobby for a long, long time now, almost 22 years in fact, and have seen it grow and mature in many ways. If you are interested in finding out more of what make me tick, then why not check out our personal page.

Favourite Roleplaying Game: Teenagers From Outer Space. R. Talsorian

Favourite Wargame/Tabletop: Space Hulk 1st edition. Games Workshop.

Favourite Miniature Range: Space Marines/ Cybertronic. Games Workshop/Target.

Favourite Movie: King Kong (the 1933 original version!)

Pet Hate: Rules Lawyers/ Cheats


Quote: We had to nuke the school to save it!

 Laura Farrimond

Got to give her a mention, just for the sheer fact that she's my wife. Laura loves to listen in on gaming sessions more than playing and when I can pry her away from the Computer and stop her playing Starcraft, she is the mother of our 2 lovely kids, Daniel and Katriana.

 Favourite Movie: Braveheart

Quote: If you kids don't tidy up those rooms..... (often heard over great distances.)

Chris Calland aka Mr. Milky or the lovegod/playboy

Chris has been roleplaying for about fifteen years and is getting rather
bored after that long, not to mention wondering what the outside world
looks like. With a vast mind and knowledge of most games it is small
wonder that his hair is receeding to make way for more gaming info. Rumour
has it when he does leave the house, his other favouite pastimes are;
threatening staff in stores, putting up with moronic customers and baring
is arse in public. Apart from his lack of social graces chris is a solid
sort and is usually found at the following locations; At home (yes his own,
he even has a mortgage), The Queen Vic in Wigan (eyeing up the young
girls), or in Santi Bag's Window (local Kebab Shop).

Favourite Film: Mallrats

Quote: either.. She fancies me she does. or No time for love Dr. Jones

Aunty Cally. AKA Karen Melton.

Contributing Writer

Our faithful agony aunt and all around good sort. Cally has been roleplaying for a long time now and loves to help out new gamers. If you have a problem with any aspect of roleplaying then why not drop her a line. In reality Karen is a very season gamer with over 10 years of roleplaying under her belt. She sites the Kender as her favourite race in any of the systems that she has played, sulks when her friends wont let her play one (she is a Kender really you see!). When not busy working, Karen likes to GM both Cyberpunk and Earthdawn (no easy feat in its self.!) and our flame haired beauty really enjoys putting the gamers in her group through the wringer.

Favourite Movie: Aliens/ Star Wars

Quote: Without ice cream life and fame are meaningless.


Justine Moloney.

Contributing Writer & Artist.

CJ as she likes to be called is new to gaming yet launches at it with a passion that is sometimes overwhelming. Her artistic talents are beyond compare and hopefully we will be showcasing some her work very soon. CJ has three loves in her life , Xena Warrior Princess, Comic books and that well known of all passions Chocolate. CJ will be reviewing some of the latest comic books to hit the stores over the coming months and will pop her own valid comments alongside some of the reviews.

Favourite Movie:Starship Troopers

Quote: If it feels good, do it.


Liam Grant

Contributing Writer

 Liam is helping out with reviewing some of the newer releases from Target for Chronopia and Warzone and also is writing a couple of articles, battle reports and other such nonsense with his younger sibling Sean.

Favourite Movie. The Seven Samurai

Quote: (to Sean) Get the Flock out of my room!

Sean Grant

Contributing Writer

Younger brother of Liam. Sean is a little mad to say the least. Often kept indoors ‘just in case’ and small objects easily disappear into his mouth. Despite his tender years Sean is a valued member of the Gamers Web staff.

Favourite Movie: Austin Powers

Quote: Kick Ass (often spoken loudly in a very irritating Cartman voice from South Park)


Simon Cooke

US Correspondent & Contributing Writer

All the way from sunny Manchester, now living in the US. Simon is our man on the spot in America. Don't ever let this man show you one of his magic tricks or he will have you stood watching for hours.

 Favourite Movie. Miracle Mile.

Quote: Let me just show you this one last trick.


Mike Hindle

Shadowrun Rules Guru and contributing Writer

Well pierce me bits Mikey. Mikes into the darker side of gaming. Shadowrun and Vampire the Masquerade come second nature to him and he is often seen lurking around in the shadows looking like a Goth wannabe.Well to be honest he looks more like a living Tim Bradstreet painting than a goth!

Favourite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back.

Quote: Anchor butters away my friends


 Michael Prescott AKA Dr Strange.

Looking as if he just walked off the set of a Tarantino movie and could go one on one with Bobby D'Nero, He is often seen spending many hours working out his Necromunda campaign for the coming weeks and not going to the pub (well okay that's a lie) Mike loves to paint and is very damn good at it too. If you pay him enough or even ask him nicely he may show you a tip or two. Look out for some of Mikes painted miniatures here very soon. Just don't play 40K against his Orks unless you can handle defeat.

Favourite Movie: Taxi Driver

Quote: My love for you is ticking clock.. BESERKER! (Mike you got to stop watching Clerks. Marc!)

Robert Clark:

Contributing Writer and WFRP/WFB expert.

Robert will be the first to tell you that he loves Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Fantasy Battle. Well perhaps loves in a bit of an understatement. Look out for Roberts excellent look at WFRP soon on Gamers Web. He is also hard at work on an up coming supplement for WFRP 'The Green Tide'. Robert sites games design as his ultimate ambition and with the talent he shows he should go far in this field. If you have any questions for Robert or are a designer looking for new and fresh talent, then please drop him a line at our address.

Favourite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Quote: Bugger this for a game of soldiers.

 Craig Grady.

Contributing Writer

Craig is one of the best miniature painters in the hobby and his work can be seen on a large number of web sites, including that of Harlequin Miniatures. Craig loves to paint but more so loves to game. He plays a wide range of wargames from historical to fantasy and sci-fi. As you can see from his articles Craig is an excellent model maker and loves to build terrain (just don't expect him to build you any mountains!). Hopefully we will be bringing you more details of some of Craig's work very soon.


Favourite Movie: Excalibur.

Quote:Any man, who would be a Knight and follow a King, follow me!

Graham Tunnicliffe a.k.a. Tuna (It's a long story….)

Contributing Writer and friend of Malory.

Despite appearing otherwise, Graham is entirely mechanical and is operated by fifteen tiny men.


He is an experienced gamer who has been involved in the hobby for just over fifteen years. (It was that copy of Basic D&D on his 11th Birthday that made him what he is today!) In this time, he has played "a bucketful" of systems, both roleplaying and tabletop and is currently GMing three campaigns - Warhammer, Pendragon and Deadlands, as well as playing in a few others. His passion is writing and he enjoys writing fiction based on the systems and games he has played. He is keen to break into the industry as a writer of themed fiction / rules, so if any gaming companies are on the lookout for a talented (and cheap!) employee, check out his work on this site and contact him through Gamers Web or at


When not gaming, Graham enjoys reading, cinema and is a keen amateur pub sportsman, who tells us that his best events are:


"Drinking like a mad fool",

"Professional stumbling" and

"Uncontrolled falling from public works".


He also loves children and animals, enjoys charity work and is keen to use this opportunity to break into serious acting / modelling.


Favourite Movie: So many, but must go with the Star Wars Trilogy / Withnail & I


Quote: It's a dog eat pineapple world - and I'm no fruit salad!

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Remember: Its not winning that really counts, it's the taking part. But if this is true, why keep score!



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