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Would you like to write for Gamers Web? Well we are always looking for a fresh perspective to showcase here on Gamers Web and would love to have your comments or input into the site. Don't worry if you cant type that well, just as long as you can get the idea across we will tidy things up for you if need be. Interested? Well here are a few things about writing and contributing to Gamers Web

Here are a few things that must be stuck to.


  1. Try not to be slanderous in your reviews or articles, as it could well cause repercussions at a later date. Please don’t use profanities as young children often visit the site.
  2. There is no upper limit for articles at all. If you have something that you would like to spend more time on and expand on say a monthly basis (such as your own column) then please do so, but try to stick to your original format to avoid confusion.
  3. If possible try and credit the artist, designer, sculptors of any products reviewed. Also if you can include the RRP in the review that would help greatly. Remember copyright and trademark laws still apply to the internet in a lot of cases and if you review any products simply state that the items are the property of the particular company
  4. Don't Plagiaries other people. Writing is a fun and often rewarding hobby in its self, but sometimes as with a lot of hobbies, things can get out of hand. One of the key rules about writing is not to rip off someone else’s hard work.
  5. Have fun. I will except articles on just about any subject of gaming, even movie/television, or music reviews if you think that they are relevant to the hobby. Try to remain as neutral as possible when reviewing an item. This is a hard task at the best of times as you may feel strongly about an aspect of it (such as the price or value for money), but an impartial article is more likely to be of a better quality than that of just simply, hated this, loved that variety. There is a lot of bickering flying around at the moment about Games Workshop and other companies. All this is fine for news groups, but try not to let it influence you when you write reviews for Gamers Web or any other site for that mater.



Here are a few of the things that I would like to see contributed for Gamers Web.


  1. Reviews. This can be any thing at all as long as it is related to gaming or games in some way. Miniatures and Collectable Card Games (CCG’s) roleplaying, wargaming, etc are all more than welcome. There is no set format for the way you should write your reviews, and I encourage everyone to explore and use whatever style they feel comfortable with.
  2. Articles. Let your mind run free. In the past I have written articles on just about everything, from using music to set the mood, too comedy in games. Have fun.
  3. Battle Reports/RPG Sessions. If you have played a roleplaying game recently or perhaps fought a battle, I would love to hear all about it and I am sure that many other gamers around the world would too. White Dwarf, Games Workshops in house magazine and Chronicles Target Games own title, often print battle reports and these are highly successful and well liked by a lot of readers. Once again no set format for this but if you have access to a camera and can take pictures these would greatly enhance your article.
  4. Painting/Modeling Tips. Have you ever seen some miniatures or models in a magazine and thought that you could paint/ sculpt better? Well no matter what your skill level is, everyone has tips and hints that they can pass on to someone else!
  5. Soapbox. Here’s where you can really get things off your chest! If you want to express an opinion then here is where you can do it. Anything goes here, except bad language (as explained above) so feel free to get things off your chest. If you think that a range of miniatures are overpriced then say so. Sick of crap being churned out by companies just eager to make more money from gamers! Well this is your chance to enter a free forum and express your own views to the world.
  6. Rumor Control. Have you heard something in a store that you think may be of interest to other gamers. Lets face it 90% of the posts on the news groups are nothing more than speculation about what is coming out next, or why such a thing isn’t being released. Of course if you do hear of something or like myself have contacts in the gaming industry, then all your contacts can remain anonymous and un-credited to protect them. I have a lot of friends on the inside of most of the worlds games companies and they feed me information that is to the best of their knowledge correct.



At the moment I have over 30 megabytes of Webspace for Gamers Web and that is plenty of room for a lot of articles, reviews or gossip. The submission date for anything will be 21st of each month, in order to give me time to get things ready to go on line. All writers will be credited not only on the items which they submit, but also on the staff writers page.


Once again I would like to thank you very much for showing an interest in writing for Gamers Web and hope that you will contribute in the near future. Gamers Web is a site written BY Gamers FOR Gamers and will always remain so.

Marc Farrimond




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