Welcome to the miniatures and wargames section on Gamers Web. Each month we will try to bring you all the latest in the world of table top games and review new miniatures as they become available. I am very lucky as I have a large number of friends and contacts in the gaming industry and I often find out what's due out long before most other people and I normally get sent miniatures to review from a wide range of companies across the globe.


If you are by chance involved with a company whoís products I havenít yet reviewed you can contact me at the address below as its my aim to catalogue as much of the hobby as I can.


You will also find links to other games and miniature sites on the net here, and contact addresses to most of the major companies. I have been in to table top games for a long time now, well over twenty years, and I have a vast collection of miniatures from all over the world and in many different styles and genres. You will find a lot of articles on wargaming tactics here and space permitting a few scenarios and adventures. So with out further ado!



Heartbreaker Miniatures.


A relative new comer to the scene. Heartbreaker hasnít been around that long, but are responsible for some of the very best miniatures and wargames in the hobby. Based partly in America, Sweden and Scotland, the company has a couple of wargames in its stables.




Warzone is the skirmish combat game set in the far future in a universe that seems to have gone mad. The mechanics of the game are very simple and effective and it is one of the most playable systems around at the moment. Each month I will review the latest releaseís before they come out thanks to my good friend Roger at Gamecraft UK (thanks Roger).




Stepping into the dawn of history and bringing a brand new system to the market is Chronopia. This is the latest game from Heartbreaker/Target Games and is set to be a serious contender to the mighty Warhammer Fantasy Battles from Games Workshop.



Alternative Armies.


AA now based in Scotland, are the producers of FlintLoque and its sister game Dresda. FlintLoque takes the setting of the Napoleonic wars and populates them with fantasy creatures such as Elves and Orcs. Loads of fun to play and easy to learn.




Dixons Miniatures


One of the finest companies around making historical wargames miniatures. Trevor Dixon is one of the best sculptors in the business and his ranges of Samurai and Wild West are among the finest examples of miniatures in the world.


Games Workshop/Citadel Miniatures LTD.


Without a doubt the largest games and miniature manufactures on the world. Games Workshop create some of the finest (all be it expensive) miniatures available. Check out our reviews of the best of Citadel/GW each month. Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 are covered plus the latest news and gossip from the boys on the hill.



Ground Zero Games.

Jon Tuffly is the owner, designer and main drive behind Ground Zero Games. His space craft combat games system Full Thrust as won several awards over the past few years and is perhaps the most playable starship combat system thatís ever been produced. GZG also produce StarGrunt a 25mm sci-fi skirmish combat game and Dirtside a 1/300th scale mass combat system. Check it out and look out for a behind the scenes report on how Jon landed the job of creating the starship combat system for the Babylon 5 RPG.



 Grendal Productions.

Once run by John Robertson (now studio chief at Target) and now in new hands. Grendal is well known for its excellent range of fantasy miniatures, and the science fiction combat system Kryomek. Grendal also produce Leviathan a game of high fantasy. Check out the reviews and a step by step guide on how Craig and the folks at Ashton and St Helens Wargames Society set about making their excellent terrain for the demo games they put on at the many games shows around the UK.



Harlequin Miniatures LTD.


Based in Nottingham, England, Harlequin is run by brothers Dean and Vaughan Edwards. They produce excellent ranges of fantasy miniatures and have their own combat system Raven and they are also about to launch their own long awaited Dr Who combat game stay tuned for details to follow soon!


 Rules without Arguments. The first in a series of no nonsense wargames rules, free for you to download and play.


Obidiah's Cavalry. The disgruntled Orc is back with a vengeance, and this time he's got some company with him.


Deadloque 2nd Edition. Craig takes a look at the recently re-release of Deadloque the Napoleonics combat system with a twist!

Flintloque accessories. Craig Grady takes a look at some of the latest Flintloque additions from CCI.




Creating a Wargame. Sick and tired of playing with the same mundane rules week in, week out? Well Peter Cowderoy decided that enough was enough and took matters into his own capable hands and went about creating Warhammer 25K.


 Wargaming on a Budget. A look at how to get started in the wargaming hobby and some ways to make it cheaper for yourself. Part one looks at the basics.



Cant find an item! Please bear with me as I am constantly in the process of updating and editing my homepage and sometimes I donít get the time to update as often as I would like too. I will be keeping files on each of the above companies on my pages for 3 months then I will remove them. All the old files and articles will be available for free by mailing me at my address or by leaving a message on my answering machine. I will try to keep you all informed about the news and gossip from each of the above companies (more if I get the time) each month.


If you have any comments about my homepage or would like further information about a product, company or designer, then please mail me and I will try my best to help.



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