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Looking for Gamers in your area, but finding it hard to get any? Planing on running a roleplaying game but need those extra players? Looking for opponents to fight against in your upcoming battles? Well don't despair.

Gamers Web is proud to announce the Gamers Guide, a free page where you can advertise for contacts in your own local area no matter where you live.


Also if you're looking for pen pals who play games why not contact us here and we will post the details for FREE! All contacts on Gamers Guide will be free and stay online for three full calendar months to give you time to get more replies.


Interested? Well all you need to do is mail us here the details of the gamers your looking for and the area in which you live, and we will place them up here for free, and rest assured that no other parties will get your mail address at all (We too have had our fill of SPAM!)


So don't delay contact us today! You can also post your unwanted games and miniatures right here on Gamers Web for FREE. Just follow these simpleInstructions.

 Gamers Guide

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Contacts, Wanted, And For Sale!


Looking for Pen Pals in the USA.

Hi my Name is Marc, I run Gamers Web and I would love to hear from gamers any age or gender from all over the states. I have been gaming for over 20 years and love to meet new people and make friends. You can find a little more about me by checking out my personal section on Gamers Web!


From Chris, aged 26 and loving it. In the UK.

the whole army is to go for about 80.00 ono. All games workshop figures.

1 necromancer on horse
1 mummy on zombie dragon
2 screaming skull catapults
3 carrions and riders
9 skeletal horsemen inc leader
2 chariots
2 units of 12 plastic skeletons inc metal leader
1 unit of 16 plastic skeletons inc metal leader, std bearer and musician
1 unit of 24 metal skeletons inc leader, champion, std bearer and musician
(remeber the old games workshop regiment of renown)
1 units of 10 plastic skeleton archers
1 unit of 10 metal zombies

plus a small handfull of others which don't quite fit

a couple are painted but none badly

I can send them by post to anyone who is interested

just e-mail me at And we can talk about it.


WANTED. Encyclopeidea Magica Volume 4

will pay upto $30 for a copy of TSR's Encyclopedia Magica 4! Must be in very good condition. Contact Hungry Troll with you're details at the Gamers Web address below


Shadowrun and Vampire scenarios wanted.

Looking for Vampire and Shadowrun adventures to run with my games group! Can anyone help me out at all.



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