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He went Best of Breed against 9 Champions
his second day of showing!

Logan's Story

  In March of 1995, we went to the airport to get a 17 pound black fuzzy ball of fur, with white taped, pointed ears.  He was very calm on the long ride home, and upon meeting his new sister and brother, Sabel, and Schyler, (both Mini Schnauzers) seemed quite intimidated. Schyler let it be known that he would be "Boss"!
  Logan's Breeder, Bonnie Rodriquez of "Jobon's Giants" called often making sure that all our questions were answered, and to impress upon us the need to socialize him with people and other animals, as Giants can become very protective.  Logan remained calm and easy to manage.
  In April of 1996, we met Bonnie and Larry at a Disney World bus stop, with laughing, screaming, children and adults passing by every ten minutes.  Bonnie wanted to see if she would be able to show Logan.  I believe she was unsure, until the rain stopped and she was able to see him move.  He has such power and presence! (Logan spends much of his day chasing goats away from his back fence.)  Bonnie asked us to send him to Illinois two weeks before the Midwest Special in May.  We were told that it might take three or four months for him to win his Championship, a total of 15 points.
  To make a long story short, Logan won two 5 point majors his first and second day of showing, going "Best of Breed" against 9 champions.  He finished "undefeated" and was home, four weeks later.
  Logan is back chasing goats, and Schyler is still Boss!

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