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"Through out the Galaxy, Jedi seek to learn the ways of the Force, this is one of the establishments of learning to which they come"

-Master Barak Golin Seek and you will find myself or one of the other masters here....

Or, come in and join WBS at The Mos Eisley Cantina But please, if you Join WBS, do not get a handle stating that you are a Jedi.

The Webmaster of this page would like to Thank George Lucas for his vision and his wisdom in creating such a wonderful universe in which we can all play. Star Wars and Star Wars information is copyrighted 1977 by Lucasfilm Ltd. This is an independant and unauthorized page.

The Jedi Ring

This Jedi site
is owned by _Master Barak Golin_.

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This The WBS Roleplayers Guild site
is owned by Barak Golin.

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