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Origins of the name...

Anglicized form of Gael O'Naraigh, byname meaning "modest." Also Narry, Neary.

Descendents of Nary...

1. PATRICK NARY born March 1848 in Ireland, immigrated in 1876, married MARGARET DOYLE, born January 7, 1857 in Doylestown, PA, between his coming here in 1876 and the birth of their first child in 1882. Patrick died September 2, 1901 in Aliquippa and is buried in Daugherty Cemetery. Margaret died October 2, 1931 in Aliquippa and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. They had nine children.

1.1 JAMES EDWARD NARY born June 1882 in Aliquippa and died September 6, 1928 in Rochester Hospital. He is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
1.2 JOHN NARY born March 1884 in Aliquippa and may have died before 1920.
1.3 WILLIAM NARY born July 1886 in Aliquippa, married ELLEN HALLISEY, born November 1889 in Pittsburgh, on November 18, 1909 and had seven children together. William disappeared between September 1918 and April 1929. He was pronounced legally dead in December of 1935. Ellen died August 23, 1941 in Aliquippa. She was buried in St. Mary's Cemetery.
1.4 BRIDGET F. NARY born April 1889 in Aliquippa and married E. O'DONNELL. Bridget died after 1946.
1.5 SADIE E. NARY born March 1891 in Aliquippa and married Frank Logue.
1.6 LAWRENCE S. NARY born July 1893 in Aliquippa and married Grace Buhot(who he later divorced in 1929). They had two children together. Lawrence died April 12, 1946 in New Castle. He is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in New Castle.
1.6.1 GRACE LOUISE NARY born in 1921 and married Frank S. Reda.
1.6.2 Lawrence F. Nary born August 29, 1925 in Aliquippa and married Jacqueline Oehler. They had one child together. Lawrence died June 11, 1993 in Baden and was buried in Sylvania Hills Cemetery. MARILYN NARY married Donald Matthews.
1.7 JOSEPH NARY born December 1896 in Aliquippa and died April 4, 1929 in Aliquippa. He was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
1.8 CHARLES M. NARY born April 1898 in Aliquippa and died in 1958. He is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
1.9 ROBERT NARY born in Aliquippa and maybe died between 1909 and 1920.

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