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Adventure Island 2

              Game Genie Codes 
               Code          Cheat
               006-DDB-E6E   Infinite lives
               000-6DB-E66   Start with 1 life   
               050-6DB-E66   Start with 6 lives
               080-6DB-E66   Start with 9 lives
               00E-28F-E6E   No gradual loss of energy, except when you hit obstacles & enemies
               3C0-37B-5D4   Start with 1 of each power-up
               00D-51A-E6E   When you gain a non-throwable object, you can't lose it from the menu
               080-57B-E6E   Start on level 1-4

              Start with 99 of Everything 
               To start with 99 of everything, enter the password 0894. 

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