Castlevania Legends

Hidden Level 
       The hidden level is in stage 5. After you beat the first boss, a
       jumping demon creature, you must go through the doors to get to 
       next screen. There will be two paths, up and to the right. If 
       you go to the right you will find an empty room, so don't bother.
       You must go straight up, stay to the right. There will be an 
       opening in the wall leading to the next screen. The next screen 
       will have two bats hanging on the ceiling and a platform below 
       them. Below this platform is another smaller platform, which is 
       over a hole in the floor. Jump down this hole. While falling you
       will see a candle, whip it.

       After you get the 1-up candle, you will land on a platform. On
       this platform will be a white candle. Whip this. Then proceed to
       get off the platform. Do not exit the room. The floor below now 
       will have disappeared. Jump in it. This will lead you to the
       Hidden Level in Level 5. 

       Here's some passwords for your playing pleasure. 

       Level    Password
       3        Axe, Cross, Space, Clock
       4        Clock, Space, Dagger, Dagger

Super Password 
       At the password entry screen, enter Meat, Candle, Candle, Meat.
       This takes you to the last level and gives you all the items and
       soul weapons on the Light Mode difficulty. 

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