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Final Fantasy Legend 3

Free Elixer 
     When you enter Castle Chaos, there are escalators in front of you. Counting from the left,
     take the second escalator. While going up, keep walking to the right. You should walk into
     a secret room with a chest inside. Inside that chest is an elixer. NOTE: Castle Chaos is
     underwater so you'll need the dive spell to get there. 

Game Genie Codes 
     FAB-CAB-DAB = picking 3rd item in item screen equips a magic spell and changes the
     item in the 1st slot. If you have no item in the first slot you start the cycle from the begining
     with 9 of that item.

     DC3-5DC-346 = call Guha with Radar 
Underwater City 
     For this you will need the Dive and Float spells. Use the the float spell to get to the town of
     Elan (where Granny and Chronos live). To the North of Elan, there should be a bay. use the
     dive spell to go underwater. The city should be right in front of you. Also, to the right of
     Elan is a sunken ship with two chests inside.