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Harvest Moon

                          Grandfather's Secret Stash  
                           Go into your home on the ranch, and check
                           out the night stand on the right of the bed
                           (by using the A button, with no tools
                           selected.) You will find 1000G of
                           "Grandfather's rainy day money." 

                          Name Game 
                           How you enter your name determines
                           which crops youll be able to buy and grow.
                           Capitalize the first letter in your name to
                           grow eggplant and carrots. Leave the first
                           letter in you name in lowere case to grow
                           peanuts and broccoli. If you want to grow
                           all four crops, replace the first letter in your
                           name with a symbol, such as a heart. 

                          Unlimited Eggs 
                           If you water the egg by the shipping box in
                           the chicken coup, the egg will turn into a
                           fence-like object. If you try to pick up the
                           egg the picture won't disapear and you can
                           keep on picking up the same egg and
                           shipping it, giving you an unlimited amount
                           of eggs. 

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