Killer Instinct

Play as Eyedol

At the player match up screen hold right and press select, start, A, B and you can play as Eyedol.

All the Plyers Moves

************************** KEY **************************

T: Toward B: Backward QCT: Down, Down Towards, Towards QCB: Down, Down Back, Back HCT: Back, Down Back, Down, Down Towards, Towards HCB: Towards, Down Towards, Down, Back Down, Back QCDB: Down Towards, Down, Down Back F, QCT: Towards, Down, Down Towards F, QCB: Back, Down, Down Back cB: Charge Back cF: Charge Forward + - means "and" , - means "then" / - means "or" P - Punch K - Kick p - Tap Punch k - Tap Kick * - Indicates that Combo is an Ultra ! - Indicates that you have to break a combo first

************************** MOVES AND COMBOS ***************************

======= GLACIUS ======= -=Special Moves=- Shockwave: QCT+P Ice Lance: QCDB+P Cold Shoulder: cB, F+P Liquidize: QCT+K Liquidize: QCT+k (Teleports Behind) -=Other Moves=- Retaliation: QCT+K Combo Breaker: B, F+P Finish Move: HCT+P (2 characters distance) Humiliaton: F, F, B+K (anywhere) Ultra Combo: cB, F+P Air Juggle: QCT+K -=Combos=- 4: cB, F+P, K 7: cB, F+P, K, QCT+K 8: cB, F+P, K, QCT+P 12: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, P, QCT+K, Juggle 13: 12: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, P, QCT+P, Juggle 22: cB, F+P, cB, K, F+F (*) 28: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, cB, P, F+P (! & *) ======== TJ COMBO ======== -=Special Moves=- Powerline: cB, F+P Rollercoaster: cB, F+p Knee K.O: cB, F+K Rising Knee: cB, F+k Cyclone: Hold P 3 sec. then let go ---Transition Special Moves--- Powerline2Stop: cB, F+P, B+P Powerline2Rollercoaster: cB, F+P, B+p -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: B, F+K Retaliation: cB, F+K Air Juggle: cB, F+P Ultra Combo: cF, B+3 Finish Move: B,B,F,F+P (Close) Humiliation: D,D,D+1 (anywhere) -=Combos=- (# - indicates that roll must hit 4 times) 7: cB, F+p, K (#) 9: cB, F+p, cF, K, B+P (#) 13: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, cF, cB+K, F+P 16: cB, F+p, cF, K, B+P, cF, cB+K, F+p, Juggle (#) 16: cB, F+p, cF, K, B+P, cF, cB+K, F+p, Juggle (# & !) 22: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P 25: cB, F+p, cF, K, B+P (# & *) 33: cB, F+p, cF, K, B+P, cF, K, B+P, Juggle (#, ! & *) For the 33 hit, you must perform your combo at a certain time in the fight. ============= CHIEF THUNDER ============= -=Special Moves=- Triplax: cB, F+P Sammamish: HCB+P Phoenix: QCT+K Tomohawk: QCB+P (Midair) -=Other Moves=- Ultra Combo: cB, F+P Combo Breaker: HCB+P Retaliation: HCB+P Air Juggle: QCT+K Finishing Move: HCT+P Humiliation: D,F,F+K -=Combos=- 3: cB, F+P 5: cB, F+P, K 8: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P 15: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, cB, P, F+P, Juggle 17: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, cB, P, F+P, Juggle (!) 23: cB, F+P, cB, K, F+P (*) okay, here is the ultimate combo!!! It's a glitch, but it will do big damage, and if you can keep it up, it will be 99+ hits! The counter stops at 99. After you get 20 hits, it will think that you are doing an ultra combo! Okay, walk next to you opponent, and do this combo. 99: cF, B+P, cF+K, B+P, cF+K, B+P (Repeat this over and over and over....;-) ====== SPINAL ====== -=Special Moves=- (@ indicates that Spinal Must have one skull) Boneshaker: F,F+P Skeleport Front: D,D+P Skeleport Back: D,D+K Soul Sword: cB, F+P Power Devour: Hold B+K Searing Skull: QCT+P (@) -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: F,F+P Ultra Combo: HCT+P Retaliation: D,D+P/K Air Juggle: QCT+P (@) Finish Move: B,B,B+K (2 places away) Humiliation: HCT+K Opponent Morph: D,D+P/K (During Combo) -=Combos=- 4: F,F+P, K 7: F,F+P, K, F,F+P 13: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, P, F,F+P (@) 27: F,F+P, cF, K, B+P, HCT+P (*) 28: cB, F+P, cF, K, B+P, HCT+P (* & @) ======= FULGORE ======= -=Special Moves=- Laser Storm: QCT+P Double Laser Storm: B,B,QCT+P Triple Laser Storm: F,B,B,QCT+P Plasmaslice: F,QCT+P Plasma-Port front: B,QCB+P Plasma-Port back: B,QCB+K Plasma-Shield: QCB+P Cyberdash: cB, F+K Eyelaser: QCDB+K -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: F,QCT+P Ultra Combo: F,QCT+P Retaliation: F,QCT+P Air Juggle: QCT+P Finish Move: HCT+K (2 Characters) Humiliation: ??? -=Combos=- 4: cB, F+K, K 6: cB, F+K, K, QCDB+K 8: cB, F+K, K, F,QCT+P 13: cB, F+K, K, QCDB+K, K, F,QCT+P 15: cB, F+K, K, QCDB+K, cB, K, F+K, Triple Juggle 22: cB, F+K, K, F,QCT+P (*) 30: cB, F+K, K, QCDB+K, K, F,QCT+P, Triple Juggle (*) ==== JAGO ==== -=Special Moves=- Endokuken: QCT+P Tiger Fury: F,QCT+P Wind Kick: QCDB+K Laser Blade: QCDB+P Fast Fireball: Hold P, QCT+Release Punch -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: F,QCT+P Ultra Combo: QCDB+K Retaliation: F,QCT+P Air Juggle: He has no combos that launch opponents into the air! :( Finish Move: B,F,F+P (Close) Humiliation: HCB+K -=Combos=- 4: QCDB+K, K 4: Jump, P, K 8: Jump, P, K, F,QCT+P 13: QCDB+K, K, QCDB+P, K, F,QCT+P 22: QCDB+K, K, QCDB+K 27: QCDB+K, K, QCDB+P, K, QCDB+K ====== ORCHID ====== -=Special Moves=- Lasaken: QCT+P Ni-San: QCDB+p Niguu Girl: QCDB+P Flik Flak: cB, F+K Fire Cat: cB, F+P -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: B, F+K Ultra Combo: cB, F+P Retaliation: cB, F+K Air Juggle: QCT+P Finish Move: D,F,B+K (Close) Humiliation: HCB+P -=Combos=- 4: cB, F+P, K 6: cB, F+K, P 10: cB, F+K, P, QCDB+P 16: cB, F+K, cF, P, B+K, P, QCDB+P, Juggle 24: cB, F+K, cB, P, F+P (*) ========= SABREWULF ========= -=Special Moves=- Sabrecut: cB, F+P Sabrepounce: cB, F+K Sabrespin: cF, B+P Sabreroll: cF, B+K Firebat: QCB+P Howl: QCDB+K -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: cB, F+P Ultra Combo: cF, B+K Retaliation: cB, F+P Air Juggle: cB, F+K Finish Move: B,B+K (Close) Humiliation: F,F+P -=Combos=- ( @ Indicates that you must howl First) 5: cF, B+P, K 9: cF, B+P, cB, K, F+K 10: cF, B+K, cB, P, F+P, Juggle (@) 11: cF, B+P, cB, K, F+K, Juggle (@) 24: cF, B+P, cF, K, B+K, Juggle

************************ SELECTING AND USING EYEDOL *************************

**Selecting Eyedol** To use Eyedol, pick ANY CHARACTER, and on the VS screen, hold Right and press Select, Start, B, then A. You'll here a chime if it worked. **Using Eyedol** -=Special Moves=- (@ indicates that you have to be stomping) Shoulder Charge: B, F+K Mega Swing: B, F+P Fireball: QCT+P Footstomp: B+P Triple Fireball: QCT+P (@) Fast Dash: B,F+K (@) -=Other Moves=- Combo Breaker: B,F+P Retaliation: B,F+P Air Juggle: ??? Ultra: Unknown Finishers: Unknown Humiliation: Unknown -=Combos=- 4: B, F+K, P 7: B, F+K, B, P, F+P 9: B, F+K, B, P, F+K, B, F+P ANOTHER SUPER DUPER COOLBOY COMBO!!! After I found the Chief Thunder Glitch Unlimited hit Combo, I tried the same thing with Eyedol, and it worked! It is much more difficult than the Chief's. Here is how you do it: B, F+K, B, P, F+K, B, P, F+K Repeat those steps over and over and over. This combo is a VERY tough combo to keep up for long periods of time, and most of the time when I do it, it ends up short at about 25 hits. From 20 hits on up, it will be called an Ultra! So, Eyedol sort of has an ultra, now.

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