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WWF War Zone

Finishing Moves 
     The manual doesn't list the finishers for each of the wrestlers, so
     here's a full list of them. Remember, this isn't like a fighting game, left
     is ALWAYS left and right is ALWAYS right, it doesn't matter which
     way you're facing. Also, by default, "Special" is the Select button.

     Shawn Michaels - (Done in Tie-Up) Sweet Chin Music: Hold
     Special, Left, Right, Up.

     Kane - (Done in Tie-Up) Tombstone Piledriver: Hold Special, Right,
     Up, Down.

     Ken Shamrock - (Done in Tie-Up) Ankle Lock Submission: Hold
     Special, Left, Up, Right.

     Steve Austin - (Done in Tie-Up) Stone Cold Stunner: Hold Special,
     Down, Left, Right.

     Faarooq - (Done in Tie-Up) The Dominator: Hold Special, Down,
     Up, Left.

     Goldust - (Done in Tie-Up) Curtain Call: Hold Special, Right,
     Down, Right.

     Triple H - (Done in Tie-Up) The Pedigree: Hold Special, Up, Left,

     Mankind - (Done over a Fallen Opponent) Mandible Claw: Hold
     Special, Up, Right, Left.

     Owen Hart - (Done in Tie-Up) Spinning Heel Kick: Hold Special,
     Down, Right, Left.

     The Rock - (Done in Tie-Up) The Rock Bottom: Hold Special, Left,
     Down, Up.

     British Bulldog - (Done in Tie-Up) Running Powerslam: Hold
     Special, Right, Left, Down.

     Ahmed Johnson - (Done in Tie-Up) Pearl River Plunge: Hold
     Special, Up, Down, Left.

     The Undertaker - (Done in Tie-Up) Tombstone Piledriver: Hold
     Special, Left, Down, Right.

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