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Since 9-2-98

The Register of All Publicly Known Tartans

TS169 MacCaughan or MacEachain Clan Tartan, Provided by J. A. McCaughan

The Register of All Publicly Known Tartans, Port-na-Craig Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5ND, Scotland, Tel: (+44) 1796 474 079, Fax: (+44) 1796 474 090, email:, The Register is a company registered in Scotland (No. 141469) and a recognised charity (No. SC0217404) from 1993.

*NOTE - Tartan colors varry in reproduction from computer to computer the colors represented here have been professionally edited to be correct on (MOST)computers manufactured since 1986. The color from the Registry site in Scotland does not show the green element correctly on all monitors. What we show here is the best available. If you want a good printed copy contact Minniebell.




Ronald K. Perkins-El Paso, Texas

(Clan MacEacain)


MacEachain McCaughan McKaughan McCoin Genealogy