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Meke Meke Distribution
Official Distributor for Anime West, Hana Yori Anime, and Team Abcb

Status: Closed
current turn-around: n/a (8/10/99)

New Titles: Heidi, Girl of the Alps 1-4
Lesson XX OVA
+ Fish in the Trap OVA (shounen-ai)
Yawara! 25-28
Yawara! 29-32

NEWS - MekeMeke news & updates. (updated 8/10/99)
RULES - MekeMeke rules *updated for Canada*
LIST - list of available titles. (updated 5/25/99)
TEXT - version of the titles. (updated 4/10/99)
ORDER - how-to steps for ordering.
LINKS - various links.

What's New:
August 10, 1999
We're restructuring how our club operates. In the meantime, Hana Yori Anime will be offering a small-scale distribution service for their titles. We're really sorry for the delay (especially those who are waiting for LoGH), and we're sorry we're unable to take requests for a bit longer.

Last Updated on 8/10/99

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