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Meet the characters from Mambo Mouth


The host of "Naked Personalities" (the most dangerous show on public access TV), is a lovelorn male who has been dissed by females.

Loco Louie

A sex-crazed 14-year old that meticulously re-enacts the loss of his virginity at Nilda's Bordello and Bodega.


An illegal alien who is caught in an INS sting and pleads his deportation case behind bars.

Manny the Fanny

A prostitute homegirl who recalls the "super glue" revenge on an unfaithful boyfriend.


A dramatic portrayal of the epitome of "get-over Latin machismo." (A home video exclusive)

The Crossover King

A Hispanic turned succesful Japanese wanna-be. He conducts seminars on how to be Latino-free. "You too can become a Samurai warrior who listens to Lite FM."

* Leguizamo's enourmous critical acclaim has generated an Ace, an Obie and an Outer Critics Circle Award.

*This section is not yet complete.

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