DawnC's Sentinel Chat
June 20, 1999  5pm - 7pm Pacific

Thanks to Graywulf for transcribing this and to Bonnie (Stargazer) for acting as the moderator :-)
There are some gaps b/c mean old TalkCity kept kicking Graywulf out.

Session Start: Sun Jun 20 20:08:59 1999
[20:08] *** Now talking in #sentinel

<DawnCapp> Oh yeas, sirizzy :-) Full of  bounce LOL
<DawnCapp> Well, Sk...
<LionLady4> LOL Yuma
<CarolROI> When did you start writing?
<inyx> Hi everyone finally made it!
<yumadesign> Knock him down and he bounces back? LOL! Blair! The Wonderous Bouncing Anthropologist!
<yumadesign> hello LionLady.

<LionLady4> Hi Yuma
<yumadesign> trying to read the lines as fast as I can while writing a BMB for Dawn here....grrrr
<DawnCapp> I like to read Blair Angst stories. LOL! As for favorite authors... um...  lots. Danae, Hephaistos (of course) and Kim  (really)... uh, Kristine Williams. More I just can't name em all

 <yumadesign> first time in a chat room
 <DawnCapp> Ohhhhh, Yuma! Go write :-) I'm dying to read another one
 <RP4032024> Who got you started with the writing?
 <SKnepley> I think we have the same kinds of tastes.
 <DawnCapp> Writing fanfic or writing in general?
 <RP4032024> Fanfic mostly.
 <SKnepley> How do you get ideas for stories?
 <yumadesign> actually Dawn, its finished......eg...waiting for beta reader to email me so I can send file...
 <DawnCapp> Sentinel Too Part 1. I wasn't really into the show at that point and stayed away from fanfic, but I started
   to read the fanfic to get a flavor of the show and I loved the fic! So I started writing and now I can't stop.
 <kimheggen> Hey Dawn, who are your favorite original fic authors?
 <DawnCapp> I await it anxiously, Yuma!
 <yumadesign> I bet Dawn has a Blair doll at home and she just beats him up for ....ahem..inspiration..eg

 <DawnCapp> Dean Koontz. Chaim Potok. Those two spring to mind

 <DawnCapp> LOL, Yuma :-)
 <yumadesign> Dean Koontz ! bg
 <DawnCapp> Yes, I like him over Stephen King any day (and I used to be a big SK fan)
 <yumadesign> Yuma got suckered into making it a trilogy....argh
 <sirizzy> Hey, another merchandizing idea!  Bouncing Blair Dolls at Toys/R'Us!
 <DawnCapp> only DK needs to work on his endings
 <yumadesign> stephen king? nah....
 <yumadesign> got hooked to kootnz with the book Watchers
 <DawnCapp> mine was "lightning"
 <LionLady4> Nah, life sized Blair pillows
 <DawnCapp> LOL
<inyx> only if they come with matching Jim pillows...
 <yumadesign> life size pillows? eg...but wouldn't the feathers come flying out?
 <sirizzy> I'm trying for the Cascade PD nighties, guys!
 <RP4032024> Koontz's can be put to TV better than Kings.
 <kimheggen> Yeah, Dawn's got a collection of little
   miniature rib bandages and mini icepacks for her Blair doll....
 <yumadesign> LOL
 <DawnCapp> LOL
<inyx> LOL
 <sirizzy> ROTFLOL
 <DawnCapp> Yeah, but when they try, they end up messing up Koontz most of the time
 <SKnepley> don't for get the butterfly strips
 <RP4032024> Don't they always.
 <yumadesign> or the iodine!
 <DawnCapp> I have a doctor's bag right here
 <Shannonhead59076> everything king writes is original, Koontz is so formulaic
 <LionLady4> or miniature frozen peas for an ice pack for the blair doll
 <RP4032024> A closet doctor.  ;-)
 <kimheggen> need to leave for a while...hubby's calling  from LA...
<inyx> and sunglasses...
 <yumadesign> can you imagine Blair's med insurance with  all Dawn puts him thru?
 <DawnCapp> LOL, Shannon, don't get me started *big grin*
 <sirizzy> Is it a Chatty Blair doll, Dawn?
 <LionLady4> brb - dogs wigging out
 <yumadesign> a rubbery bouncy blair doll
 <DawnCapp> not with that gag... err... um.. nevermind
 <wolfshy> Stop it you guys are killing me. I take two of  each though.
 <RP4032024> When are you going to finish that sneak preview you started?
 <Shannonhead59076> Has someone asked you yet when other side will be finished dawn?
 <yumadesign> yeah! other side, dawn!
 <wolfshy> yea Dawn.
 <sirizzy> Lots of different outfits too, I bet.  Blair, Ice Man style.  Blair, Professor.  Blair, Witchdoctor Punk.
 <yumadesign> when?
 <SKnepley> Yes Dawn do tell!
 <DawnCapp> *ducking* it's almost finished. Honest. I tried  to get it done by today, but it's so nice here San Diego. I had
   to go to a dog show yesterday and... um... there were these  terrorists (as I was telling SK) *big grin*
 <RP4032024> Excuses, excuses, excuses.
 <SKnepley> I  thought you said aliens
 <yumadesign> if ya don't hurry and finish..im gonna have  to be...eg...meanie to blair here
 <yumadesign> eg
 <DawnCapp> Um... they were alien terrorists
 <yumadesign> lol
 <sirizzy> Dawn has been too busy researching my story for  me.  Leave the poor woman alone.  It's all my fault.

 <yumadesign> oh dawn
 <SKnepley> oohhh OK
 <SKnepley> <G>
 <BSgal> I
 <DawnCapp> LOL. Actually Soul hijacked my brain and left me with a little teeny case of writers' block for OTHER SIDE,
   but I'm beating it into submission
 <sirizzy> Wait, Dawn, that sorta sounds like one of those alibis I was talking about once . . .
<inyx> Dawn - Soul was beautiful

**** Missing chat (gap) *****

 <sirizzy> It always amazes me how much dust can collect in  a decade.

 <DawnCapp> LOL. I hate to see what's underneath my laptop's keyboard
 <teddbar06> Any hints, Dawn?
 <teddbar06> Ewwww.
 <lrhb> *Pointless* Blair pain/angst... Is there such a  thing?  Isn't that a genre in its own right?
 <DawnCapp> Well, the Constitution series has to do with the "legalization of Marijuana" and the other one I'm not
 <teddbar06> I spilled coffee into my keyboard at work.

 <teddbar06> It is in Dawn's world
 <DawnCapp> and does it still work, TAE?
 <sirizzy> Oh, TAE, who has time for cleaning?  We all have  to read your stories and Dawn's and everyone else's?  Get real!
 <SKnepley> coffe and keyboards do not mix well
 <teddbar06> Yeah, rubbing alcohol works wonders
 <yumadesign> neither does writing fic and chatrooms...
 <yumadesign> got booted out of chat while doing a fic..grrr
 <DawnCapp> I think I have a whole bunch of crums in my keyboard :-)
 <MyrnaMimi> THere's no such THING as pointless BPA!!
   (Blair Pain/Angst!!!)
 <teddbar06>   Hey, I manage to read almost everything that
   comes out and still write.
<inyx> I haven't gotten the hang of that yet
 <yumadesign> I think I have Lash lurking in my keyboard
   running it amuck...
 <teddbar06> Of course, since the weather's nice, I'm
   spending more time on the horses.
 <SKnepley> The point of blair pain is all that h/c that
   comes after!
 <DawnCapp> I told Jane once (ahem, she's supposed to be
   here) that I could just read the same Blair angst story over
   and over again with different bad guys and slightly different
   events. LOL!
<inyx> I just finished printing off about half a ream of stories
 <DawnCapp> I like my escapism. Okay? :-)
 <teddbar06> Yep
 <yumadesign> whatever works Dawn
 <sirizzy> We like your escapism too, Dawn.
 <yumadesign> me too
 <lrhb> What do you mean by  a "Constitution" series?
 <MyrnaMimi> No one comforts quite like Jim! ;-)
 <SKnepley> I save everything on a ZIP disk.  Saves a tree
   here or there
 <poki_chu> At the risk of being assaulted, a lot of BPA  *does* read like the same story over and over...

 <DawnCapp> Constitution Series is a series of "real law"
   articles woven into the Sentinel Universe
 <poki_chu> (Sorry, Jimbabe has entered the room!<g>)
 <DawnCapp> Like the Search and Seizure Drug Courier
   Profile one. :-)
 <CarolROI> Just the point I was about to make, poki!
 <DawnCapp> Hello!
<inyx> that was wonderful - but painful to read
 <poki_chu> Hi, Dawn!
 <SKnepley> that one amazed me!  Everyone can be searched!
 <DawnCapp> Poki, hep, it does
 <teddbar06> Wasn't it, though?
 <DawnCapp> that's supposed to be YEP it does - but that's
   okay b/c I like it!
 <teddbar06> It's still scary.
 <sirizzy> Yeah, it does.  Not all that funny, is it?
 <DawnCapp> Yeah, pretty much
 <teddbar06> So much for human rights, eh?
 <SKnepley> Is the Border Exception still on the books?
 <teddbar06> Yes.
 <lrhb> I haven't read much fanfic, but I was handed the
   "Search and Seizure..." story.  Quite enjoyed it.  I didn't
   realize that you wrote that one.
 <DawnCapp> there's now a class action suit pending against

 <teddbar06> Good.
 <DawnCapp> LRH, yep, that was me :-)

<inyx> interesting - keep us informed of the outcome....
<inyx> wb Kim
 <teddbar06> Hope uncle loses big-time on that one.
   Especially to the lady who almost lost her baby...
 <DawnCapp> There is a slash version of the search and
   seizure story (not by me)
 <SKnepley> I saw the tag at the end of the story.  Jim(my
   Dh) couldn't believe it
 <kimheggen> thanks...
 <DawnCapp> tell me about it, TAE. That makes me so mad
 <lrhb> As a person who crosses the U.S. border once or
   twice a week, I've had some pretty horrible experiences with
   being searched, but forturnately not to Blair's extent!!!
 <teddbar06> I can think of nothing worse than someone
   using their 'righteous might' to hurt the people theyr'e
   supposed to protect.
 <DawnCapp> Well, most don't go to Blair's extent, but
   there are some true horror stories out there
<inyx> Which story is your personal favourite (written by
  you/written by someone else)?
 <DawnCapp> Oh - that's tough INYX.
 <wolfshy> That is something I don't have to worry about. I
   don't Fly.
<inyx> I only ask the tough ones ;-)

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Session Start: Sun Jun 20 20:28:13 1999
 *** Now talking in #sentinel

 <LionLady4> The border patrol in S. Cal.
   stops people driving from San Diego toward L.A.
 <SKnepley> But I don't think the border
   exception covers the search then, LionLady.
 <LionLady4> I don't know, I only know I try
   really hard NOT to look hispanic at those times
 <DawnCapp> Iris' "Closet Monsters"
   Danae's Saviors trilogy    some of Jane's
   stuff... for my own I like INSIDE and OUT,
   Cherry Bombs, and Soul of Mne
<inyx> no, it should only be brought into play when
  someone is entering the country
 <BSgal> How can border patrols stop people
   traveling in the US like that?
 <teddbar06> Yeah, it does.  Because of the
   illegal immegrant problem.  They can stop any
   'suspicious' vehicle clear up to LA.  As a
   border 'area'
 <kimheggen> Yes!!! Inside and Out! Love it,
   love it!
 <DawnCapp> I've driven to LA lots of times
   but never been stopped
 <teddbar06> That means primarily Latinos...
 <DawnCapp> Thanks, KIM
 <SKnepley> WOW another reason not to move
   to Cali
 <yumadesign> Inside Out Cherry Bomb and
 <LionLady4> Not to mention the roads
   leading from Mexico toward LA are also a main
   drug corridor

 <teddbar06> That's why they have the extended 'border
 <sirizzy> Canada is a main drug corridor too, more's the
 <SKnepley> Cherry Bombs is always on my list of fic
   suggestions for new readeds
 <SKnepley> readers
 <LionLady4> I have a friend who works at one of the scales
   and they have armed policemen there because they find smuggled
   drug shipments
<inyx> Cherry Bombs was priceless
 <DawnCapp> :-) Thanks, SK.
 <kimheggen> Okay, Dawn...what do you suggest for writer's
 <tian_oz> i agree...cherry bombs is excellent
 <kimheggen> or do you ever get that?
 <poki_chu> Kim, chocolate, a warm puppy, and an episode
 <teddbar06> Since you seem to be suffering with a block at
   the moment...
<inyx> sounds like a good way to work through a writer's block
 <DawnCapp> I don't know. I'm experiencing it now with
   OTHER SIDE. He.HE Basically, I try to just do other things
   until inspiration strikes, but I can't do that with OTHER SIDE
   or I'll by lynched. HeHe. Teach me to send out a tease...
 <sirizzy> Get out your Blair doll and the butterfly
   bandages and have fun!
 <teddbar06> Take the puppy for a long walk.
 <SKnepley> We won't lynch you.  If we did that, we'd never
   get the rest of the story
 <DawnCapp> been doing that :-)
 <DawnCapp> LOL! Good point, SK
 <kimheggen> oh, we won't lynch you. you'll get to it
 <teddbar06> Dawn, did you hear about the pitbulls here in
 <DawnCapp> It's coming along, Kim. Really. :-)
 <DawnCapp> I've heard a couple of things - the fighting
   ring they busted up? That one?

 <SKnepley> Do I want to know?  Will it make me mad?
 <poki_chu> I keep swearing I won't post in parts, and
   then...an alien kidnaps me and forces me to!
 <teddbar06> Yeah.  They put all the dogs down last week.
 <DawnCapp> LOL, Poki. Must be the same aliens that came
 <wolfshy> Bye all Got to go.
<inyx> see ya wolfshy
 <SKnepley> Bye Wolfie!
 <DawnCapp> Yeah, TAE, I heard about that... got some
   rescue requests but just too many dogs and they've been fought
   so ... you know...
 <teddbar06> Even the barely weaned puppies were attacking
   anything that moved...
 <sirizzy> Bye, wolfshy!
 <CarolROI> I find posting in parts keeps me enthused about
 <DawnCapp> bye wolfshy

 <kimheggen> posting in parts, poki, is a major leap of
   faith in yourself
 <poki_chu> No doubt. Uhmmm...amongst all your ideas, you
   didn't mention one for Virtual TS<g>
 <DawnCapp> That's all hush-hush *big grin*
 <sirizzy> Were they bred specifically for the pit, TAE?
 <BSgal> My next door neighbor has a beautifully colored
   pit bull called Precious.
 <poki_chu> Hush-hush? Shoot, nobody told me!<vbg>

 <BSgal> She thinks she's a cat. Acts like one.
 <teddbar06> Unfortunately, yes.  Even the puppies were
   mean and couldn't be saved.  I haven't heard anything on the
   'virtual season' except that I volunteered for one, but haven't
   heard any more.
<inyx> welcome lupeloo - pull up a chair and join in!
 <DawnCapp> TAE, that's not tue, actually. Barely weaned
   puppies, no matter how aggressive their parents, aren't going
   to be attacking things that young. I've never seen it happen.
 <sirizzy> Virtual TS?  Dawn, with all the teasing, you're
   still holding out on us?
 <DawnCapp> I'm sworn to secrecy IZZY.

 <SKnepley> I have a friend with a Rottie.  the dog is a
   full grown male and thinks he's a lap dog
 <LionLady4> well - this was very nice - but I have to go.
 <kimheggen> Besides the science lab and the courtroom ,
   Dawn, what are some other sources you've used for ideas? or are
   they random
 <LionLady4> see ya around all

 <DawnCapp> Oh, bye Lionlady
 <teddbar06> The good ones are like that
 <SKnepley> bye Lion Lady!
 <teddbar06> Bye.
 <DawnCapp> Sources for ideas :-)
 <DawnCapp> Um...
 <DawnCapp> Well, the news the other day gave me a story...
 <kimheggen> tough question...sorry
 <teddbar06> The newspaper, class?
 <DawnCapp> but I'm not saying what it is. HeHe
 <DawnCapp> class gives me tons of stories.

 <sirizzy> IZZY?  Am I supposed to be intimidated now,
   Dawn?  (Just checking . . .  LOL)
 <DawnCapp> Sometimes it's just random
 <teddbar06> OOh, I love random smarm attacks
 <DawnCapp> Soul came about after working on the science
   page. :-)
 <DawnCapp> Izzy, intimidating... nah *grin*
 <kimheggen> Random smarm attack? Where???
 <sirizzy> Random angst attacks!  Sounds like a MacDonald's
   commercial . . .
 <teddbar06> Especially when it's one of my muses
 <DawnCapp> LOL.
 <poki_chu> I *need* a smarm attack...I've been feeling
   silly lately...
 <teddbar06> Join the club
 <SKnepley> Smarm s Good. Smarm is very good
<inyx> I've got no problem with Smarm...

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Session Start: Sun Jun 20 20:38:43 1999
 *** Now talking in #sentinel

 <DawnCapp> LOL, SK I was trying to figure
   out what addition had to do with anything
 <teddbar06> Or at work?
 <SKnepley> Actually we watch very little
   TV.  Ts was about it
 <DawnCapp> During class, no - but sometimes
   I go off in my head :-) LOL
 <CarolROI> I used to do that in college<G>
<inyx> this is not a good night for irc...
 <yumadesign> writing fics during class is
   my way...best way to write I found
 <poki_chu> Hey, I wrote stories for class
   assignments (not English class, either). Usually
   went over OK!
 <DawnCapp> Not too often, though. I'm real
   good in class.

 <yumadesign> not me...bad kid in class..eg
 <teddbar06> Before work, during lunch are
   my best times.
 <kimheggen> I write best at the office...don
   't know why.
 *** Amanacer (~Amanacer@proxy6.talkcity.com)
 has joined #sentinel
 <yumadesign> whumping blair and danny in
   class all the time eg
 <DawnCapp> LOL
 <BSgal> Given all the time you spend
   between school/FF writing/Dogs & RL, do you
   really read much TS FF on the net?
 <teddbar06> I can come in really early and
   get in an hour before work
 <DawnCapp> Heck yeah!
 <DawnCapp> I read all the fic I can get my
   hands on!
 <sirizzy> It's when I'm screaming at the tV
   "FAKE LAW" that I get my best ideas . . .
 <DawnCapp> Gen, though
 <teddbar06> Keeps the brain nimble, doesn't
 <kimheggen> Dawn, do your RL friends and
   associates know you write this stuff?
 <DawnCapp> LOL. Izzy. I tend to scream more
   "fake science!"
 <DawnCapp> Hell no
 <teddbar06> Her family does!!!!
 <DawnCapp> (Kim that is)
 <SKnepley> we sceam fake martial arts
 <DawnCapp> My family does, yeah. they tease
 <teddbar06> But they love you anyway.
 <DawnCapp> I hope so ;-)
 <kimheggen> But you write under your real
   name...at least I assume it's your real name.

 <sirizzy> Well, give them the transcript of
   this chat.  Prove you have a public!
 <SKnepley> Asking with trepitation. . .
 <kimheggen> a public what
 <poki_chu> Dawn, if you're young, you're
   weird -- but if you're older, you can simply be
 <teddbar06> She does.
<inyx> wb lrhb
 <DawnCapp> Yes, it is under my real name.
   Had I known how much I would get into this, I
   probably would have chosen a pen name
 <SKnepley> Are you planning to do more
   shirts in the future?
 <DawnCapp> Poki, I'm btwn young and old. 26
 <DawnCapp> No, the shirt torch has been
   passed to Iroshi
 <sirizzy> Kim!  A public readership that
   DEMANDS she write instead of study!
<inyx> Dawn - you're a sapling....
 <teddbar06> Who is taking orders
 <DawnCapp> Iroshi
 <poki_chu> You're just a baby! I had the
   big...dare I say it?...5-0 this month!
 <DawnCapp> Well, congrats Poki! :-)
 <poki_chu> Shirts, what shirts? No one told
   me about any shirts...
 <teddbar06> Oh, good, someone older than I
   am!  You're half way there!
<inyx> Many happy returns Poki
 <DawnCapp> Cascade PD shirts, Poki
 <teddbar06> Cascade PD shirts
 <SKnepley> I knew I shouldn't have asked
 <poki_chu> I'm older than everyone, thank
   you very much.
 <sirizzy> I'm impressed, Poki.  (Another
   person ahead of me for Crown Crone.)
 <teddbar06>   Iroshi is taking orders for
 <teddbar06> Just more experienced.
 <DawnCapp> what is this crone thing. I must
   have missed a few posts :-)
 <kimheggen> Dawn, wait until you're done
   with school and you're the boss. No one will
   dare to think you're weird then.
 <SKnepley> you're not old enough<G>
 <teddbar06> It's those of us hitting the
   menopause wall.
 <sirizzy> Oldest CT member.
<inyx> right TAE - definitely more experienced...
 <DawnCapp> LOL. I keep waiting for that,
   Kim, but then I keep going to school... and keep
   going... and keep going. LOL
 <poki_chu> Crown Crone? Consider that sound
   a *cyberslap*!
 <DawnCapp> Ah.
 <teddbar06> No, someoene else was older
   than you Izzy
 <kimheggen> the energizer bunny of

 <SKnepley> ourse I'm only 28, so I can't
   say too much
<inyx> another sapling....
 <teddbar06> She was even older than Otter,
   who is also older than Izzy.
 <DawnCapp> I wish I were a crone during
   those times of the month :-)
 <teddbar06> No, you don't
 <sirizzy> Trust me, Dawn, you don't.
 <poki_chu> I give new meaning to the words
   "towering inferno"
 <teddbar06> My cousin is having power
   surges and PMS to kill her for.
 <DawnCapp> LOL. You ever watch a dog dream?
   It's hilarious. Fitz is chasing something in his
   sleep. :o)

 <sirizzy> You know you can trust me, right?
    I am a lawyer!
 <teddbar06> LOL
 <kimheggen> my cats do that. very funny.
 <teddbar06> Is he running?
 <DawnCapp> LOL Izzy. Yeah, right...
   trust... a lawyer :-)
 <DawnCapp> His legs are twitching, so yeah.
 <teddbar06> Puppy 'talks' in his sleep.
   (puppy is my cat)
 <DawnCapp> LOL. Fitz makes little noises.
 <teddbar06> The little whuffly panting ones?
 <sirizzy> I talk in my sleep too, but no
   one calls me "Puppy."  They usually use an older
 <DawnCapp> Yep. Those be it

 <DawnCapp> LOL, Izzy
 <teddbar06> Well, you're not a ten pound
   cat, either.
 <kimheggen> Any more cross-overs in your
   future, Dawn? I loved the Star Trek and X-Files
   x-overs you wrote.
 <SKnepley> How did you come up with Puupy
   to name a cat?
<inyx> let me guess - the size of a small dog???

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 *** Now talking in #sentinel

 <teddbar06> May I read it?
 <poki_chu> The difference between fanfic
   and most professional "adaptation" novels is
   that the fanfic is generally better written!
 <DawnCapp> Izzy, all the ST series are
   pretty good for crossovers, but I would say
   wither the original or the next gen
 <DawnCapp> Sci fi both novels
 <sirizzy> Hey, Dawn is writing real
   fiction.  We all are.  It may not sell to
   publishers, but it's our brainchild anyway!
 <DawnCapp> Read it? Um... the first one is
   in FrameMaker wich hardly anybody has
 <DawnCapp> The second one is only ten pages
   long :-)
 <DawnCapp> I've been working on it since
   Xmas but - its hard going
 <CarolROI> I agree with that.  Anything
   that gets people to create is wonderful
 <teddbar06> Can you save it in .txt?
 <DawnCapp> I've been trying, TAE :-)
 <teddbar06> and send it to me?
 <kimheggen> True. Since I discovered
   fanfic, I've only picked a book when I wanted
   something portable.
 <sirizzy> Hard science or soft science?
 <DawnCapp> The first novel is kind of in
   need of revision
 <teddbar06> I have some binders I take
   fanfic with me.
 <DawnCapp> first is soft sci -fi (as in
   philosoph sci-fi) second is hard sci-fi/psycholog
   y thingie
 <CarolROI> I just take my laptop and
 <teddbar06> Sounds good to me.
 <kimheggen> okay, RL calls. See you all
 <teddbar06> Oh, can you save it in html?
 <DawnCapp> bye, Kim! Thanks for coming
 <teddbar06> Bye, Kim!
 <sirizzy> Bye, Kim.

 <DawnCapp> Prob easier to do w/ the second
 <poki_chu> Hush with the laptop! I'm soooo
 <teddbar06> I want to read the first one,
   though. :{
 <sirizzy> What is your educational
   background, Dawn?
 <CarolROI> It belongs to my company, don't
   tell them I write fanfic on it!
 <teddbar06> Still getting it.
 <poki_chu> She's a professional student...<g
 <teddbar06> Scientist/Lawyer
 <sirizzy> Yes, but what discipline exactly?
 <poki_chu> Evil combination -- if you screw
   up, you can sue yourself!
<inyx> gives a good perspective for writing
 <Amanacer> Bye all. I keep getting kicked
   out of chat and missing a lot. I guess I'll have
   to read the transcript later.
 <yumadesign> gotta head back to mee fics or
   mee brain will forget everything...here's where
   I bid you all adieu!
 <sirizzy> Bye, folks!
 <DawnCapp> background. Um. went to a
   woman's college in undergrad and got a
   Bachelor's in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
   then went to A&M - started PhD program but got
   the Master's in Medical Biochem and genetics to
   go to law school and, here I am in law school :-)
 <teddbar06> Bye
 <DawnCapp> bye folks!

<inyx> bye

 <teddbar06> She wants to be a lawyer to
   save the world and make it safe for pit bulls
   and the nice people who own them.

 <DawnCapp> Yep, TAE. bring 'em on!
 <sirizzy> Why the jump to law?
 <teddbar06> There's a lovely new pit bull
   at the stables.  Such a lovely puppy.
 <DawnCapp> I've always kind of been
   interested in the law, but the more I got into
   pit bull work, the more I realized i really
   liked fighting on the law front and did NOT like
   inhaling toxic fumes every day :-)
 <teddbar06> LOL
 <sirizzy> I hear that! (LOL)
 <poki_chu> Toxic fumes? Has someone tried
   to clean my cat box?
 <DawnCapp> LOL

 <sirizzy> LOLOL>
 <teddbar06> Nope.  I use a pine litter, and
   have almost no smells
 <teddbar06> Now, if I could only keep the
   dogs from helping me clean it...
 <SKnepley> Oh man that was not pretty.
   Just got kicked form the chat and had about
   twenty internet windows fly open.  had to reboot
   the entire system.
 <BSgal> Your ability to emulate the
   energizer bunny and your IQ must rival our
   favorite anthropologist!
 <SKnepley> What did I miss
 <DawnCapp> LOL. Do they like the "treats"
 <DawnCapp> Me? Nah... not even close. LOL!
 <lrhb> Dawn, I see now where your
   educational background has contributed to your
   stories... Law and Science.  Is this where the
   clone idea came from?
 <sirizzy> Did you tell me you are interning
   with a court job now?
 <poki_chu> Dogs think cats are only good
   for one thing -- the Tootsie Rolls in the cat
 <teddbar06> Not if I catch them.
<inyx> eeewwww
 <SKnepley> yuck!
 <sirizzy> eeeeewwww 2
 <BSgal> Please, I haven
 <DawnCapp> The cloning idea got me when I
   was updating the science page. But like I said
   in the "intro" all these cloning stories rub me
   the wrong way. But I wanted to write a hard
   sci-fi for the Sentinel

<inyx> it was well done
 <teddbar06> Well, my cat and dogs sleep
   together...of course it gets a little crowded on
   the twin bed with the shepherd/husky/wolf mix
   and the german shepherd and me...
 <BSgal> What I was saying was I haven't
   eaten dinner Yet!!! yck
 <tian_oz> well you did that Dawn...congrats
   on it
 <DawnCapp> I start in the fall for the
   internship. Now I'm working as a class asst and
   for the LA Daily journal ( a legal newspaper)
 <teddbar06> It was brilliantly conceived
   and executed.
<inyx> though you may have known where it was going
  - the journey was wonderful...
<inyx> and touching

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Session Start: Sun Jun 20 20:58:21 1999
 *** Now talking in #sentinel

 <DawnCapp> bye, LRH
 <teddbar06> I know you don't like Blair as
   a cop, are you going to ignore the end?
 <SKnepley> bye LRH
 <sirizzy> Too literal, TAE.  I want Dawn to
   write a story about a Sentinel from L>A>!
 <DawnCapp> I don't think I'll ignore it,
   but I haven't decided yet :-)
 <CarolROI> I agree with you there, Dawn.

 <sirizzy> Bye, LRH!
 <DawnCapp> Sentinel in LA... hmmmm :-)
 <poki_chu> Bye LRH
 <SKnepley> Hey carol how about Dee
 <teddbar06> He could always get another
   type of job, perhaps using his 'profiling'
<inyx> that's one sentinel that would have his/her
  hands full of weirdness
 <DawnCapp> Thanks Carol :-) I just can't
   say enough of how much the image of Blair as a
   cop urcks me. It's part of why I really got into
   the Sentinel (him not being a cop)
 <CarolROI> What about Dee?
 <sirizzy> Oh, Yeah, Sentinel in LalaLand!
 <SKnepley> being the Sentinelof LA
 <BSgal> I like the idea of Blair using his
   Shaman abilities and his minor in Psych and
   becoming a profiler! Get more mystical.!
 <teddbar06> THe LA Sentinel is the
   newspaper, they have a building on La Brea in
 <CarolROI> I've worked up several ideas for
   me to deal with it in my fic.
 <CarolROI> None of them have to do with him
   becoming a cop.  Just seems toomuch against the
 <DawnCapp> I agree, Carol
 <DawnCapp> *shiver*
 <sirizzy> Same here.
 <teddbar06> He can change his major to
   psych and get his BA or Masters and then qualify
   for a non-packing member of the squad
 <SKnepley> ouldn't he go through the aceemy
   and still b a consultant
 <teddbar06> I can see him packing, but not
 <DawnCapp> I don't think he'd be allowed
   back into any school
 <tian_oz> I'v noticed the shaman stuff in
   people's fics...some focus on it and others
   don't touch it at all
 <sirizzy> He could just take a one-year
   degree in Criminology backed by his research
   on-the-job already done.
 <CarolROI> I just read a real good story
   with him going to the academy but as a
 <BSgal> I agree. Blair as as cop is a no,
   no! But as a profiler he could be a consultant
 <tian_oz> I read that one too Carol
 <sirizzy> Well, if I ever get back to
   getting PIABIAR Blair out of LalaLand, maybe he
   would be   . . .
 <SKnepley> so did I.  can't think of the
   ttleright off the top
 <CarolROI> It's under what's new at
 <SKnepley> I know I saved it
 <teddbar06> I can see him as a cop.  He'd
   be possibly one of the best cops around, but I
   don't think he'd draw his weapon unless Jim was
   going to die.
 <SKnepley> good point
 <sirizzy> Ah, but TAE, he can't bargain
   with the ethics of hte job like that!  Every
   life is as important as Jim's!
 <poki_chu> If he carries his weapon as
   required, I imagine Jim will have to dust it off
   every now and again or Blair will forget he has
 <tian_oz> I agree with TAE...he goes
   through the training but won't use the gun
   unless absolutely necessary
 <DawnCapp> I don't think he'd draw his gun
   easily, either, TAE. I just don't like the whole
   idea of him being a cop and carrying a gun
   everday. Blair with a holster *shiver*
 <teddbar06> He's handled guns and even
   fired them.  It looked (to me) to be more a case
   of a fear of guns from not being familiar with
 <SKnepley> he can keep one bullet in his
 <SKnepley> pocket
 <teddbar06> and his line about
<inyx> like Barney Fife??
 <SKnepley> xactly
 <teddbar06> I'm not carrying a gun' could
   be put down to his fear.
 <SKnepley> ,g.
 <poki_chu> Just don't leave it in the
   pocket when it goes through the dryer...!
 <sirizzy> I hate the idea of Blair with a
   gun, not because I think he wouldn't use it but
   because I think it would be angst-plus to have
 <teddbar06> Bye-bye dryer
<inyx> ;-)
 <DawnCapp> Oh I don't think Blair is
   "unfamiliar" with guns, not at all (well, not
   that he's used them a lot, either). But I like
   him b/c he doesn't WANT to pack a gun. Or at
   least, he didn't way back when. If they change
   that part of his character, I'll be very
 <teddbar06> Oh, what a great bunch of
   stories that could lead to
 <SKnepley> And what will Naomi do when she
   realizes whartt Blair in the acedemy really means
<inyx> TAE - did you get my email about the beta?
 <teddbar06> Not yet.  I haven't been online
   since Friday morning.  Which account did you
   send it to?
<inyx> I think Naomi already does
<inyx> just a sec.
 <tian_oz> got to go do some work
   people....is this a regular chat room or only
   for fanfic chats?
 <sirizzy> Ah, Naomi.  Dawn, do you have any
   ideas about Blair and Naomi in the future?
<inyx> yahoo
 <DawnCapp> No, I don't really have any
   Blair-Naomi ideas at the moment :-)
 <DawnCapp> tian, this is open all the time
   but only scheduled author / ep chats
 <SKnepley> i think it's here all the timeee
 <SKnepley> bye tian!
 <tian_oz> okey dokey thanks...may see you
   all at a later point.  cheerio for now
 <DawnCapp> bye tian
 <sirizzy> Bye, tian
 <teddbar06> I can just imagine Naomi when
   she finally realizes that Blair is going to be a

 <teddbar06> Bye!
<inyx> is there a lag or is no one talking?

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 *** Now talking in #sentinel

 <SKnepley> I think Blair will feel he could
   have avoided the situation, Jim will feel guity
   for getting Blair into the situation, and Naomi
   will have a lot of processing to do
 <BSgal> Do you think Blair could ever pick
   up a gun again after hurting some one?
 <sirizzy> Again, what if he doesn't draw
   and shoot?  What could happen then is truly
 <DawnCapp> I don't think Blair would be
   that upset if he just shot AT someone. If he hit
   them, whether or not they died, I think that
   would nearly devastate him
 <SKnepley> precisely
 <teddbar06> If it was the choice between
   saving someone innocent and stopping the bad
   guy, I think he oculd handle it.
 <CarolROI> But bad guys have families too...
 <DawnCapp> That's why I said "nearly" He He
 <sirizzy> He'd have to.  A bargain with the

 <DawnCapp> But it would change him... and
   not in a way I'd really like
 <teddbar06> I *don't* think he could ever
   accept an accident, like the one Jim had in S2-1
 <SKnepley> but that doesn't mean he won't
   think there was another way out of the situation
 <sirizzy> No, and that's why I really don't
   like the ending to BSbBS (my name for the ep).
 <DawnCapp> of course, Blair could make that
   big sacrifice and Jim get shot the next day :-)
 <DawnCapp> I have an evil mind. tragic
 <teddbar06> I think he'll always try to do
   anything else, first, just like he does now.
 <sirizzy> so what d we propose?  Blair
   takes the course, becomes a cop, shoots someone
   by accident, has the guilts and quits?  Where
   does that leave Sentinel and Guide then?
 <CarolROI> And how about the angst everyone
   else would feel for pressuring Blair into
   becoming a cop, if something tragic happened
 <teddbar06> Even most cops try everything
   else first and then draw their weapon
 <DawnCapp> sure, but in Sentinel land just
   count how many times Jim has drawn and fired his
   gun :-)
<inyx> yeah, but we're not dealing with the real
  world here
 <DawnCapp> I don't think anybody wants
   Blair to really quite for good. But I am not too
   happy with the way things are looking
 <BSgal> If I knew a person like Blair, I
   would never accept the whole of him possibly
   cheating on his Diss in the first place.
<inyx> actually - Blair is the type of cop I'd like
  to see on the streets...
 <SKnepley> True TAE, and some are lucky
   enough to never have to fire their weapon
 <sirizzy> Jim is already established as a
   killer.  You know, Covert Ops.  Blair is not.
 <DawnCapp> exactly - part of the dichotomy
   btwn the two and why I don't want Blair to be a
 <DawnCapp> I like the contrast.
 <DawnCapp> I really like Blair's "willing
   to fight" but "not too into it" character
 <sirizzy> I do too.  Blair as Jim-wannabe
   doesn't work for mel.
 <SKnepley> I just don't want to see Blair
   lost in Jim's shadow
 <DawnCapp> Me either
<inyx> but Blair isn
 <sirizzy> Soor, that was 'me'.
<inyx> t a Jim-wannabe
 <BSgal> More of a 'willing to protect'
 <DawnCapp> Yeah, more "willing to protect"
   and/or stand up for himself. Like in GIRL NEXT
 <sirizzy> Yeah, but Blair's already got the
   skills and ability to protect.  Especially in
   the realm of the psychological.
 <teddbar06> He isn't even if he becomes a
   cop, he'll still be him.  Not Jim, not Simon,
   Blair.  He was always willing to fight for what
   was right.

<inyx> dead on TAE
 <sirizzy> Just not with a gun, by choice.
   Does he have a choice, now at the end of TSbyBS?
 <teddbar06> The only difference now will be
   the gun.  Whether or not he ever actually uses
   it, we donl know
<inyx> I can't see him ever becoming a Jim-wannabe
  - any more than Jim could become a Blair- wannabe
 <SKnepley> He'll always have a choice.
   MacGyver never carried a gun
 <BSgal> You know Blair's a very strong
   person. How else could he have conducted the
   press conference and made it through emotionally?
 <DawnCapp> He'll be "Blair Sandburg" but
   putting a gun insomeone's hand and giving him
   the mentality where he knows every day that
   there's a decent chance he'll have to use it,
   changes a person's psychology and *does* change
   the character. It would be like putting Dr.
   McCoy in Security and a red shirt
 <DawnCapp>  No
<inyx> A lot of people forget his strength of
<inyx> hello?

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 *** Now talking in #sentinel

 <poki_chu> SAY WHAT?
 <teddbar06> No.
<inyx> what did I miss???
 <DawnCapp> miss? Just talk about Blair as a
<inyx> I keep getting dropped
 <teddbar06> Whatever the department allows.
    Most are now using semi-automatics, but some
   still use revolvers.
<inyx> I saw part of that - but from the reaction I
  just came back to...
 <sirizzy> It's kind of a personal choice,
   mostly how the weapon fits the person's grip.
 <teddbar06> The pistols hold from 9 - 13
   rounds, and a revolver holds 5-6
 <teddbar06> Since bad guys have big
   firepower, the cops have changed to meet the
 <BSgal> I see Jim as a 13 round kind of
   person <grin>
 <SKnepley> yeah, I know the differenc. I'm
   trying to think what Blair could carry
 <poki_chu> With fourteen spare magazines...!
 <SKnepley> sadly that's only too true
 <teddbar06> Personally, I prefer the
   revolver, I'm looking for a .357 revolver and
 <sirizzy> Oh, heck, give him a whip a la
   Indiana Jones . . .
 <carolroi> There is a big controversy here
   in NYC with the semi automatics
<inyx> poki - only 14?
 <teddbar06> Having seen Blair's hands, I'd
   say he'd prefer tha revolver.
 <SKnepley> I can see him more with a
   revolver that a pistol
 <poki_chu> The bulging pockets would
   destroy the cut of his clothes...!
 <teddbar06> But that's only based on the
   shape of his hands and the length of his fingers
   (shorter with bigger palms)
 <sirizzy> Well, we can't have that!  Rafe
   would croak at the fashion mistake!
 <SKnepley> Can he still qualify with a
 <BSgal> He'd carry it on his back like Jim,
   I bet.
 <teddbar06> LOL
<inyx> ;-)

 <teddbar06> Only if he's narrow waisted
   with a big arch in the small of his back.
 <sirizzy> Dawn, where are you?
 <poki_chu> I think it would be funny for
   Blair to try to find a comfortable place for the
   holster -- left shoulder,right shoulder, hip,
   ankle. Very funny!
 <BSgal> I got it! He could carry it under
   his hair. LOL.
 <teddbar06> He might use a cross-draw on
   his belt, with a snub-nose Chief's Special....Oh,
 <DawnCapp> I'm right here :-)
 <sirizzy> Actually, since Jim drops his gun
   at eveyr possible moment, I think Blair oughta
   carry four.
 <DawnCapp> Was getting Bonnie's e-mail
   about being frozen out
 <DawnCapp> LOL. IZZY
 <poki_chu> LOL!
<inyx> or he could always pick up Jim's dropped
 <SKnepley> A belt holster would work better
   for the revolver
 <poki_chu> He'd need another backpack...
<inyx> lol
 <SKnepley> the ankle would be out.  Too
   hard to get to in an emergency
 <teddbar06> Especially with the cut of his
 <SKnepley> and the hiking boots
 <poki_chu> I've found some pistols that fit
   even my stubby little hands.
 <teddbar06> I'd go for the Chief's special,
   that 2-inch barrel would be perfect to hide in a
   cross-draw holster

 <teddbar06> Besides, what else should Blair
 <DawnCapp> Chief's special - perfect name.
 <SKnepley> Ok that's settled.  Now we need
   to write the story.
 <sirizzy> Yes!  TAE!  Perfect!
 <poki_chu> A 2-inch barrel? How's that for

 <teddbar06> One good thing about the
   Chief's Special is that it's only accurate up to
   about 30-40 feet...
 <sirizzy> Distance?  When every bad guy in
   the world wants to get up close and personal
   with Blair?

<inyx> dawn - I'm going to get going - I'll send the transcript in a few
minutes, such that it is....
Session Close: Sun Jun 20 21:28:02 1999