LRH Balzer Chat - June 27, 1999 5pm - 6pm

Session Start: Sun Jun 27 17:36:12 1999

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[19:52] <DawnCapp> well... try to finish soon! :-)
<inyx> Hi Carol!
[19:52] <DawnCapp> Hey all
[19:52] <CarolROI> Hi all!  I was afraid I wouldn't
   make it.
[19:52] <Gypsy199> Hi
<inyx> #2 should be up (with fingers crossed) this
  week - TAE and Mpala are beta in parts 1-3 and
  Bonnie and I are putting the finishing touches on
  part 4.
<inyx> Hi Gypsy
[19:53] <Gypsy199> Hi!! Whatz up?
<inyx> Just waiting for the chat to officially
[19:54] <DawnCapp> not much - just hanging around
   waiting for 5 pm and a certain someone to show
   up :-)
[19:54] <Gypsy199> lol! That's why I'm here!! :)
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<inyx> hallo!
[19:54] <Gypsy199> Hi Storm!
[19:54] <Stormwolf2000> Made it
[19:55] <Stormwolf2000> Hi
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[19:55] <DawnCapp> Gypsy - are you saying you're
   here for the chat or that you are, in your real
   life, LRH Balzer *grin*
[19:55] <DawnCapp> Hey, Iris!
[19:55] <Gypsy199> LOL!! Here for the chat!!
[19:55] <IrisWilde> Hey there!  I actually figured
   it out.
<inyx> Hi Iris!
[19:56] <DawnCapp> whew!
[19:56] <Gypsy199> Hi Iris!!
[19:56] <Stormwolf2000> Figured what out
[19:56] <DawnCapp> way to go Iris!
[19:56] <Stormwolf2000> Hi Iris
[19:56] <IrisWilde> How to get here.<g>  I'm
   techno. challenged
[19:56] <DawnCapp> I think that definitely
   qualifies you for MENSA. TalkCity sure can be a
[19:56] <IrisWilde> LOL
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[19:57] <Gypsy199> Hi Lisarose!!
[19:57] <Stormwolf2000> I lucked out I saved the
   direct link Dawn sent over the mailing lists
[19:57] <IrisWilde> Hi inyx, Gypsy,
   al. <g>
[19:57] <Lisarose10> that's how I got here too.
[19:57] <Stormwolf2000> <sits down on haunches>
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[19:57] <Stormwolf2000> Hi Lisa
[19:57] <Gypsy199> Hi read it at CL and had a
   TalkCity account so here I am!!
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[19:58] <Stormwolf2000> I am so glad I am finally
   off a Sunday so I can be here
[19:58] <sirizzy> Hi, everyone It's Izzy.
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[19:58] <Stormwolf2000> :hates RL
[19:58] <Stormwolf2000> Hi Izzy
[19:58] <sirizzy> Hi, backatcha!
[19:59] <Gypsy199> I gots homework to do I still
   didn't mow the lawn. <g>
[19:59] <Stormwolf2000> LOL
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[19:59] <Stormwolf2000> Homework! Ive forgotten
   what that's like
[19:59] <Stormwolf2000> I hire someone to mow my
<inyx> I haven't I've got a Saturday morning class
  - and I've got 3 chapters to read!
[20:00] <sirizzy> Homework I could do.  Housework I
   wanna forget forever!
[20:00] <Stormwolf2000> wants to go back to college
   but doesn't have the time
[20:00] <DawnCapp> Housework? What's that? <g>
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[20:00] <Stormwolf2000> Here here Izzy!
[20:00] <DawnCapp> Lois!
[20:00] <guest-lrhb> Hi!
<inyx> hello
[20:00] <Gypsy199> Hi!
[20:00] <DawnCapp> Whew. You made it :-)
[20:00] <Stormwolf2000> After I get out of here Im
   going to go read Wellspring
[20:01] <sirizzy> Hi, Lois!
[20:01] <IrisWilde> Welcome Lois!
[20:01] <guest-lrhb> Sorry I'm late!  Just got home!
[20:01] <DawnCapp> No problem :-)
[20:01] <sirizzy> Right on time by my watch.  Do I
   have to reset it?
[20:01] <DawnCapp> So now we can "officially" start
   our chat  - LRH Balzer is the guest (like you
   didn't know that)
[20:01] <Stormwolf2000> lol
[20:02] <guest-lrhb> Just one request -- can we
   keep the questions to my fanfic, stories, etc.
[20:02] <DawnCapp> Sure thing.
[20:02] <DawnCapp> Author makes rules 100% :-)
[20:02] <guest-lrhb> Thanks
[20:02] <IrisWilde> Lois, first let me say that I
   admire and enjoy your work!  Where do you get
   your ideas from?
[20:03] <guest-lrhb> Life, the universe, etc.  Good
   sermons, chats with friends, news broadcasts...
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[20:04] <guest-lrhb> That's a big question, Iris!
[20:04] <IrisWilde> In other words....from
   everywhere. <g>
<inyx> What is your favourite story?
[20:04] <guest-lrhb> Of mine or someone elses?
[20:04] <kimheggen> hey, gang! sorry I'm late!
<inyx> both if you'll answer it
[20:04] <Stormwolf2000> What are you working on
   right now. Anything montrously good?
[20:04] <sirizzy> 'No Center Line" was a complete
   departure from the other things you've written
   that I've read, both as to length and content.
   Was it that major a change in your writing for
   you, or have I missed other works that are not
   on the net?
[20:04] <DawnCapp> Hi Kim
[20:05] <guest-lrhb> Give me a sec to answer
[20:05] <DawnCapp> Okay (jeopardy theme song) LOL
[20:05] <guest-lrhb> First, my favorite story of
   mine...  the one I'm working on <G>
[20:05] <sirizzy> Oh, Dawn, I thought you were
   going to do the "tick-tick-tick" thing!  LOL.
[20:05] <guest-lrhb> My favorite story of someone
   else's...  Hmmm  There's so many to choose. I
[20:06] <guest-lrhb> Martha's stories, as evidenced
   by inclusion in my Knitted Souls zines.  I also
[20:07] <guest-lrhb> Holly Lyn's "Companion to our
   Demons".  I honestly don't get to read many of
[20:07] <guest-lrhb> stories out there.  I have a
   stack about four feet high of printed Sentinel
   stories I haven't
[20:07] <guest-lrhb> read yet!!!
<inyx> ;-)  That I can understand
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[20:07] <imbrillig> Hi. First time chatter here.
   Interesting process.  So, will TS by BS
   influence your writing?
[20:07] <Myrna1_2_3> How wonderful to have a bunch
   of undiscovered fic though!
[20:08] <Stormwolf2000> Yeah, really!
[20:08] <sirizzy> Sorta like Christmas every day of
   the year!
[20:08] <anonymeek> Hi Lois! A little late, but I
   made it.  Give me a sec and I'll think up a few
   awkward questions....
[20:08] <kimheggen> how wonderful to have the
   self-control not to spend all of your time
   reading TS fanfic
[20:08] <Stormwolf2000> Hi anomymeek
[20:08] <guest-lrhb> Will TS by BS influence my
   writing?  Well, I'm still in the process of <hi,
   Claire> writing
[20:08] <DawnCapp> LOL. For the newcomers all
   questions should stick to LRH's fanfic, stories,
[20:09] <guest-lrhb> stories in between Sentinel,
   Too and Murder 101.  I'll get to the end of
   season four eventually.
[20:11] <guest-lrhb> Sorry about this... This is
   only my second chat (the first was last week!!)
[20:11] <Stormwolf2000> This is my first
[20:11] <kimheggen> I love the whole "15 minutes"
   concept. How'd you come up with that? or do you
[20:11] <imbrillig> Gee. I hope not. Your Jim is a
   much more emotionally secure individual that the
   4th season end Jim.
[20:12] <kimheggen> yeah, but Lois'll *fix* the 4th
   season Jim!
[20:12] <guest-lrhb> 15 Minutes?  Oh, yes, it's a
   long story that I put in my interview on Cascade
   Library.  It is something that was done to *me*
   that helped, and I knew it would help Blair.
[20:12] <Stormwolf2000> If anyone can it will be
[20:12] <kimheggen> ah, personal experience strikes
[20:12] <guest-lrhb> Thanks for the pressure,
<inyx> I look forward to reading those stories....
[20:13] <IrisWilde> If you could choose one of your
   stories to be made into an episode/TS-movie,
   which would you choose...and why?
[20:13] <Stormwolf2000> What are you working on
   right now? Or did you already answer that?
[20:13] <Myrna1_2_3> Speaking of pressure, or maybe
   just breathless anticipation, any idea when we
   can expect  And Dream that I am Home Again? ;-)
[20:14] <guest-lrhb> The stories I'm doing now are
   written for fanfic.  I've done a TS script which
   has a totally different feel about it.
[20:14] <debbield> Lois, the first story I read by
   you was River's Edge, and I quickly devoured the
   rest of them.  I love the way you tie them
   together in little ways, like the 15 minutes
   thing.  And I loved the way Double Room tied
   together two of your stories while also bringing
   in Prisoner X.  Is that difficult for you to do?
[20:14] <guest-lrhb> When I'm done here, I'll put
   up the first wee bit of "And Dream" for you.
   Offer ends at midnight, then I'm taking it down
[20:14] <Myrna1_2_3> Wheeee!!!
[20:14] <DawnCapp> Is that midnight pacific or
   eastern :-)
[20:15] <anonymeek> You tease, you!
<inyx> need the url....
[20:15] <imbrillig>  A script??!! Where???
[20:15] <kimheggen> ooh, a sneak preview! goody!
[20:15] <Stormwolf2000> Cool!
[20:15] <sirizzy> What an inducement to let her go
[20:15] <Gypsy199> Hi Lois, I really enjoyed
   reading 'No Center Line' and I was wondering if
   there are going to be anymore x-overs?
[20:15] <guest-lrhb> No, I write in one universe,
   so all my stories are interconnected with the
   episodes.  I worry sometimes that people will
   read a story like NCL and not "get" what's
   happening if they haven
[20:15] <guest-lrhb> haven't read the others.  Has
   anyone read them out of order?  Did you have a
[20:15] <debbield> It's a good thing you are
   waiting until after the chat to do that or you
   would lose most of us who would leave to read!
[20:16] <Stormwolf2000> Is guilty of reading them
   out of sue me
[20:16] <guest-lrhb> Hi Gypsy.  Crossovers... Uh,
   "And Dream..." has Evan and Harvey.  That's the
   only one I have right now.
[20:16] <CarolROI> I am guilty of that too.
[20:16] <sirizzy> Nope, I read everything in order.
    No problem.  But as I said, it seemed a major
   change to me.
[20:17] <guest-lrhb> So, did you have a problem
   with the 15 Minutes thing if you didn't read
   "River's Edge" where the concept was introduced?
[20:17] <debbield> I read River's Edge first, but
   then found the rest of your stories and read
   them in order.
[20:17] <Stormwolf2000> I read NCL first
[20:18] <guest-lrhb> As for a change in writing for
   NCL, what did you notice?  Just curious.  I hope
   it's just because I'm growing as a writer!
[20:18] <sirizzy> Length first of all.  I think in
   novel-length terms myself, and it's a totally
   different mindset for me from short work.
[20:19] <sirizzy> The tension has to be kept up in
   a different way, the pacing has to stand the
   test of reading over and over again, if you're
   posting in segments.
[20:19] <guest-lrhb> Ah, length.  Well, I *usually*
   do novels in other fandoms, as they are
   published in stand-alone zines.  Sentinel
   writing is my first "on-line" writing, and I
   wrote short stories because of the "Challenges."
[20:19] <sirizzy> As to subject, the NCL topic was
   as dark as anything I've ever seen you write.
[20:20] <Stormwolf2000> Too true, if you post in
   sections you had better keep it interesting
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[20:20] <guest-lrhb> Dark?  You haven't read my
   UNCLE stuff <g>  or my ST:Tos novels... <g>
[20:20] <Stormwolf2000> Loves dark stories...which
   is why I loved CEnter Line even though Im not
   into Blair owies
[20:20] <guest-lrhb> Sentinel is my "light" writing!
[20:21] <Lori_S^^> hi everyone, hi lois!
[20:21] <Stormwolf2000> LOL
[20:21] <sirizzy> No, I barely have time for TS.  I
   have to clone myself to read in any other
[20:21] <guest-lrhb> I honestly write more than I
   read.  I write professionally as well, so trying
   to have time to do everything and keep a
   fulltime job, can be draining.
[20:22] <Stormwolf2000> Im with Izzy
[20:22] <imbrillig> Are all your TS stories online
   or are there more OUT THERE somewhere?
[20:22] <guest-lrhb> All my current TS stories are
   out there... Well except for the sequel to
   "Roasting By the Fire".
[20:22] <sirizzy> Yes, the "lightness" of the
   Sentinel stuff comes through, not that the
   topics are less meaningful, but that the essence
   of the work is filled with light.
[20:23] <anonymeek> I know you've done research to
   set you're Man From Uncle stories in the North
   and other worldly places.  Any plans to send the
   Sentinel guys to exotic places in the future?
[20:23] <DawnCapp> Shelley is having problems
   getting in but wants to ask the following
[20:23] *** edpearl ( has joined #sentinel
[20:23] <DawnCapp> Why did you decide to use the
   "fifteen minutes" with Blair and if she plans to
   use it in future stories?
[20:23] <DawnCapp> Do you plan to continue you
   Christmas story from last year?
[20:24] <guest-lrhb> Good question, anonymeek... I
   have no idea <g>   At this point, I've got them
   in Cascade.  WHo knows what the future holds?
   <only the shadow knows...>
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[20:24] *** edpearl ( has joined #sentinel
[20:24] <imbrillig> OK. Where's the sequel to
   roasting by the fire? Manic fanfic reader
   apologizes for  intensity.
[20:24] <sirizzy> One thing that I wondered about
   when I saw Waiting Room was the tossed off bit
   about Blair feeding Jim a mixture with
   hallucinogenic properties.  How did it strike
   you, Lois?  It seemed extraordinarily out of
   character to me.
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[20:24] <guest-lrhb> Fifteen Minutes...  It's shown
   up in "River's Edge" and several other stories
   like "Silver and Gold" and "Double Room"
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[20:25] <guest-lrhb> A reverse of 15 minutes  is in
   "And Dream..."
[20:26] <guest-lrhb> Sequel to Roasting by the Fire
   is "Toasting in the Hot Tub".  I wrote it out of
   order and realized that other stories needed to
   be finished first.
[20:26] <Stormwolf2000> +Jeez, I guess I m going to
   have to go back and read your again. I read too
   many stories and they all start to blend
[20:26] <kimheggen> A reverse! OOOHH! (wipes drool)
[20:26] <debbield> I've been hoping for that!
[20:26] <imbrillig> Ooops. Where can  I find
   Toasting in the Hot Tub?
[20:26] <sirizzy> Blair holds Jim through a
   meltdown?  Works for me!  Is that what you're
   putting up tonight? (Hint, hint!)
[20:27] <guest-lrhb> About Waiting Room, I haven't
   thought of that yet.  "And Dream" has to do with
   the emotional baggage of NCL and Sentinel, Too,
   especially the jaguar/wolf merge.
[20:27] <Stormwolf2000> Loves H/C were Jim is on
   the hurt end, and being comforted by Blair
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[20:28] <sirizzy> What's your take on the
   jaguar/wolf merge?  Or should we wait until
   you've put the story out?
[20:28] <Stormwolf2000> Sounds good can't wait to
   read your snippet
[20:28] <SKnepley> I amde !!!
[20:28] <guest-lrhb> Sorry, "Toasting" won't be up
   until probably *this* Christmas...  I have about
   5 stories before that... :-(
[20:28] <SKnepley> What did I miss
[20:28] <Stormwolf2000> Lalalalalalalala(Missed the
   first half hour of Sentinel Too part 2)
[20:28] <DawnCapp> Hey you made it!
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[20:29] <anonymeek> Did you find writing in script
   format expanded your understanding of story
   structure in general?
[20:29] *** SKnepley (
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[20:29] <guest-lrhb> As for the jaguar/wolf merge,
   I have come up with my idea of what that
   signified, and acted it out in NCL... Now I have
   to have the guys figure it out. (and the
   readers, too, I guess).  When I finish the
   story, you can let me know if you got what I was
   trying to say, okay?)
[20:29] <SKnepley> OK now what have I missed?
[20:29] <DawnCapp> LOL. You made it again, Shelley
[20:29] <SKnepley> I made it finally!
[20:30] <sirizzy> Sure, of course.  Now I have to
   go back and read NCL for the twenty-fourth time,
   of course . . .
[20:30] <Stormwolf2000> Richard BUrgi doing a strip
   tease. You missed it!
<inyx> I look forward to reading it
<inyx> now that would be a tease....
[20:30] <SKnepley> Man, he always does that when I
   'm not around
[20:30] <kimheggen> Stormwolf, stop teasing Shelley!
[20:30] <Stormwolf2000> <whine pathetically,
   placing muzzle on paws)
[20:31] <guest-lrhb> Scripts?  A total different
   way of writing ... and for a totally different
   audience.  A script is fashioned for a broad
   spectrum of viewers, so there's something for
   everyone.  I enjoyed the scripts I worked on.
[20:31] <SKnepley> It's OK <give Stormwolf some
[20:31] <sirizzy> Do you admit to the scripts for
   TS by name?  Or do you prefer anonymity there?
[20:31] <Stormwolf2000> <wags tail at offer)
[20:32] <guest-lrhb> I write under a different name
   and with a co-writer.  It shows as one name.
[20:32] <anonymeek> Have you ever collaborated with
   other writers?  Did you find these experiences
   enlightening or frustrating?
[20:32] <kimheggen> Do you have a way of dealing
   with writer's block?
[20:33] <sirizzy> But script-writing is different
   also because you expect the physical nuances to
   be added by the actors.  You don't write that
   stuff yourself.
[20:33] <Stormwolf2000> Found agreat way to get rid
   of writer's block...get a little alcohol, but
   don't get drunk. LoL
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left the room)
[20:34] <sirizzy> I'd be willing to bet that
   writer's block is one of the last problem's you
   have to face.  Lack of time to tell the stories
   cramming your brain has to be the first.
[20:34] <Stormwolf2000> What kind of research do
   you do? What kind of research material do you
   use(besides the eps)
[20:35] <guest-lrhb> Back to scripts... Okay, I am
   doing a pilot script now, and I notice the
   difference between being able to picture what RB
   and GM would do or say or how the feeling would
   be interpretted, but with a pilot (as yet
   uncast) I have to be very clear what I'm saying
   and how I envision it appearing.
[20:35] <kimheggen> alcohol doesn't help. Caffeine,
   though...and sleep deprivation.
[20:36] *** edpearl ( has left #sentinel
[20:36] <sirizzy> Oh, yeah.  The characterization
   is entirely yours to create.  Scary or
   stupendously satisfying?
[20:36] <Stormwolf2000> Alcohol helped me get past
   a bit of writer's block. Go figure, I usually
   don't drink
[20:36] <SKnepley> Do your stories come fully
   formed in your mind, or  are you as surprised
   where a story gos as your readers?
[20:37] <guest-lrhb> Cramming my brain... good way
   of putting it.  I find I get almost "dazed"
   after a while if I haven't had time to get the
   stories out of my brain.  They just jangle
   around and cause problems.  I admit to feeling
   guilty often for writing fanfic when I am
   supposed to be getting other writing done.  But
   I just *have* to! (Much to the confusion of my
   male co-writer.)
[20:37] <sirizzy> Do you have a director lined up
   for your pilot?  Do you know what s/he is
   looking for in the characters?
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[20:38] <guest-lrhb> Research.... Well, I'm a
   stickler for research.  Every story has
   research, from me physically driving to
   Bainbridge Island for NCL, the internet snuff
   film trade, selling humans to the highest
   bidder, treatment of rape victims, etc.
[20:39] <sirizzy> Heavy duty stuff.  Very draining
[20:39] <guest-lrhb> Stories come fully formed.  I
   usually write the ending first, so I know where
   I'm heading.  I also usually write "all over"
   and then join the bits.  Doing NCL from "front
   to back" was a new experience for me.
[20:40] <SKnepley> I think my favorite story by you
   is Some are Silver. . . Where did this story
   come from?  Anything in particular?
[20:40] <guest-lrhb> As for surprises in stories...
   Yes, they'll often take off on their own, or
   something unusual will pop up that makes you
   look at the screen and say "where did that come
[20:41] <anonymeek> "Where did that come from???"
   Wonderful brain.  Wonderful brain.
[20:41] <sirizzy> So in your other long work do you
   plot till you drop?  Chapterize everything, find
   your points of crisis for cliff-hanger endings
   on segments, etc.?  Which was of writing
   succeeds better for you?
[20:41] <guest-lrhb> Silver and Gold...  Well, I
   lived in a government Safe House for two years
   (as a worker) and I tangled pieces of a
   situation with one of our clients with Blair....
[20:41] <sirizzy> Sorry, that was "way".
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[20:42] <kimheggen> too sleep deprived to follow
   this...gotta go.
[20:42] <Stormwolf2000> bye kim
[20:42] *** kimheggen has quit IRC (kimheggen)
[20:43] <SKnepley> bye KIm
[20:43] <sirizzy> Bye, Kim.  sorry to see you go.
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[20:45] <Stormwolf2000> I gotta go too. Gotta hunt
   up something for dinner before I starve. Haven't
   eaten all day/
[20:45] <DawnCapp> goodness, woman, go eat!
[20:45] <IrisWilde> Lois, if we should be blessed
   enough with a 5th season from Sci-Fi, in what
   direction do ou think the show will head?
[20:45] <guest-lrhb> Bye!  Thanks for dropping in!
[20:45] <SKnepley> what cyber s'mores aren't
   filling :)  Good Night!
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com) has left #sentinel
[20:45] <sirizzy> Bye, Stormwolf!
[20:45] <Stormwolf2000> bye
<inyx> night
[20:45] *** Stormwolf2000 has quit IRC (Stormwolf200
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[20:46] <guest-lrhb> Season 5...  What direction
   *would* it go, or what direction would I *like*
   it to go?
[20:46] <imbrillig84459> yes. both.
[20:46] <SKnepley> And to follow that one up, Will
   you have Blair be a police officer in your
[20:46] <IrisWilde> Both <g>
[20:47] *** Myrna1_2_3 (~Myrna1_2_3@proxy5.talkcity.
com) has joined #sentinel
[20:47] <guest-lrhb> I read one story lately called
   "The More things Change" and I liked how the
   author handled it.  In my fiction, I'd probably
   follow the same idea. Blair is now Jim's
   partner, his friend, and his shaman.  A piece of
   paper or a badge won't change anything.
[20:47] <SKnepley> oh, good!
[20:47] <SKnepley> I think I read that one, too
[20:48] <imbrillig84459> Perhaps. But it does limit
   the character. And - how does a fraud become a
   police officer?
[20:48] *** SKnepley (
 has left #sentinel
[20:48] <sirizzy> It may not change the relationship
   , except to strengthen it by reassuring Jim, but
   it does have RL implications for whether Blair
   can ever accompany Jim in the field again.
[20:49] *** SKnepley (
 has joined #sentinel
[20:49] <guest-lrhb> Let's get back to fanfic,
   okay?  I don't want to say anything I'm not
   supposed to. <sheepish shrug>
[20:49] <imbrillig84459> I thought we were talking
   fanfic?? How would you handle the fraud aspects?
[20:50] <DawnCapp> Lois, what do you like best
   about writing a story - the beginning idea, the
   actual writing, or finishing it?
[20:51] *** CarolROI has quit IRC (CarolROI has
left the room)
[20:51] <guest-lrhb> How will *I* handle it in my
   fanfic.... Okay, that's different than how PF
   would do it.  I admit to not having planned any
   post Season Four stories at this time.  I'm
   still working my way through Season four
   stories.  I hope to be able to write enough
   *within* season four stories, to explain/whatever
    what happened in the last episode (which I
[20:52] <sirizzy> Is it because of the depth of
   research some of your work calls for that you
   have found yourself writing in sections here and
   there in NCL?
[20:52] <guest-lrhb> What i like best about
   writing?  Finishing the first complete draft,
   (the bones) and then expanding on it.  Adding
   the fun touches, the jokes, etc.
[20:52] *** Myrna1_2_3 has quit IRC (Myrna1_2_3 has
left the room)
[20:52] <imbrillig84459> I think I harp on this
   point because I don't see how it can be solved.
   I can't suspend disbelief that much. sob.
[20:53] <SKnepley> see how what can be resolved?
[20:53] <SKnepley> Blair lying?
[20:54] <imbrillig84459>  A high-profile admitted
   fraud taking the stand in a court of law.
[20:54] <sirizzy> Um, the dissonance between the
   end of TSbBS and what some of us know to be RL,
   I think.
[20:54] <SKnepley> oh OK
[20:54] <imbrillig84459> Getting through the
   background checks for police employment.
[20:55] *** BSgal ( has
joined #sentinel
[20:55] *** CarolROI (
 has joined #sentinel
[20:55] <CarolROI> Man, I kicked myself out
[20:55] <SKnepley> I hate it when that happens :)
[20:55] <sirizzy> ROTFLOL!  I think I do that every
   week, but I never know how to get back in!
[20:55] <guest-lrhb> I think something would have
   to be worked out within the PD for Blair to
   remain.  In that he was issued a badge
   (dependant on him getting his weapon certificatio
   n), that meant that someone had spoken to the
   upper levels of PD and something had been
   arranged.  More research, I suppose, is in
   order, but this is a special situation that
   would no doubt receive special consideration.
[20:56] <BSgal> Hi everyone! I just remembered
   about the chat. <thumping myself in the head>
[20:56] <SKnepley> hey BSgal!
[20:56] <IrisWilde> Oh, good point!!
[20:56] <guest-lrhb> Hello...
[20:56] <sirizzy> Hi!
<inyx> especially in the light of his past
  experience within the time of his association
  with Major Crime....
[20:56] <sirizzy> So then the question is, who
   knows what about whom?
[20:56] <guest-lrhb> I mean, how many Sentinels are
   there?  The PD would bend over backwards (sorry
   slash fans...) to have one in their department.
[20:57] <SKnepley> That's what fanfic is for!
[20:57] <imbrillig84459> Nice. But public
   perception is the real issue. And if Simon st al
   had to do any more talking...well. You know the
   old saying "three people can keep a secret if
   two are dead.
<inyx> and if it's a package deal...
[20:57] <sirizzy> IOW:  the PD knows Jim is a
[20:57] <guest-lrhb> Yup.
<inyx> I could see them closing ranks to protect
  him, and let him do his job
[20:58] <imbrillig84459> SO the whole issue of
   Blair lying becomes moot because "the truth is
   out there". snicker.
[20:58] <guest-lrhb> On a 'need to know' basis....
[20:58] <SKnepley> Wait, I think Mulder just got a
   ticket to Washington!
[20:58] <sirizzy> Now consider this:  if the public
   doesn't know what the PD does, but they see
   Blair become a cop, what is the public going to
   think then?  Read the National Enquirer lately?
[20:59] <imbrillig84459> You got a point there
[20:59] <guest-lrhb> I think it will be a delight
   tangle for season five to work on...
[20:59] <BSgal> Forgive me if I ask anything thats
   already been covered. If the higher up's
   (commish,etc) know about Jim aren't they going
   to want to have more control in what he does and
   when he does it?
[20:59] <guest-lrhb> Are you asking me? <g>
[20:59] <sirizzy> Oh, please, I'm just Izzy.  The
   fool chatroom won't let me in under that name
[21:00] <CarolROI> But Jim has the upper hand.  If
   they don't play ball with him, he takes the ball
   and goes home
[21:00] <SKnepley> I'd think he would get more of
   the harder caes to crack, just from his solve
   rate if nothing else
[21:00] <Gypsy199> Yeah, and what happens if
   someone finds out(like another Brackett type)
   and uses this knowlege for their own, personal
[21:00] <anonymeek> Just another day in the life...
[21:00] <guest-lrhb> So, does anyone what to know
   what shampoo Blair uses now?  Or why I don't
   write slash? Or any other
[21:00] <imbrillig84459> Sour grapes I know. But I
   like an anthropoligist in the PD. I think some
   stories showing what Blair makes of the closed
   society would be fascinating.
<inyx> at the same time - what he has done in the
  past has worked - better than anything they could
  come up with without him - if it ain't broke -
  don't fix it
[21:00] <SKnepley> And how many criminals are going
   to be out there seeing if they can beat the
   might super-cop?
[21:00] <guest-lrhb> easy questions but not season
[21:01] <BSgal> Yes Lois. I assume you'll go into
   TSbyBS eventually in your story line?
[21:01] <sirizzy> Aren't Jim and Blair already
   getting the toughest cases to crack?  What's
   tougher that Cascade's Major Crimes Dept.
   doesn't handle?
[21:01] <imbrillig84459> yeah. Why don't you write
   slash...thank you for not writing slash we don't
   have enough gen fiction as is!!
[21:01] <guest-lrhb> I'm taking my time writing.  I
   haven't begun to deal with S2...
[21:02] <guest-lrhb> I write what i want to write.
   This is how I see them.  I believe these two
   honestly, completely love each other.  Sex is
   not the only way to show love.  That's often the
   easy way out.  I see the sentinel/guide
   relationship as becoming more than that.
[21:02] <sirizzy> So what's keeping you?  LOL
[21:03] <imbrillig84459> I think what I like most
   about your writing is that you depict a
   realistic emotional relationship between two men
   that has a physical component that doesn't
   descend into sex.
[21:03] <guest-lrhb> Hey, can I use that?
[21:04] <SKnepley> I loved the way you described
   their relationship in River Edge.  That's really
   says it all.
[21:04] <sirizzy> Shoot,  Lois, do you need quotes
   for your presskit?  We'll supply them on demand!
[21:04] <imbrillig84459> Be my guest> You showed it
[21:04] <guest-lrhb> Did anyone see the cover of
   NCL in zine form?  I think that is Warren's way
   of saying what I write about them.
[21:04] <imbrillig84459> Zine? Where? How to order?
[21:05] <guest-lrhb> The zine is at:
[21:05] <imbrillig84459> And how come I suddenly
   have 84459 behind by addy?
[21:06] <guest-lrhb> Any last questions before I go?  I have 6:30
   dinner date. :-)
[21:06] <BSgal> Have you talked at all yet about your next story
   after NCL? I'm wondering about the emotional aftermath.
   Especially form Rafe's POW and maybe Henri's too. Could be a
   great Rafe and H story.
<inyx> Lois - is that site going to be where your sneak peak will
  be offered tonight? (not the exact url though)
[21:06] <CarolROI> How come you're here twice imbrillig?
[21:07] <anonymeek> Have a good evening!
[21:07] <imbrillig84459> No idea.
[21:07] <SKnepley> she got kicked probably.  I was listed three
   different ways one week
[21:07] <IrisWilde> Lois, thanks for chatting.  Also, I found your
   comments about the "bathtub" scenes very insightful!
[21:07] <Lisarose10> bye Lois!
[21:07] <guest-lrhb> Oh.  THe site for tonight.  http://home.istar.
<inyx> great!
[21:08] <DawnCapp> bye bye! Thanks lois!
[21:08] <Gypsy199> thanks Lois!!
[21:08] <guest-lrhb> Give me about ten minutes to put it up, okay?
[21:08] <sirizzy> Bye, Lois.  Thanks for the time and the insight.
[21:08] <SKnepley> bye! Thaks for chatting Lois!
<inyx> Dawn - the log will be on it's way in a few minutes....
[21:08] <BSgal> bye lois
[21:08] <Emannep> Thank you, Lois!
<inyx> Thanks Lois!
[21:08] <guest-lrhb> Thanks for the questions and your patience!!!
[21:08] <DawnCapp> okay, graywulf
[21:08] <Gypsy199> Have fun tonight Lois!!
[21:08] <guest-lrhb> We will ;-)
[21:08] <anonymeek> G'night.
[21:08] <imbrillig84459> Agggh. Bathtub scenes? That's what
   happened when my screen went dark and I gained a number?
   Somebody tell me this will be posted somewhere?
[21:09] <DawnCapp> yes, there will be a transcript accessible off
   the chat page
[21:09] <IrisWilde> LOL!  No, that was on the Senfic list.
<inyx> it will - once I leave - the transcript will be sent to
  Dawn - she'll post it!
[21:09] <imbrillig84459> Muchos gracias.
[21:09] <IrisWilde> Bye all!  Have a good evening!
<inyx> night Iris
[21:10] <SKnepley> bye Iris
[21:10] <sirizzy> Bye, Iris.
[21:10] <Gypsy199> night iris!!
[21:10] <DawnCapp> bye
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[21:10] <imbrillig84459> Ciao, all.
<inyx> Night imbirllig
[21:10] <SKnepley> Dawn, next week is the Fourth.  Are we having a
   chat that night?
[21:10] <sirizzy> Godd night!
[21:10] <DawnCapp> no, no chat on the 4th of July
[21:11] <debbield> Thanks, Lois!  Bye everyone!
[21:11] <SKnepley> bye imbrillig! Don'y forget your twin <g>
<inyx> (thanks - I'd forgotten that - and I'm at Nightowl's
  Relaxacon then....
[21:11] <DawnCapp> Yes, Lois, you've been great tonight! Thanks!
[21:11] <sirizzy> Is it my imagination or is everyone clearing out
   fast so they can get to Lois' preview?
[21:11] <DawnCapp> LOL.
[21:11] <guest-lrhb> Okay, I'm back.  It'll go up in a few
   minutes.  No archiving please!!! THis is like *such* a rough
[21:11] <BSgal> Where's the preview?
[21:11] <SKnepley> where is this preview, and what is it a preview
[21:11] <DawnCapp> I can't wait to read it myself...
[21:12] <debbield> Me neither!
[21:12] <SKnepley> thi is what happens when we're late BSgal!
[21:12] <sirizzy> Lois, if you have too many hits in too short a
   time, do we crash your computer?
[21:12] <DawnCapp>
[21:12] <BSgal> I guess <grin>
*** Retrieving #sentinel channel info...
[21:12] <DawnCapp> that will be the sneak preview URL
<inyx> I'm going to get going - and I'll see you in two weeks then!
[21:13] <SKnepley> bye inyx
[21:13] <sirizzy> Bye, Graywulf!
Session Close: Sun Jun 27 21:13:33 1999

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