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Session Start: Sun Jul 11 19:04:10 1999
[19:04] *** Now talking in #sentinel
[19:24] *** Guest_Target  has joined
[19:24] <Guest_Target> inyx?
<inyx> yes?
[19:25] <Guest_Target> Hi -- I guess we showed up early for Dawn's chat, or
do you hang out here alot?
<inyx> I'm here because I log the chat for Dawn - I like to get here early to
make sure I get on
[19:32] <Guest_Target> So, I'm early, just hanging around...oops, listening to
thunder, wonder if that means my power will go out and I'll get dumped off the
<inyx> it may happen - but I've found more often than not it doesn't happen

[19:39] <CarolROI> Hi!  I'll be back and forth for a while.  I'm cooking dinner:)
<inyx> ah - I'm just waiting for mine to be delivered...
<inyx> BTW - I wanted to tell you - I love the Diandra stories
[19:43] <CarolROI> I'm back.  Thanks for the compliment.
<inyx> I was following the MS thread - and I have to agree with you about
Diandra - if only because my character Cat is similar
[19:44] *** DawnCapp ( has joined
[19:44] <DawnCapp> hello
<inyx> I actually had to tone her down to fit her in the Sentinel universe -
since I'd been playing around with her in gaming for about 5 years
<inyx> Hey Dawn!
[19:44] <CarolROI> Hi Dawn!

[19:44] <CarolROI> Where are your stories inyx?
[19:44] <DawnCapp> Hi
[19:45] <CarolROI> I understand the gaming thing.  I'd almost forgotten about
some of my gaming
[19:45] <RonaP40> Sorry I'm so late, Dawn
[19:45] <DawnCapp> You are not late
[19:45] <CarolROI> characters who are similar to Diandra.
[19:45] <RonaP40> I'm not?  Oh well, glad I'm here then.
[19:46] <DawnCapp> Mackie might be a bit late. She's having thunder storms
and her power keeps going in and out.
[19:46] <RonaP40> Got them here, too.  They're just starting to pass.
<inyx> Was she the Guest who was on earlier?
<inyx> Guest_Target?
[19:49] <DawnCapp> I am trying the PRO version of this, so if I disappear, you
know why *Grin*
[19:51] <DawnCapp> Hello?
[19:51] <RonaP40> I'm still here...just wondering why it got so quiet
<inyx> I'm here - but in another chat and doing email and trying to get dinner
<inyx> and Carol is cooking dinner...
[19:51] <RonaP40> Dinner - me and my microwave.
[19:51] <DawnCapp> Okay. I was just wondering if I got kicked off and didn't
know it
[19:53] * DawnCapp testing testing
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[19:54] <RonaP40> Dawn.  Meant to write you about the completion of your
last one...very heavy in the psyche stuff but great!
[19:54] <Guest_Target> Yee-haw...made it, at least for the moment!
[19:54] <DawnCapp> Mackie?
[19:54] <Guest_Target> Tis Me
[19:54] <DawnCapp> Thanks!
[19:54] <DawnCapp> Glad you made it, Mackie!
[19:54] <Guest_Target> Thunder and lightning all around, so if I suddenly go
silent, you'll know why...
[19:54] <DawnCapp> Rona, wait till you read my up-and-coming.
[19:54] <RonaP40> Storms all gone, Mackie!  Glad you could make it.
[19:55] <RonaP40> Oh, oh.  Another deep one?
[19:55] <DawnCapp> I understand, Linda. If I get bumped off, don't take it
personally *grin*
[19:55] <Guest_Target> Gotcha.
[19:55] <DawnCapp> Looooong
[19:55] <RonaP40> All RIGHT!!!!
[19:55] <Guest_Target> I like loooong
[19:55] <DawnCapp> And then I'll be all yours for VS
[19:55] <Guest_Target> THANK YOU
[19:55] <RonaP40> We know.  And your's are some of the good Looonnnng
[19:55] <DawnCapp> This one is 180K already and STILL going strong
[19:56] <Guest_Target> Dawn, if you write *novels*, you should publish
something. I'm too lazy, so I write fanfic!
[19:56] <DawnCapp> Mackie, I'm trying! Find me a publisher *grin*
[19:56] <RonaP40> I heard you're of a group doing
   another VS, Mackie.

[19:56] <DawnCapp> Hello Revana
[19:56] <Guest_Target> There are some horrible, dreadful pro novels out there,
so *someone's* publishing!
[19:56] <DawnCapp> LOL
[19:57] <Revana> Hiya Dawn, hi all
[19:57] *** BSgal ( has joined #sentinel
[19:57] <DawnCapp> Hello, BS :-)
[19:57] <Guest_Target> Since there are three virtual seasons, two gen, one
slash, there are an awful lot of slots to fill.
[19:58] <CarolROI> I've always wondered why Pet Fly never licensed anyone
to write sentinel novels
[19:58] <Guest_Target> Maybe no one suggested it to them?
[19:58] <RonaP40> Tell me about it.  I'm of the other gen season.
[19:58] <DawnCapp> I think that would be Paramount (?)
[19:58] <BSgal> Hiya Dawn and everyone!
[19:58] <RonaP40> Yeah, it'd have to be them.
[19:58] <Guest_Target> Probably. I've been looking at the Buffy novels --
Angel Chronicles, Xander Years, etc -- they do three novelizations in each
[19:58] <Guest_Target> I thought it would be a great idea for TS. Anyone
want to join me?
[19:58] <CarolROI> Well Paramount's making a bundle on the Star Trek books,
wonder why no Sentinel
[19:59] <DawnCapp> There are more ST fans than TS fans :-)
[19:59] *** bjkira ( has
joined #sentinel
[19:59] <RonaP40> I'm doing good just to get the nerve up for fan fic.  I'm not
ready for a
   novel.  However, I would be willing to assist.....\
[19:59] *** Robyn_Becky ( has joined
[19:59] <Guest_Target> Yeah, but even Trek was heavy into novelizations at was a while before the original novels made an appearance.
[19:59] <bjkira> Helloooooo!
[19:59] <DawnCapp> Hey Robyn and Becky!
[19:59] <DawnCapp> Hello, BJ
[19:59] <Guest_Target> Hi all
[20:00] <Robyn_Becky> Hi guys!
[20:00] <bjkira> I just broke the land speed record trying to get home from
Wisconsin in time for the chat!
[20:00] <RonaP40> Just lifted the wheels and flew?
[20:00] <Guest_Target> BJ, home from where to where?
[20:00] <DawnCapp> glad you made it BJ (drive safely next time) *grin*
[20:01] <bjkira> Was visiting an aunt & uncle in Genoa City, WI (went to
Bristol Renaissance Faire), home to Norwalk, IA!
[20:01] <RonaP40> I thought I was running late, too.  Had to pull duty this
weekend and a ceremony kept me over.
[20:01] <Guest_Target> Rona, what duty?

[20:01] <bjkira> I drove safely **grin**, it was just the speed factor!  hehehe
[20:01] <RonaP40> Air Guard
[20:01] <DawnCapp> No, you are all on time so we can officially start now :-)
[20:02] <RonaP40> Warp factor............
[20:02] <Guest_Target> OK, I've straightened in my chair. I'm ready...
[20:02] <DawnCapp> LOL
[20:02] <bjkira> Excellent!
[20:02] <Guest_Target> And the room goes dead....
[20:02] <RonaP40> Commence firing.........
[20:02] <bjkira> LOL!
[20:02] <RonaP40> I'll bite.  What's next on the agenda with you on stories.
[20:02] <DawnCapp> we are all too stunned by your last fanfic effort - tons of
angst and "smarm"
[20:03] <Guest_Target> Firing??? Wait a one said anything about
*firing*.  Oh, a compliment from Dawn.  OK, I can handle that....
[20:03] <Revana> Tell us about your writing background....
[20:03] <Guest_Target> Actually, I really did write it in an effort to pratice a
little smarm.
[20:03] <RonaP40> You've proven you don't need practice.
[20:03] <bjkira> A Little???
[20:04] <Guest_Target> Background--I started writing fanfic when I was 10 or
11. Old TV westerns.  The dreaded *bad* ending to an episode that I just
knew I could better.
[20:04] <RonaP40> Did you write ones with you as a character?
[20:04] <DawnCapp> any particular old tv westerns?
[20:04] *** CarolROI ( has joined #sentinel
[20:04] *** teddbar06 ( has joined #sentinel
[20:04] <CarolROI> I hate that.
[20:04] <Guest_Target> No one writes me to say they like my *smarm* -- they
like my characters, or my humor, or something else, but I was feeling left out of
the smarm brigade.
[20:04] <CarolROI> Darn thing locked up
[20:04] <DawnCapp> (welcome back Carol) Hi TAE
[20:04] <Guest_Target> Johnny Ringo was my first -- a half hour western with
Don Durant.
[20:04] <bjkira> Was wondering what happened to ya, CarolROI
[20:05] <teddbar06> Hi, ladies.
[20:05] <Guest_Target> Hi TAE
[20:05] <Guest_Target> Then I wrote Bonanza, High Chaparral, Lancer...if it
had a horse in it, I probably wrote a story about it.

[20:05] <teddbar06> I just dreamed of the horses.
[20:05] <Robyn_Becky> Even Mr. Ed?
[20:05] <Guest_Target> Even Cowboy in Africa.
[20:05] <RonaP40> Ah, someone after my own heart. A horse lover.
[20:05] <teddbar06> I have three
[20:06] <RonaP40> I wish!
[20:06] <Guest_Target> I know, and I'm jealous.  I haven't had horses in years!
My sister has several.
[20:06] <teddbar06> and wouldn't give them up for anything]
[20:06] <CarolROI> That's how I got my start.  Writing horse stories
[20:06] <Revana> I have 4.
[20:06] <Guest_Target> Grew up with Black Stallion stories (and the Hardy
[20:06] <RonaP40> Have you tried leasing? That's what I'm doing now.
[20:06] <teddbar06> I have never writtin a horse story.  what kind Revana?
[20:06] <RonaP40> How about the Misty of Chincoteague?
[20:06] <bjkira> What about Misty of Chincoteague  **grin**?
[20:06] <Guest_Target> No time for horses, and the desert has two seasons--
hot and windy, cold and windy. I'm too old for that sort of hardship.
[20:06] <CarolROI> Walter Farley and CW Anderson
[20:07] <teddbar06> Mine are one pinto and two half Peruvian Pasos
[20:07] <bjkira> Too Weird Rona!
[20:07] <RonaP40> You're never too old for horses.
[20:07] <Guest_Target> I was a lot older before I read Misty. Sometimes, I
approach things backwards (agewise)
[20:07] <RonaP40> That's what I was thinking BJ
[20:07] <DawnCapp> that's the best way to approach things *grin*
[20:07] <Guest_Target> No, I meant too old for the weather here. I just can't
take the heat any more, and the wind is horrible.
[20:07] <teddbar06> Hey, as long as I can manage to haul my carcase up the
block to climb on, I'll be riding.
[20:07] <teddbar06> I hate the heat.

[20:08] <Robyn_Becky> (Robyn) Mackie, when is Agnes Hargrove coming
[20:08] <Guest_Target> As soon as I think of a story for Agnes (the date with
Blair), she'll be back.  I have an idea, but it's refusing to come together.
[20:08] <teddbar06> I'm hoping to get one of them trained to drive, then I can
take visitors and not have to worry about them hurting my babies.
[20:08] <Robyn_Becky> She could chase Blair on a horse.
[20:08] <teddbar06> LOL
[20:08] <teddbar06> Bull-dogging anyone?
[20:08] <bjkira> ROFL!
[20:08] <Guest_Target> I'm going to get Blair in trouble (natch), but Agnes
insists on playing Miss Marple and helping Jim with the case.
[20:09] <bjkira> OOOH!  Like it!
[20:09] <CarolROI> that'll be fun!
[20:09] <imbrillig> How's the executive producer?
[20:09] <Robyn_Becky> And then she can lasso Blair.
[20:09] <teddbar06> Just don't do a Christie and cheat on the ending.
[20:09] <Guest_Target> I mean, Blair can get in trouble anywhere! Even in a
posh restaurant with Jim and Agnes!
[20:09] <CarolROI> Now that everyone's here, Suisan asked me to tell you all
hi for her, since she has to work.
[20:09] <teddbar06> food fight?
[20:09] <Guest_Target> Never liked Christie.
[20:10] <DawnCapp> tell Suisan we missed her :-) Too bad she has to work on
[20:10] <teddbar06> Only the Harley Quinn stories
[20:10] <Guest_Target> In a posh restaurant? With Agnes Hargrove? No food
[20:10] <teddbar06> Awwwww,

[20:10] <Robyn_Becky> Yes, tell us how your VS is going <G>
[20:10] <bjkira> Ten Little Indians - my fav!
[20:10] <Guest_Target> Hey, I'm just the Exec Producer...they treat me like a know, keep me in the dark and feed -- never mind.
[20:11] <DawnCapp> yeah, right - don't believe her
[20:11] <Robyn_Becky> LOL!!!  Feeeeeed me Seymour!
[20:11] <teddbar06> recycled alfalfa and straw?
[20:11] <Guest_Target> If I could only work that threat successfully on my
story editors -- but I don't know how to track them down except in Cyberspace.

[20:12] <RonaP40> I'm back.  Blasted thing froze solid on me.

[20:12] <DawnCapp> happens a lot
[20:12] <Robyn_Becky> Tell them a dark minivan with tinted windows will
come to get them if they don't behave.
[20:12] <teddbar06> It is rather slow, tonight
[20:12] <DawnCapp> to us all
[20:12] <imbrillig> Do we get to have summer "teasers" ala TV? You know a
paragraph here and there on the lists with a "stay tuned?"
[20:12] <Guest_Target> Really, I have no idea how many authors/stories we
have! I may throw a snit and write the authors myself (hi, Dawn--where's that
[20:12] <Stargazer1955> Hi guys! I finally made it in!
[20:12] <DawnCapp> pressure! I can't take the pressure! :-)
[20:13] <BSgal> Will you be doing any more anytime soon on your
Transitions series? And will begging affect which episode you do next?
[20:13] <teddbar06> I've got a few commercials in mind
[20:13] <RonaP40> Try being the writer that has to do the pilot.  Talk about
pressure, Dawn

[20:13] <DawnCapp> begging -- ooh good idea. I'll beg too
[20:13] <Guest_Target> We've got some fun things showing up in early
August (I hope) to get people accustomed to visiting the VS website.
[20:13] <Stargazer1955> Hi Gray, Tae, Dawn!
[20:13] <teddbar06> Just keep sending out the url, and you'll get the hits.
[20:13] <Guest_Target> More Commercials! Yes (If nothing else, we'll have
great commercials!)
[20:13] <BSgal> where is the VS website?
[20:13] <Stargazer1955> Hi Linda!
[20:13] <teddbar06> Hi, Bonnie!
[20:13] <CarolROI> Do you have an address on that website for those us who
don't know it
[20:14] <DawnCapp> I saw one the other day that I thought would be perfect,
Linda - if only I can remember it :-)
[20:14] <wnnepooh> Hey, gang.  Sorry I'm late.  Just saw the RB piece on E!
Celeb homes.
[20:14] <Guest_Target> Uh, the VS website. TelevisionCity/Network/4881 --
yes! I remembered!
[20:14] <DawnCapp> So, Linda, what about your Transition series :-)
[20:14] <teddbar06> How was it?
[20:14] <Guest_Target> I've just started second season, but other stories are
demanding    attention.
[20:14] <teddbar06> It won't be on here for a couple more hours.
[20:14] <wnnepooh> He's SUCH a beach boy.  Wearing plaid drawstring pants!
[20:15] <Stargazer1955> What channel/network has E!
[20:15] <Guest_Target> Oh, yeah, I gotta remember to record that.
[20:15] <teddbar06> It's a Cable channel.  It will be on here at seven and ten
[20:15] <bjkira> And nothing else, I hope  **wicked grin!**
[20:15] <Guest_Target> I've just switched to satellite, so I never know when
anything is on.
[20:15] <Stargazer1955> boo! Don't have cable!
[20:15] <DawnCapp> Linda, what about your latest - how'd you come up with
the idea for that?
[20:15] <teddbar06> How long and where is his spot, or do I have to watch the
whole thing?
[20:15] <RonaP40> Isn't satellite the greatest?
[20:15] <Guest_Target> Dawn, latest what?
[20:15] <DawnCapp> story. the kung fu one
[20:16] <RonaP40> It was wonderful!
[20:16] <Guest_Target> Man, I started that thing so long ago, I have no idea
where the plot came from. I just wanted to do smarm, and the first scene I
wrote was the first Jim and Blair in the loft.
[20:16] <teddbar06> Dummy here left it at work and hasn't read it, yet.
[20:16] <Guest_Target> The phonebook scene.  It's still one of my favorite
scenes in the whole thing.
[20:16] <imbrillig> Speaking of the Kung FU one, there is sequel coming,
right?Right? Beg <g>
[20:16] <DawnCapp> I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that it was done
*grin* I'd read the first part way back when
[20:16] <teddbar06> Good.  Smarm is good.  I like smarm
[20:17] <MyrnaMimi> He's one of the last ones.  I think his spot came on
around 7:50 or so.
[20:17] <Stargazer1955> I'll lsecond a sequel to TS/KU!
[20:17] <RonaP40> Third!!!
[20:17] <Guest_Target> Yes, there will be a sequel, probably taking Jim and
Blair to Seattle to help the Caines. I'll have Kermit in it (everyone complained
about Skelany! I *like* her).
[20:17] <RonaP40> Kermit is SO cool!
[20:17] <Stargazer1955> I liked Skelany too!
[20:17] <DawnCapp> I only watched a bit of KF but I liked Skelany :-)
[20:17] <wnnepooh> OOOOHHHH! And the Kermit mobile?
[20:17] <DawnCapp> LOL
[20:18] <BSgal> Hey, I always liked Skelany too!
[20:18] <Guest_Target> Blair will love the Kermit-mobile.
[20:18] <imbrillig> Second Skelany
[20:18] <Revana> Linda, do you find that a single scene can inspire an entire
[20:18] <Guest_Target> Absolutely! I have tons of "orphan scenes" just
waiting for a plot to wrap around them.
[20:18] <imbrillig> Di Caine and the Ancient One get in some training with the
[20:18] <DawnCapp> Heck, just write the scenes and send them to me *grin*
[20:18] <Robyn_Becky> Linda, what kinds of fanfic do *you* like to read?
[20:18] <teddbar06> Good.  I like Kermit.  I can tape the E! program if someone
else needs a copy.

[20:19] <wnnepooh> TAE to the VCR rescue!!!
<inyx> please TAE
[20:19] <BSgal> I'd be willing to read through you orphan scenes for you...You
know just to give you some feedback <BG>
[20:19] <Guest_Target> The usual suspects -- K. Ryn, Dawn, the Williams
sisters, Anne Murdoch, Martha, etc. etc.
<inyx> - not avail in Canada!
[20:19] <teddbar06> I have access to 2 vcrs and it will be on twice tonight.
[20:19] <imbrillig> You have a transitions page, why not an orphan scene
[20:19] <Guest_Target> Thanks, BSgal, but that sounds a bit like...ummm....BS
to me!
[20:20] <wnnepooh> Orphan scenes are cool.  I have LOTS of them.
[20:20] <wnnepooh> Would love to read others.
[20:20] <BSgal> Can't blame a gal for trying! <G>

[20:20] <Guest_Target> Hmm, an orphan scene exchange program....that has
possibilities, wnne!
[20:20] <imbrillig> Maybe there is a need for a web page devoted to orphan
scenes at CL. Still trying!<g>
[20:20] <DawnCapp> good idea :-)
[20:21] <teddbar06> Linda, do you get your story ideas from real life or 'out of
the ether'?
[20:21] <Guest_Target> Dawn, I'm having enough trouble with your list--"this-
is-an-unbeta'd-snippet-that-may-appear-in-a-story" -- they're driving me nuts!
[20:21] <Guest_Target> Ideas mostly come from the ether -- RL for me is rather

[20:22] <Revana> What do you do in RL?
[20:22] <teddbar06> You don't take things from the news?
[20:22] <Stargazer1955> Ah, but, aren't there any great stories from the Air
Force you could use?
[20:22] <Guest_Target> Boring stuff -- I process flight test data on the F-16
program at Edwards AFB.
[20:22] <imbrillig> Which is your favorite secondary character on TS?
[20:22] <Guest_Target> The news sometimes has great ideas -- those are some
of my orphan scenes.
[20:22] <DawnCapp> Hey, I'm working on them, Linda (the list)
[20:22] <teddbar06> Hey, at least *your* base isn't going to close.
[20:23] <Guest_Target> Joel -- isn't he everyone's?
[20:23] <teddbar06> Certainly mine. ;]
[20:23] <Guest_Target> Hey, if they close Edwards, they won't have an
alternate site to land the shuttle.
[20:23] <BSgal> Oh, yeah Linda, that makes what I do sound really exciting----
[20:23] <teddbar06> Of course.
[20:23] *** RonaP40 ( has joined #sentinel
[20:23] <wnnepooh> yes they do.  Dover AFB was just approved.
[20:23] <Guest_Target> Oh thanks, now I have to worry about base
[20:23] <Stargazer1955> BTW, Amanda says hi to everyone!
[20:24] <teddbar06> Hey, I'm just a branch secretary.  At least I get to go with
my job to
[20:24] * DawnCapp waves to Amanda
[20:24] <Guest_Target> So does Hephaistos -- her Mac won't talk to talkcity.
[20:24] <wnnepooh> Didn't mean to panic you.  But you could always migrate
with the project.  Come to Delaware!
[20:24] *** TateWG ( has joined #sentinel
[20:24] <DawnCapp> Yeah, Hephaistos is going to have to get a new
computer specifically to join these chats
[20:24] <RonaP40> Or Colorado.
[20:24] <imbrillig> I understanf that writing fiction is an excellent way to deal
with stress  <g>
[20:24] <teddbar06> No, thanks.  Too much humidity.
[20:24] <Robyn_Becky> no, no, don't leave southern Cal Linda! <G>
[20:24] <Guest_Target> I work for Lockheed...our facility at Edwards is very
small. I own property in Colorado -- really thought about moving there at one
[20:25] <wnnepooh> Where is there too much humidity?
[20:25] <Stargazer1955> Amanda waves back, Dawn.  Wnnepooh - she says
she loves your name
[20:25] <teddbar06> Delaware
[20:25] <RonaP40> We'd welcome you completely!
[20:25] <wnnepooh> thanks!
[20:25] <Guest_Target> I don't mind southern California, but the high desert
<inyx> hey Amanda!
[20:25] <RonaP40> To put is mildly?
[20:25] <Stargazer1955> Amanda says you're welcome
[20:25] <wnnepooh> Not really.  The past couple weeks have been hard, but
other than that, I've enjoyed my curly hair.
[20:25] <DawnCapp> where in S Cal
[20:26] <Stargazer1955> Inyx Amanda says hi back!
[20:26] <Guest_Target> imbrillig -- writing is the main way I relieve stress
(sorry, your comment got a little lost in the shuffle...)
[20:26] <teddbar06> I'm just worried about driving in snow.  I'd perfer the high
desert to the central valley, where I am, now.
[20:26] <Guest_Target> Lancaster, which is NE of LA, but it might as well be
in another state.  Different weather altogether!
[20:26] <imbrillig> So you're saying we should lobby Congress to close your
[20:26] <TateWG> Hi Linda, sorry I'm late.
[20:26] <Robyn_Becky> Have you added any new acquisitions to your
Sentinel collection?
[20:26] <Stargazer1955> Hey TAE- just get a large SUV, then you'll feel more
[20:27] <Guest_Target> Hi Tate!
[20:27] <Robyn_Becky> Tatey!!!!!
[20:27] <teddbar06> That's basically low desert, just plain hot!
[20:27] <BSgal> Hi Tate!
[20:27] <TateWG> Hey guys!
[20:27] <Guest_Target> Hey, is there any Sentinel item I *don't* own?
[20:27] <Robyn_Becky> RB and GM
[20:27] <DawnCapp> Jim and Blair
[20:27] <DawnCapp> LOL
[20:27] <RonaP40> EVERYONE wants them!
[20:27] <Robyn_Becky> but she's workin' on it
[20:27] *** bjkira ( has
joined #sentinel
[20:27] * DawnCapp welcomes BJ back
[20:27] *** Revana ( has left #sentinel
[20:27] <teddbar06> I don't know.  I got the Warriors script at the horse show,
shy RB's sig, but still...
[20:28] <Guest_Target> Posters, autographs, a sports cap.  Still want a Jags
cap and a crew jacket...maybe someday!
[20:28] <bjkira> Ugh!  Dang thing locked up - sorry!
[20:28] <Robyn_Becky> Linda, let's plan a heist at the Burbank Pet Fly and get
that Sensitive Man poster for you
[20:28] <Guest_Target> OK!
[20:28] <DawnCapp> hey! I wanna come, too!
[20:28] <BSgal> Where do you get TS posters?
[20:28] <teddbar06> JenCat has those for sale.
[20:28] <bjkira> I'm all for it - I'll drive the getaway vehicle!
[20:28] <Guest_Target> Hollywood Book and Poster sold out, but they're
trying to get more.
[20:28] <teddbar06> Her photo of the poster is excellent.
<inyx> url or email for JenCat?
[20:29] <Guest_Target> Yeah, I plan to make a poster out of Jen's picture.
[20:29] <wnnepooh> How could the poster NOT be excellent?  It's Richard!
<inyx> ;-)
[20:29] <bjkira> Is it the one that says 'One Sensitive Dick'?
[20:29] <DawnCapp> ROFL!!!
[20:29] <Guest_Target> Down, girl...I'm too old for raging hormones.
[20:29] <DawnCapp> That's terrible...
[20:29] <wnnepooh> LMAO!
[20:29] <RonaP40> Oh, my..
[20:29] <teddbar06> I've got it on my email list, I'll try to send it to you.  It says
the most    sensative man in america
[20:30] <Robyn_Becky> no, that was the shirt RB gave to the cast and crew
[20:30] <teddbar06> sensitive
[20:30] <Guest_Target> BJ, WHAT POSTER IS THAT?
[20:30] <bjkira> I hear tell that they had that posted all over the PF studios.
[20:30] *** IrisWilde ( has joined #sentinel
[20:30] <teddbar06> The Most Sensitive Man In America
[20:30] <BSgal> I always loved that one promo RB did...remember...30 days
has September (swoon)
<inyx> I've seen that poster - and drooled over it many a time...
[20:30] * DawnCapp welcomes Iris
[20:30] <Guest_Target> OK, I need a sensitive teeshirt.  I already have a
baseball jersey from the game against Vipet.
[20:30] <Guest_Target> Er, Viper.
[20:30] <teddbar06> It's RB in a tank top, leaning up against something,
[20:30] <wnnepooh> If it has a pic of RB or GM, I don't care WHERE it came
[20:31] <Robyn_Becky> Iris!!!!!
[20:31] <teddbar06> I have an 8x10 of it.
[20:31] <IrisWilde> Hi gang!  Have I mentioned that computers hate me?
What's the current topic?
[20:31] <Stargazer1955> Hi Iris!
[20:31] *** Revana ( has joined #sentinel
[20:31] <RonaP40> Sexy posters of RB
[20:31] <Stargazer1955> Gray, I sent you the email addy for JenCat
<inyx> I'm just thinkning about trying to get a Sentinel minicon going for
Toronto Trek next year.... if there's enough interest in it
[20:31] <bjkira> Mine too, Iris!
<inyx> thanks Bonnie
[20:31] <teddbar06> Eifel.  How are you
[20:31] <Stargazer1955> NP
[20:31] <DawnCapp> Topic? We have a topic?
[20:32] <imbrillig> Where do you see the Sentinel/Shaman relationship going?
Will there
be more mysticism in the VS since there's no FX worries?
[20:32] <bjkira> We don't need no stinkin' topics!  **grin**
<inyx> nice one imbrillig
[20:32] <IrisWilde> I am fine....where's Mackie???
[20:32] <Revana> Dawn, someone needs ops to set a topic.
[20:32] <Guest_Target> As I said, I really haven't a *clue* where Virtual TS is
going! I gather the *other* group is a lot more organized -- I should ask them
for help!
[20:32] <RonaP40> Organized? US?
[20:32] *** IrisWilde has quit IRC (IrisWilde has left the room
[20:32] <DawnCapp> It won't let me be the operator! I swear! stupid piece of
[20:32] *** IrisWilde ( has joined #sentinel
[20:33] *** IrisWilde has quit IRC (IrisWilde has left the room
[20:33] <Guest_Target> Rona, does "us" mean you're one of *them*?<g>
[20:33] *** IrisWilde ( has joined #sentinel
<inyx> no - it's the way talkcity has been set up
[20:33] <wnnepooh> HEY!  Mackie, are you changing the rules?  No one said I
had to be organized!!!
[20:33] <DawnCapp> Iris, indecisive *grin*
<inyx> no ops
[20:33] <RonaP40> <Ahem>  Yeah.  I joined in
[20:33] <Guest_Target> Great!
[20:33] <imbrillig> Mackie, what do you want to say to us?
[20:33] <RonaP40> I've got the pilot.
[20:33] <Guest_Target> Eddie,someone has to be organized!
[20:34] <wnnepooh> Well!  It AIN'T me!
[20:34] <CarolROI> Will someone please explain to me how the VS works? (so
I know If I wanna particiapte)
[20:34] <Guest_Target> What do I want to say?<g> "Thanks for coming--who
brought the doughnuts?"
[20:34] <teddbar06> Organized?
[20:34] <Stargazer1955> lol
[20:34] <wnnepooh> <chanting  Donuts Sugar Donuts Sugar>
[20:34] <Stargazer1955> I'll send you virtual Jim and Blair cyber truffles
[20:34] <Guest_Target> Simply, it's 22 "episodes" airing one night each week,
covering almost anything at all-- needs a plot (i.e. a crime), plenty of Jim/Blair,
angst, whatever.
[20:35] <IrisWilde> BTW, Mackie...just finished Destinies Entwined....loved it!
   characterization was right on target.
<inyx> no ops
[20:35] <bjkira> I don't have donuts, but I'm currently sucking down a bottle of
Arbor Mist (cheap wine for the uninitiated!)
[20:35] <Guest_Target> However, I drew the line with 22 episodes of Blairpain.
Iris, thank!
[20:35] <Guest_Target> Er, Thanks!
[20:35] <RonaP40> We did too.
[20:35] <teddbar06> I'm too hot to move and my
   freezer cup has melted
[20:35] <Guest_Target> Which is probably why we only have a half dozen or
so episodes.  Everyone wants to do Blairpain.
[20:35] <CarolROI> Are we talking script format?
{20:36] <teddbar06> So, Linda, what's your next story going to be about?
[20:36] <bjkira> No, no!  Must have Jimpain!
   **bjkira waves to DawnC**
[20:36] <DawnCapp> LOL
[20:36] <Guest_Target> No, whatever your usual writing style is -- we just ask
for breaks to represent acts, and use of the supporting cast.
[20:36] * DawnCapp waves back
[20:36] <Guest_Target> Jimpain--yep! My episode has Jimpain!
[20:36] <teddbar06> Ooh, good.
[20:36] <wnnepooh> I don't want Blair pain.
[20:36] <bjkira> Oh thank you!
[20:37] <IrisWilde> I'm sure this has been asked, but how do you think Blair's
decision in TSbyBs will affect the sentinel/guide dynamics?
[20:37] <Stargazer1955> Blair should be a vegetable with all his head injuries....
[20:37] <Robyn_Becky> Oh, we didn't know you took prose eps, Linda <G>
[20:37] <teddbar06> I'm working on Jimpain, SimonPain, and Blair to the rescue.
[20:37] <CarolROI> I'll think about it...I have an idea that might work.  Any
length restriction?
[20:37] <wnnepooh> Simonpain and Blair are synonimous, I thought.
[20:37] *** deltaqed ( has joined #sentinel
[20:37] <imbrillig> Long, I hope.
[20:37] <Guest_Target> Length--minimum of 25-30 pages. After that,
LOOOONG is good!
[20:37] <teddbar06> That only a headache
[20:38] *** RonaP40 ( has left #sentinel
[20:38] <Guest_Target> Iris, you're asking the wrong person about
Sentinel/Guide dynamics. I'm still trying to cope with the episode.
[20:38] <Stargazer1955> Linda, do you do a lot of research for your stories?
[20:38] <CarolROI> I don't know how to do short<G>)
[20:39] *** RonaP40 ( has joined #sentinel
[20:39] <Guest_Target> No, I haven't done much research. I've got someone
advising me on Navajo stuff right now so that I don't make a complete idiot
out of myself with my next story.
[20:39] <IrisWilde> Whew!  That makes two of us.  I was beginning to think I
was the only one still in la-la land over that one.
[20:39] *** deltaqed has quit IRC (deltaqed has left the room
[20:40] <imbrillig> How about an enquiring reporter type of thing, MASH did
one of these, re TS by BS with the secondary characters being interviewed?
[20:40] <DawnCapp> you are not the only one in la la land
[20:40] <IrisWilde> Oh, I like the sound of your next story already!
[20:40] <Guest_Target> Wait--imbrillig--are you submitting that as an episode
for us? It sounds great!
[20:40] <Stargazer1955> Do you hear the characters talking in your head -
acting out a scene without any help from you?
[20:40] <Guest_Target> Absolutely--usually it's Jim complaining about the
way I tried to write this or that. In Recovery, Blair up and shocked the heck
out of me by protesting where the story was going.
[20:41] <RonaP40> Is there someone out ther that does the same as me.  Wow!
[20:41] <imbrillig> Hey, I've got time on my hands and my sister is co-director
of a college library and she owes me. ANybody need research done?
[20:41] <bjkira> Ugh - hate those annoying automated alerts!
[20:41] <CarolROI> I see the whole story in my head like an episode.  Camera
angles and all
[20:41] <teddbar06> Navajo specifically, or just the local groups?
[20:42] <Guest_Target> I hear CL is going to set up a research volunteer page.
You should offer to be included in their list.
[20:42] <teddbar06> Like Hopi, as well?
[20:42] <Stargazer1955> Cool, I'm not the only one then!
[20:42] <RonaP40> We're not that weird.  Right?
[20:42] <Robyn_Becky> Yes, imbrillig, I think they have an announcement on
their New page
[20:42] <Stargazer1955> Right!
[20:42] <Guest_Target> No, just Navajo...I don't want to get bogged down in
the lore, but at the same time, I don't want to be totally shallow.
[20:42] <wnnepooh> No, Stargazer, you're not alone.
[20:42] <Stargazer1955> Thanks wnnepooh!
[20:43] <RonaP40> Good to stick with just one tribe.  Confusing if you bring in
more than one.
[20:43] <CarolROI> No definitely not weird.  Those people who don't hear
voices are the weird ones<G>
[20:43] *** Myrna123 ( has joined
[20:43] <Guest_Target> Carol, I read a story that way, but I certainly don't
write that way. It's always just one scene at a time.
[20:43] <teddbar06> I just asked because a lot of people tend to overlap those
[20:43] *** MyrnaMimi has quit IRC (MyrnaMimi has left the room
[20:43] <bjkira> Linda, here's kinda a weird question - the '69 Ford, Ford
Expedition or Ford F-150 - which is your fav?
[20:43] <Guest_Target> The Expedition! I never saw it as a mommy-mobile,
just a powerful, practical car for Cascade.
[20:43] <imbrillig> I'm relatively new to the show. Couldn't do justice to the
story. Now if Dawn wants to set up a chat where people take on a
<CarolROI> Well, I write one scene at a time, but I'm trying to put it down as i
see it
<Robyn_Becky> Three cheers for the Expedition!!!!!
<DawnCapp> imbrillig, you can set up a chat *grin*
<Stargazer1955> I like the Expedition too
<Guest_Target> Hip-hip-hooray!
<wnnepooh> Ugh. Ford.
<Robyn_Becky> I bet Jimmy was *born* in a Ford.
<DawnCapp> oh no! my logger got kicked out
<Robyn_Becky> Yeah, that would be a good story.
<teddbar06> The only one I didn't like was the original 4x4
<DawnCapp> nobody say anything witty until she gets back *grin*
<teddbar06> Or maybe, conceived?
<RonaP40> Too flashy?
<Robyn_Becky> that could work too, TAE
<Stargazer1955> CT sibs are working on a chat line to write a's not
done yet. We all throw in comments/dialogue
[20:45] <teddbar06> Too much testostorone
[20:45] <bjkira> LMAO!
[20:45] <RonaP40> LOL!
[20:45] <DawnCapp> whew! okay you can all be witty again - inyx is back :-)
<inyx> was I gone that long????
[20:45] <bjkira> Naw...
[20:45] <teddbar06> The first one was flashy and a testostorone machine, the
second was practical, and the third was desperation
[20:45] <DawnCapp> LOL. You must have zoned out and not realized how long
<inyx> practicing for writing Jim....
[20:46] <RonaP40> Not desparation.  I believed the insurance angle.
[20:46] <teddbar06> That's desperation
[20:46] <Guest_Target> I love that dialog/chat thingie someone mentioned. Be
sure to tell me where and when!
[20:46] <teddbar06> I should know.  I like those big old gasp-guzzlers.
[20:46] <teddbar06> Gas-guzzlers.
[20:47] <teddbar06> lol
[20:47] <bjkira> Have to disagree Tedd...  The Expedition - while amazingly
beautiful to look at was absolutely wrong for Jim's lifestyle!  Plus the
insurance is an absolute horror on those!
[20:47] <wnnepooh> Gimme a Chevy any day of the week!
[20:47] <Stargazer1955> want to join us Linda? It's the Thin Mint
[20:47] <teddbar06> The expedition is practical for the climate
[20:47] <Guest_Target> Except I know who did it--*I* ate all the Thin
<inyx> oy - the TMC returns...
[20:47] <Revana> Unfortunately, I have a hungry crew to feed. But if anyone
wants even *more* chat time, visit, #sentinel. There is usually
someone there around 9 pm PST.
[20:47] <wnnepooh> WHOA~  someone has GS cookies and isn't sharing?
[20:47] <teddbar06> It's big enough for his macho image, it's enclosed for the
weather, etc.
[20:47] <Stargazer1955> Of course, it's begging to be finished, like the Dust
Buster caper
[20:48] <bjkira> Maybe if he was hauling around a bunch of soccer kids...  (my
apologies to any Expedition owners or soccer-moms out there in advance!)
[20:48] <Stargazer1955> I have 3 boxes left.....
[20:48] <wnnepooh> I want Samoas!  PWEEEEEAAAASSSSE?
[20:48] <teddbar06> If you've ever seen the expidition up close, it's huge.
[20:48] <Stargazer1955> Sorry, don't have those!
[20:48] <DawnCapp> he camps, etc. why isn't the expedition good for him :-)
[20:48] <DawnCapp> it has seatbelts. A plus *grin*
[20:48] <wnnepooh> Thin mints will do nicely.
[20:49] <CarolROI> I agree with you on the huge part TAE
[20:49] <IrisWilde> I'm here...thinking of a brain is not
[20:49] <bjkira> Seen one, been in one - I swear the dang thing has two time
zones inside.
[20:49] <teddbar06> The explorer is a mommie car
[20:49] <imbrillig> Who needds GS cookies when there's Bailey's Irish and
Chocolate Silk Jif.
[20:49] <Guest_Target> Love the Expedition--I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee--it
shoulda been called the Petit Cherokee....
[20:49] <wnnepooh> I have a Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and MY car is bigger
than the Exped.
[20:49] <Guest_Target> Iris, don't think too hard--I probably won't have
anything intelligent to say anyway!
[20:49] <IrisWilde> I'm talking to myself...and whoever may be listening....are
the voices in my head bothering you?  LOL!
[20:49] <teddbar06> I'm currently thinking about getting a nice, old Dodge
[20:50] *** RonaP40 ( has left #sentinel
[20:50] <bjkira> If Jim wanted an itty bitty SUV, he should get a Tracker!
[20:50] <Guest_Target> How about a new Dodge Durango?
[20:50] <wnnepooh> no, I find your voices and my voices are mingling nicely.
[20:50] <teddbar06> They run forever and get good gas milage
[20:50] <teddbar06> Dodge ram
[20:50] <imbrillig> Which of your stories got the most LOCs?
[20:50] <bjkira> Durango would be cool...
[20:50] <Guest_Target> Actually, I got the most LOC's for High Rise, which is
my least favorite story, being plotless, so to speak.
[20:50] <teddbar06> He's a Ford man would never even look at anything else
[20:50] <IrisWilde> Mackie, when are you going to finish...Converstations?  Is
that the title?  Convergence?  Ack!  Whatever, when are you going to finish
[20:50] <DawnCapp> I liked High Rise!!! :-)
[20:51] <Guest_Target> Everyone wants Blairpain, Blairpain,Blairpain...sigh.
[20:51] <DawnCapp> LOL.
[20:51] <teddbar06> Not me.
[20:51] <DawnCapp> Not everyone
[20:51] <wnnepooh> Not me, too.
[20:51] <Myrna123> But Blairpain causes SUCH exquisite Jimpain, I've always
[20:51] <DawnCapp> (only the cool people do) *grin*
[20:51] *** RonaP40 ( has joined #sentinel
[20:51] <Guest_Target> Conversations--it actually has something of a plot
going now. I guess I needed to see TSbyBS to get an idea where it should go.
[20:51] <JustJen526> I'll put in a vote for finishing Conversations, too! :)
[20:51] <bjkira> Uhhhh...  apparently you didn't hear my battle cry for more
[20:51] <Myrna123> If you asked JIm, he'd MUCh rather be the hurtee, so it
hurts him MORE when Blair's the hurtee! ;-)
[20:51] <Guest_Target> Yeah, I don't mind hurting Blair, because I'm an angst
junkie, and Jim does angst soooo well.
[20:51] <teddbar06> Blair's too easy a target.  Jimpain makes for great
[20:52] <CarolROI> I think the physical pain has been done to death.  We need
more psychological pain <G>
[20:52] <bjkira> Bingo, Tedd!
<inyx> sounds good to me
[20:52] <imbrillig> OOO. A plot! Dare we ask?
[20:52] <RonaP40> Dawn's last one.....
[20:52] <Guest_Target> Jen, hi! My brain didn't register your arrival!
[20:52] <JustJen526> Hi. :) Just lurkin'... :)
[20:52] <Guest_Target> imbrillig, you can ask all you want, but it's so vague,
anything I said wouldn't make any sense at all!
[20:53] <Myrna123> I love the way Jim suffers for Blair, though!  I love how
your portrayed Jim's saddness and hopeless and then hopeFULness in
[20:53] <imbrillig> TS by BS is Pyschological pain to the max.! Death before
[20:53] <bjkira> Aw, come on Linda...  just a little hint!
[20:53] <Guest_Target> Oops, more thunder approaching. If I suddenly go
quiet, I'm not    miffed, just out of power.
[20:53] <Robyn_Becky> I thought I saw dark clouds to the east...
[20:53] <DawnCapp> With all that thunder, I'd think you'd be in TX, not CA
[20:53] <Guest_Target> Myrna, thank you!
[20:53] <TateWG> oh, it's thundering here, too
[20:54] <RonaP40> Send it here, Linda.  We need the wet stuff.
[20:54] <DawnCapp> It's sunny here *big grin*
[20:54] <Guest_Target> Hey, I hear rain drops! In the desert!
[20:54] <TateWG> in Texas
[20:54] <CarolROI> I agree imbrillig,  I still don't think Jim understands exactly
what Blair sacrificed.
[20:54] <DawnCapp> (I knew it would be Tate. LOL)
[20:54] <wnnepooh> It's very nice here in DELAWARE right now.  Very low
[20:54] <Guest_Target> That's why my epilog story won't let me alone, and I
just don't have time to write it at the moment.
[20:54] <CarolROI> Quite nice in NJ too
[20:54] <Myrna123> Sorry if I'm asking questions someone else already has,
but I've been switching my chat software around!
[20:54] <DawnCapp> take time off work, Linda, to write it *grin*
[20:55] <Revana> Anyone here in Washington, besides moi?
[20:55] <bjkira> Gorgeous in Iowa - aren't you all jealous???
[20:55] <imbrillig> Which is suprising, considering his Ranger Oath. Unless
Covert Ops skewed his view of honor.
[20:55] <Guest_Target> TAking two weeks the end of this month.  Plan to do a
lot of writing while on vacation.
[20:55] <DawnCapp> It's beautiful here in SD right now so no, BJ LOL
[20:55] <Myrna123> Which ep do you think will be just IMPOSSIBLE to put
together a missing/additional scene for your Transitions series?
[20:55] <DawnCapp> (gee, I was only kidding, Linda) HeHe
[20:55] <RonaP40> Pennies from Heaven?
[20:56] <bjkira> That's okay - I'd rather be back at Bristol...  **sigh**
[20:56] <BSgal> Beautiful in central Michigan right now...but it is Michigan
and it could change in an hour <g>
[20:56] <Guest_Target> My memory isn't very good, so I need to watch each
episode before I can think up a scene.
[20:56] <Guest_Target> It's a hardship<g>
[20:56] <DawnCapp> what torture that must be for you
[20:56] <CarolROI> LOL\
[20:56] <RonaP40> Torture to have to watch the shows over and over and
over and...
[20:56] <RonaP40> ;-)
[20:56] <DawnCapp> (though watching INSIDE MAN is going above and
[20:56] <wnnepooh> LOL
[20:56] <Robyn_Becky> Linda, what would you do if you had Jim and Blair to
yourself for a day?
[20:57] <bjkira> Hey!  Was anybody watching USA network this weekend - am
I crazy or did I see a promo for TS that said 'Prepare for Blair'?
[20:57] <Guest_Target> A poor memory is probably why my house is filled
with books -- I can read something I read 5 years ago, and it'll be as if I'd never
cracked the cover before.
[20:57] <IrisWilde> I dunno, Inside Man has a shirtless has it's
   qualities. <g
[20:57] <DawnCapp> Wow! BJ I'd die if I saw that :-) (I'm prepared, always)
[20:57] <RonaP40> Nah.  That's for an independent film called Blair Witch
something or other.
[20:57] <bjkira> Ugh - Inside Man - only if I was tied to a table and had my
eyeballs taped open!
[20:57] <DawnCapp> Yeah, but Blair gets punched out in 0.2 seconds
[20:57] <wnnepooh> Not a promo for TS, some goofy SciFi crap on the Blair
[20:58] <DawnCapp> dang
[20:58] <Guest_Target> R_B: I'd slap Jim silly, send Blair out for ice cream, and
then do things with Jim that aren't suitable for this site...
[20:58] <DawnCapp> I still like the "prepare for Blair" bit :-)
[20:58] <IrisWilde> No, the Prepare for Blair is for the Curse of the Blair Witch
promo on Sci-Fi
[20:58] <Robyn_Becky> LOLOLOLOL!!! I'll have you know Becky predicted
that answer...
[20:58] <DawnCapp> we're adults *grin* (aren't we?)
[20:58] <bjkira> Oh...
[20:58] <imbrillig> Hey, Mackie, get Caine to teach Blair some defensive moves.
[20:58] <RonaP40> I certainly hope so.  <grin>
[20:58] <Robyn_Becky> except that I thought you would lock Blair in a closet
[20:58] <Guest_Target> And I've only met Becky a few times--am I sooo
[20:58] <IrisWilde> The movie will be released this week...The Blair Witch
<inyx> aw - but i noticed someone mentioned to day that TV Land <?> is
running Both Viper and The Sentinel...
[20:59] <wnnepooh> You know, you can always send Blair to my house...
[20:59] <Robyn_Becky> We LOOOOVE you Linda! <G>
[20:59] <imbrillig> What would you dop woth the ice cream when he brought it
back <g>?
[20:59] <DawnCapp> LOL
[20:59] *** RonaP40 has quit IRC (RonaP40 has left the room
[20:59] *** Revana ( has left #sentinel
[20:59] <DawnCapp> Blair wouldn't make it back. He'd get sidetracked by the
icecream girl
[20:59] <Guest_Target> I guess 'cause I'm old, I feel motherly toward Blair. Jim,
on the other hand.... The ice cream--depends on the weather outside and how
much cooling the ol' system requires.
[20:59] <DawnCapp> Well, he's just right for my age He He
[20:59] <Robyn_Becky> the icecream girl would be DawnC who got the hot tip
from Linda
[21:00] <bjkira> ROFLMAO!
[21:00] <DawnCapp> LOL. Frozen Yogurt then *grin*
[21:00] <DawnCapp> With Almonds, Iris
[21:00] <wnnepooh> I'm inbetween BOTH men, and I fit into both their dating
[21:00] <Robyn_Becky> and we would just *happen* to be in the area too
[21:00] <IrisWilde> Ick!!!
[21:00] <Guest_Target> Blair kidnapped *again*? At dog-point!
[21:00] *** Stargazer1955 ( has left
[21:00] <imbrillig> WHich season contributed most to your understanding of
the characters as used in your fiction?
[21:00] <DawnCapp> Hey, having a pit bull is ocassionally good for
something *evil grin*
[21:00] <DawnCapp> good question imbrillig
[21:01] <Robyn_Becky> Blair would love Fitz -- they have the same eyes
[21:01] <bjkira> Well, age-wise I'm closer to Blair, but Jim would just have to
look in my
   direction...  sigh...
[21:01] <Guest_Target> Probably one and two. I have to read fanfic and the
list comments before I grasp seasons three and four....
[21:01] <DawnCapp> (yes and they both really like table legs)
[21:01] <Robyn_Becky> LOL!!!
[21:01] <wnnepooh> snerk
[21:01] <bjkira> Linda - how did you come up with the name for your website?
<inyx> I can honestly say -I'm closer to Jim's age - depending on what
birthdate you give him...
[21:02] <Guest_Target> Hey, we've seen Jim jump anything female...but Blair's
love life seems to be mostly in his imagination!
[21:02] <DawnCapp> no, he had Sam and Christine and Maya and the nurse
and the two women he was praying about behind the vending machine and...
and... that chick in Smart Alec and....
[21:02] <wnnepooh> Actually, he said he'd written it all down in his journals.
THat's what got blair in trouble
[21:02] <Guest_Target> Idol Pursuits is the name I used when I published
fanzines (well, *a* fanzine), and it's the name I use when I bother to do music
[21:03] <Robyn_Becky> I didn't know you did vids Linda!
[21:03] <DawnCapp> ooooh music videos oooh
[21:03] <DawnCapp> I finally found the one with the MAN SONG, dangit!
[21:03] <DawnCapp> *grin*
[21:03] <CarolROI> The man song?
[21:03] <wnnepooh> music vids?  whose?
[21:03] <bjkira> HUH?
[21:04] <DawnCapp> that song "the man song" all about JIM - it's hilarious
[21:04] *** Stargazer1955 ( has joined
[21:04] <Guest_Target> So when do I get to see it?
[21:04] <Robyn_Becky> yeah, Becky and I want to see that one too
[21:04] <DawnCapp> :-) we shall have to have another get together some time
[21:04] <bjkira> Speaking of songs - am I the only one who immediately thinks
of JE when I hear the new Santana song 'Smooth'?
[21:04] <Stargazer1955> I'm back. I got kicked off and had to shut down the
whole computer to be able to get on again.
[21:04] <Robyn_Becky> yes, in southern California this time!!!
[21:05] <Guest_Target> I have several TS vids, most of them by Sarah Adams.
[21:05] <DawnCapp> then you two host *ducking*
[21:05] <Robyn_Becky> If you don't mind being crammed into our little
apartment, sure!
[21:05] <Stargazer1955> I have those too! They're great
[21:05] <Guest_Target> We can do it at my place --it's between central and
southern California.
[21:05] <Stargazer1955> Y
[21:05] <Guest_Target> I have a pool, a BBQ, and lots of floor space.
[21:05] <DawnCapp> oooooooh.
[21:05] <Stargazer1955> Y'all can come to Wisconsin - I can house about 20
[21:05] <wnnepooh> floor space is cool...
[21:05] <DawnCapp> now if only my car will make it that far...
[21:06] <IrisWilde> Oh fine...just ignore us Midwesterners...we're used to it. <g
[21:06] <Robyn_Becky> COOOL!!!!! -- well, not where you live, but you know
what I mean
[21:06] <bjkira> Stargazer - where in Wisconsin - I was just there!
[21:06] <IrisWilde> Everything *has* to be in California.  Gee!
[21:06] <Stargazer1955> Hey Iris! I just invited ya! bj- I'm just north of
Milwaukee -0 where where you?
[21:06] <Guest_Target> Hey, there have been Sentinel get togethers all over
the place, but I don't recall one here in So. Cal.
[21:06] <Robyn_Becky> Iris, you'll just have to hop on a train and come visit!
[21:06] <bjkira> Oooh, got that right - totally OT, but Iowa has not had a Star
Trek convention in over 4 years!!!!!!!!!!
[21:06] <IrisWilde> Indiana...I can drive to WI
[21:07] <Guest_Target> Oh, great, now leave us Westerners out of
[21:07] <Stargazer1955> Linda - you're invited....
[21:07] <wnnepooh> We need some East coasters to get together...
[21:07] <bjkira> Stargazer - I'm in Norwalk, IA, but I have an aunt & uncle in
Genoa City and my aunt works in Milwaukee, so I'm familiar with the area!
[21:07] <IrisWilde> You guys get *everything*.....whine!
[21:07] <Stargazer1955> Oh, my god! Who's your aunt? I grew up in Lake
Geneva! and I'm coming to Iowa in August!
[21:07] <BSgal> where in Indiana Iris? I was born a Hoosier!
[21:07] *** CarolROI ( has left #sentinel
[21:08] <IrisWilde> Gas City....stop laughing.
[21:08] <Stargazer1955> I'm in Thiensville - just north of Milw - we're
surrounded by Mequon
[21:08] <DawnCapp> LOL
[21:08] <Stargazer1955> LOL HAHAHAHAHAHA Iris!
[21:08] <Guest_Target> Hee-hee.
[21:08] <Robyn_Becky> Tell them about your city hall, Iris
[21:08] <Stargazer1955> Yes, you can shoot me Iris....
[21:08] <teddbar06> So, Linda, when would you like to have this party?  Over
Labor Day?
[21:08] <bjkira> No way!  My aunt is Joyce DeLong, my uncle is John DeLong,
he's the financial administrator for Genoa City School District.
[21:08] <Guest_Target> Sounds good -- plan on hot and windy.
[21:09] <IrisWilde> Yeah, go ahead, yuck it up.  I'm gonna write a story and
have Jim/Blair visit our most famous landmark...
[21:09] <wnnepooh> Please don't tell me the Gas City city hall is a huge
[21:09] <BSgal> Never...<snicker> heard of <gasP> it. I was born in Angola!
[21:09] <teddbar06> Same all over California
[21:09] <Stargazer1955> Oh, no! My sister is friends with a couple of the
teachers at Genoa City
[21:09] <IrisWilde> The City of Gas City City Hall
[21:09] <Stargazer1955> BJ, what's your email addy?
[21:09] <BSgal> Which is???
[21:09] <Guest_Target> Say what? Did someone stutter?
[21:09] <bjkira> Small world!  ROFL!
[21:10] <bjkira> - e-mail me
   anytime you're headed to Iowa - what's your addy?
[21:10] <BSgal> ROTFLOL
[21:10] *** Myrna123 has quit IRC (Leaving
[21:10] <wnnepooh> No pump in Gas City?
<inyx> BSgal - a NY'er?
[21:10] *** CarolROI ( has joined #sentinel
[21:10] <Stargazer1955>
[21:10] <IrisWilde> Three for one sale on the word City.  We have gas
pumps...about every 3 blocks
[21:10] * DawnCapp will be back after she feeds her whiny dog
[21:10] <BSgal> NO, man. I live in Michigan.
[21:10] <CarolROI> argh was locked up again
[21:10] <Guest_Target> Bonnie, you're BSgal?
[21:10] <Stargazer1955> No....not BS gal
[21:11] <Stargazer1955> Stargazer1955
<inyx> Just trying to place Angola - I know of one in NY State
[21:11] <Guest_Target> Oh, Stargazer--so much for my reading ability.
[21:11] <CarolROI> There's Angola IN
[21:11] <Guest_Target> Bonnie, I got it! I got it!<blushing with embarrassment)
<inyx> having spent 15 years in Niagara Falls, Ont...
[21:11] <Stargazer1955> LOL! Why do you think I asked the questions I did?
snicker, snicker
[21:11] <bjkira> Bonnie - that is just dang amazing - ExecPC is the online
service my aunt & uncle use!!!!
[21:11] <BSgal> Angola, Indiana is just outside the south border of Michigan
<inyx> ah,
[21:11] <Guest_Target> Sneaky woman.
[21:11] <Stargazer1955> heheheheheheheeeee
[21:11] <IrisWilde> Yep, just passed it on my way home from Detroit a few
weeks ago.
[21:12] <Stargazer1955> you ought to know I'm sneaky, right guys?
[21:12] <teddbar06> No, really?
[21:12] <Stargazer1955> LOL TAE!
[21:12] <Guest_Target> Hey, Bonnie, isn't it past your bedtime!?!<g>
[21:12] <IrisWilde> So Mackie, are you going to do a sequel to Dest. Ent?
[21:12] <wnnepooh> I'm confuzzed...
[21:12] <Stargazer1955> huff!
[21:12] <BSgal> Iris, did you go through Jackson on  I-94?
[21:12] <Guest_Target> Sequels--yes, I'm a sucker for sequels. Always seem
to find something else I wanted to say.
[21:12] <Stargazer1955> BJ, execpc is the local ISP for southern Wis and
northern IL
[21:13] <teddbar06> How about missing scenes from your own stories?
<inyx> could be interesting
[21:13] <Guest_Target> Eddie, done any storyboarding for anyone on VS?
[21:13] <wnnepooh> I was gonna ask that, Tae...
[21:13] <imbrillig> When in the series did Destinies Entwined take place?
[21:13] <Stargazer1955> Linda, you're lucky I made it tonight.  Went camping
with the girl scouts last night. Only got 2 hours of sleep!
[21:13] <Guest_Target> I do missing scenes for some of my stories--I call them
Interludes. I think I've only done 2 so far.
[21:13] <wnnepooh> Just Renae's and my ep.
[21:14] <Guest_Target> Oh, good, glad we have at least one episode coming
[21:14] <teddbar06> I've got to go fix dinner and set up vcrs, who wants
[21:14] <Guest_Target> You have more stamina than I, Bonnie!
[21:14] <bjkira> Tae - copies of what?
[21:14] <teddbar06> I'm going to tape the entire ep on Hollywood Homes, even
though RB is only at the end.
[21:14] <wnnepooh> OOOHHH.  Girl Sprout Camping.  Do your ears hang low,
do they wobble to and fro, can you tie 'em in a knot
[21:15] <Guest_Target> dest. Ent. probably happening during 2nd season or
early third...I    really keep my time periods as generic as possible unless I'm
addressing a specific episode.
[21:15] <IrisWilde> BSgal--No, I used the toll road....90, I think it was.
<inyx> From Stargazer: Gray, could you tell Linda that I'll pay for it tomorrow
and the rest of the week? I got kicked out again!
[21:16] <Guest_Target> Bummer, a lot of that going around tonight.
[21:16] <teddbar06> So, if no one needs a copy, I need to get going.  There's a
couple of hungry people here who need me to go melt in the kitchen.  I'll make
one extra copy, just in case someone needs it.
<inyx> TAE - contact me and let me know what I owe you for a copy of that
[21:16] <Guest_Target> I may need it--having gone satellite, I have no idea
when it'll air.
<inyx> I do want one
[21:17] <teddbar06> OK. In that case, I'll make three extras and let you know
<inyx> thanks!
[21:17] <wnnepooh> Tae - enjoy the rest of the show, it is actually interesting.
[21:17] <Guest_Target> Goodie!
[21:17] *** Stargazer1955 ( has left
[21:17] <teddbar06> Cool.  talk at you all later.
[21:17] <Guest_Target> By, TAE.
<inyx> night
[21:17] *** teddbar06 has quit IRC (teddbar06 has left the room
[21:17] <wnnepooh> night, tae.
[21:17] <bjkira> Night, TAE!
[21:18] <BSgal> Bye, TAE
[21:18] <Guest_Target> BSgal, glad to see you found my 'e' for "bye".
[21:18] <Guest_Target> (I dropped it somewhere....)
[21:19] <wnnepooh> I think I tripped over it.
[21:19] <TateWG> Hey guys, wet actually.  I got soaked earlier.
[21:19] <BSgal> Welcome! Did anyone find the r that fell out of my 'your'  a
while ago? <g>
[21:19] <imbrillig> Night all.
[21:19] <Guest_Target> Ouch! Hope it didn't hurt.
[21:19] <IrisWilde> Ask Dawn about the problems one encounters when the e
is dropped from Goodbye..(Good-by...)
[21:19] <wnnepooh> I'm low to the ground.
[21:19] <DawnCapp> lol
[21:19] <Guest_Target> Me, too.  I have a well-padded center of gravity!<g>
[21:19] <DawnCapp> I'm back, yeah - and thanks for that POEM, Iris
[21:19] <IrisWilde> LOL!!!
[21:20] <BSgal> Me too, Linda!
[21:20] <imbrillig> Dawn, is there a story to go with that poem?
[21:20] *** CarolROI has quit IRC (CarolROI has left the room
[21:20] *** stargazer1955 ( has joined
[21:20] <Guest_Target> Dawn, *what* is this looong story I keep hearing
about...oh, wait, you teased me with it, right? The one Jane's beta-ing?
[21:21] <DawnCapp> not at the moment. I was thinking about using it in the
current story but found something else
[21:21] <wnnepooh> I don't know about padded centers of gravity.  I just have
a big butt, and am an official munchkin.
[21:21] <DawnCapp> It's just always been one of my favs and I could never
find it :-)
[21:21] <Guest_Target> Please, Eddie, we're all "ladies" here--hee-hee.
[21:21] <DawnCapp> It's LONG - way long - nice and long *grin*
[21:21] <Guest_Target> So when do you type THE END on this Looooong
[21:21] <DawnCapp> Hephaistos prob hates me by now LOL
[21:22] <wnnepooh> but I WAS being nice.  I coulda said *rse.
[21:22] <BSgal> Linda, was anyone planning, talking about, expressed any
interest in making a zine out of the V5 season when it is completed?
[21:22] <DawnCapp> The End? Whenever the End comes. *grin*
[21:22] <Guest_Target> No, BSgal, no one's mentioned a fanzine. Might be an
idea, though.
[21:22] <DawnCapp> a good idea, I think :-)
<inyx> I think that could be fun to read
[21:22] <bjkira> SPEAKING of Jane, when is her pending story going to
finish???  Hmmmm?
[21:23] <DawnCapp> wish I knew!
[21:23] <Guest_Target> Could be a very short zine, considering the way it's
[21:23] <imbrillig> Does anyone know where Stories.
[21:23] <wnnepooh> I don't know about that Mack.  I was kinda hoping to
post on my pages sometime after the "aire date."
[21:23] <Guest_Target> huh?
[21:23] <imbrillig> oops. cancel my last.
[21:23] <Guest_Target> Eddie, yep, that's the deal. After a month, you can
post it where you want!
[21:24] <IrisWilde> When will the first "ep" air?
[21:24] <BSgal> I'd be very interested in it. Also, since I attended the art
auction at MediaWest Con I am trying my hand at artwork once again after
not having done it in quite a while.
[21:24] <Guest_Target> Iris, will you be submitting an episode? BJ? Tate?
<shameless begging here>
[21:25] <Guest_Target> BSgal--artwork is great! We can use some.
[21:25] <Robyn_Becky> so does this mean you're still taking submissions,
<inyx> do you have a "bible" for the VS?
[21:25] <bjkira> Uhhh...  How does one submit an ep for VS?
[21:25] <imbrillig> Who's gonna "fix" the reputation thing?
[21:25] <Guest_Target> Absolutely--I'm hussling, begging, pleading for
[21:25] <wnnepooh> YES YES YES! RECRUITSSS!!!
[21:25] <IrisWilde> I might after I've finished the oodles already in progress.
[21:25] <TateWG> A friend kinda was on the same wavelength and is now
writing a story I'd considered, Linda.
[21:26] <TateWG> I've gotta come up with something new.
[21:26] <bjkira> hahahaha!  ROFL - are you sure you want *me* as a recruit?
[21:26] <Guest_Target> BJ, you can send a synopsis to me at, and I'll forward it to our story editors. After that, it's a
detailed outline to figure out use of supporting cast and stuff, then...
[21:26] <Guest_Target> the rough draft...then the final.  All quite painless.
<inyx> Mackie - is there some kind of arc for the VS or a "bible" for it? and
[21:27] <Guest_Target> Where did that great idea go -- the "interview"
thingie? Who suggested that?
[21:27] <Robyn_Becky> story editors sound scary Linda...
[21:27] <wnnepooh> That would be an awesome bit, Mack!
[21:27] <imbrillig> Um, I did. But its free for the taking.
[21:27] <Guest_Target> Yeah, consider me an intermediary in the event the
story editors seem to scary!
[21:27] <wnnepooh> Nice ensemble piece - good chance to do some "public"
[21:28] <JustJen526> They aren't scary. :)
[21:28] <Guest_Target> Inyx, check out the website--
TelevisionCity/Network/4881 -- for the writer's guide. There isn't much in the
way of "fanon" yet, but we're working on it!
[21:28] <Guest_Target> We have an arc for the first few episodes, and hope to
do an arc for the next few as well.
<inyx> okay - that's what I needed to know - I'll see if I can come up with
<inyx> that's a good way to go - if you can get the writers to go along with the
[21:29] <imbrillig> Sorta the ol' "He was asked to do it to because we had an
ongoing investigation and just look what the Uni did to him?"
[21:29] <Guest_Target> Tate--want to write a M*A*S*H like interview
episode? (Remember when Hawkeye and Trapper were interviewed?)
[21:30] <TateWG> I watched MASH, but I dont' rememer that one.
[21:30] <imbrillig> OOOO. Talk about difference between reputation and honor
or integrity and probity!!!
[21:30] <Guest_Target> They did several--I'll mail you a full description.
[21:30] <wnnepooh> You know, we could bring back some of the previous
other characters ~ that sleazy reporter from True Crime comes to mind.
[21:31] <Guest_Target> Actually, imbrillig should write Tate to more fully
outline her idea!
[21:31] <Guest_Target> Getting better here---I think we have an episode!
[21:31] <bjkira> I think we gotta bring back the 'Rogue' guy - oh, crap - his
name eludes me at the moment.
[21:32] <imbrillig> I've got questions. I just don't know the characters well
enough to have the answers.
[21:32] <Guest_Target> imbrillig, meet Tate, author extraordinaire.  Tate, meet
imbrillig, with a great idea....
[21:32] <wnnepooh> BRackett?  How do forget that b*****d
[21:32] <bjkira> I've got to quit drinking and surfing.  **grin**
[21:33] <Guest_Target> Ugh...Brackett? Well, if I must....
[21:33] <IrisWilde> Hey, I'm working on a Brackett story!
[21:33] <Guest_Target> Iris, sounds like a VS episode to me!<g>
[21:33] <bjkira> Oh yeah, we've got to.  If there's one thing that always sticks
in my mind, it's characters who never gets their 'just desserts'!
[21:33] <BSgal> Great Iris! Can't wait!
[21:33] <IrisWilde> Nah, probably too AU.
[21:34] <wnnepooh> why would that be?
[21:34] <imbrillig> Got me. I never saw Rogue.
[21:34] <IrisWilde> Let's just say I hope to explain Cassie's disappearance.
[21:34] <bjkira> So?  What's wrong with an AU?
[21:34] <IrisWilde> AU and V5 do not mix. <G
[21:34] <Guest_Target> Wait, this just keeps getting better. Iris--I'm begging
<inyx> ;-) were she and Brackett in cahoots?
[21:34] <stargazer1955> I want to read it Iris!
[21:34] <wnnepooh> And that's a problem?  Her disappearance?  Unless she
went back with her mothership, it's not AU.
[21:35] <bjkira> I know what happened to her - saw her on an ep of 'Big Easy'
about a year and a half ago.  Still annoying as ever...
[21:35] <imbrillig> Wait a minute, V5 is in a sense AU - there's no canon to
contradict it....yet!
[21:35] <Guest_Target> Well, Iris, you could always make it a *dream* ala
[21:35] <IrisWilde> Okay Linda...your take on Cassie.  Why do we love to hate
[21:35] <bjkira> But, I digress - she moved to New Orleans and started
annoying the police department down there!
[21:35] <wnnepooh> Saw that ep.  Saw her on Love Boat, too.  DO NOT ask
WHY I was watching. I was Drunk.
<inyx> because she *is*?
[21:36] <BSgal> Cassie turns out to be the perfect croonie for Bracket! Yahoo!
[21:36] <IrisWilde> New Orleans?  Is that canon?
[21:36] <Guest_Target> Because she was pushy, self-centered, and not very
[21:36] <IrisWilde> NO!  That'smy story!!!
[21:36] <IrisWilde> LOL!
[21:37] <Robyn_Becky> Well, Becky and I have to go pick up our pizza before
the E! special comes on...
[21:37] <DawnCapp> dang, now you have me wanting Pizza
[21:37] <stargazer1955> Bye Robyn Bye Becky!
<inyx> Dawn - do you want me to continue to log this or are we done for the
[21:37] <bjkira> Canon as in, I saw her on 'The Big Easy' and she was some
two bit character who was the roommate of a main character that was missing,
right Wnnepooh?
[21:37] <BSgal> She was a FLOOD on the senses...and I don't mean that in a
nice way.
<inyx> night
[21:37] <Guest_Target> OK, thanks for coming, guys. If I can't get the dang
show off satellite, I may have to bum a copy from you (or TAE, or some kind
[21:37] <wnnepooh> bye beck, bye robyn
[21:38] <bjkira> Bye R & B!
[21:38] <DawnCapp> bye bye
[21:38] <IrisWilde> Bye Becky!  Bye Robyn!!  Hugs
[21:38] <Robyn_Becky> Bye-bye everyone!
[21:38] <Guest_Target> Bye!
[21:38] <Robyn_Becky> Linda, great chat!
[21:38] <Guest_Target> Thanks!
[21:38] <wnnepooh> I vaguely remember that.  Might have to pull out my tape
of it...
[21:38] <BSgal> Bye B and R!
[21:38] <Robyn_Becky> Now we're going to go eat some esophagus...
[21:38] <Robyn_Becky> <G>
[21:38] *** Robyn_Becky has quit IRC (Robyn_Becky has left the room
[21:38] <bjkira> Ewwww!
[21:38] <wnnepooh> eyewwwww
[21:39] <stargazer1955> why? Robyn....
[21:39] <Guest_Target> esophagus and whale meat pizza...sounds *very*
California to me!
[21:39] <IrisWilde> But Cassie's disappearance was not mentioned on the
series, right?
[21:39] <bjkira> Somehow, I just don't think I'll be wanting a pizza for awhile.
[21:39] <Guest_Target> Iris, she simply vanished (and good riddance...)
[21:39] *** JustJen526 has quit IRC (Leaving
[21:39] <wnnepooh> narwhal tusk! don't forget the narwhal tusk!!!
[21:39] <Guest_Target> narwhal tusk--too crunchy for a pizza--the bits get
stuck between your teeth....
[21:39] <IrisWilde> Gotcha...thought I'd missed something.
[21:39] <stargazer1955> but narhwal tusk is an aphrodiasic, if I rmemeber the
ep correctly
[21:40] <wnnepooh> Cassie was taken back to the home planet for failing in
her mission to break up Jim and Blair.
[21:40] <bjkira> Ohhhh, yuck!
[21:40] <Guest_Target> All right, bring on the tusk, and send Blair for ice
[21:40] <bjkira> Crunchy?
[21:40] <stargazer1955> lol
<inyx> mackie - we gonna hafta fight over Jim?
[21:40] <wnnepooh> They order the Narwhal tusk and I'll send over Jim and
Blair to them.
[21:40] <DawnCapp> ah yes, but you gotta love that bumping chests scene
btwn Jim and Blair :-)
[21:40] <Guest_Target> Nah, I'll share....maybe.....
[21:40] <bjkira> No - she was arrested by the fashion police for that hideous
dress she wore in Mirror Image (end of ep - black dress - totally ill-fitting)
[21:41] <BSgal> I can get Blair out of you ladies way for a while.....
[21:41] <wnnepooh> SNERK!!!
<inyx> bad enough we "fought" over the baseball cap at the May 24th
[21:41] <Guest_Target> BSgal, OK, but only if I get to mother him a bit first....
[21:41] <IrisWilde> WEll, it was better than that pink coat of Megan's...and I
*like* Megan.
[21:41] <Guest_Target> We were fighting over the 8-ball cap?
<inyx> yeppers
[21:41] <wnnepooh> I think maybe Cassie went into the interior design
business. After all, she DID take some classes... snort.
[21:42] <bjkira> You gotta love the 'Cruella DeVille' comment!
[21:42] <Guest_Target> I must have just been a bit crazier than you that day!
<inyx> no - I got the script....
[21:42] <BSgal> I liked Megan the first time she called Blair Sandy.
[21:42] <Guest_Target> I tried for the other cap too...was that you?
<inyx> yes - that one too]
[21:42] <DawnCapp> oh, actually I didn't like that but it's grown on me *grin*
[21:42] <Guest_Target> You have the honor of being the *only* person to
ever outbid me.
[21:42] <IrisWilde> LOL!!!  There should be an official challenge...explain
   disappearance.  I've seen a few stories.  What would you do to explain it,
<inyx> I'm happy with just the script - it sits behind me
[21:43] <Guest_Target> I have no explanation for Cassie--perhaps she married
Dean Valentine?
[21:43] <stargazer1955> Inyx has a copy of it on her web page
[21:43] <IrisWilde> Behind you?  That must make using the toilet interesting.
[21:43] <BSgal> I've read a couple where she's ended up sliced and diced.
[21:43] <Guest_Target> IRIS!
[21:43] <DawnCapp> Hey now, Ruby requested that :-)
[21:43] <IrisWilde> PErhaps she *was* Dean drag.
[21:44] <Guest_Target> Now *that* makes perfect sense.
<inyx> since I'm not in the bathroom - it has it's place of honour beside the TV
[21:44] <IrisWilde> Gotcha! <g>
<inyx> ;-P
[21:44] <stargazer1955> hey gray, put up your url so folks can go see it for
[21:45] <TateWG> Bye guys!  Linda!  Going to go get my tape ready.
[21:45] <DawnCapp> bye tate
[21:45] <stargazer1955> Bye tate
<inyx> hey - last weekend at Nightowl's relaxacon -we had a DV effigy that
had the stuffing knocked out of him - and the heart he doesn't have was a
[21:45] <Guest_Target> Bye, Tate! Thanks for coming.
<inyx> night tate
[21:45] <imbrillig> ByeTate.
[21:45] <TateWG> bye, night
<inyx> TelevisionCity/4915
[21:45] <wnnepooh> bye tate
[21:45] <IrisWilde> Bye Tate.
[21:45] <bjkira> So - Linda - can we expect another TS/KFTLC crossover from
you?  I really, really enjoyed Destinies Entwined!  (read it wayyyyy back
before it was finished!)
[21:45] <BSgal> bye Tate
[21:45] *** TateWG has quit IRC (TateWG has left the room
[21:46] <Guest_Target> BJ, yep, I've gotten a lot of requests for a sequel.
[21:46] <stargazer1955> who do you think bugged Linda to finish Destinies?
[21:46] <Guest_Target> And I swear I'll never post in parts again (of course,
that vow lasts about five seconds....)
[21:46] <bjkira> Shoulda known!
[21:46] <wnnepooh> sequel sequel sequel...
[21:46] <imbrillig> No, no. The question is WHEN do we get the sequel. I'll
take parts.
[21:46] <stargazer1955> Of course! It was about once a month, I think or every
time I talked to Linda, right Linda?
[21:46] <bjkira> Parts is good!
[21:47] <Guest_Target> When--a long time down the road. I have *three*
stories I *have* to finish soon.
<inyx> ;-)
[21:47] <imbrillig> Soon? How soon?
[21:47] <Guest_Target> Bonnie, I heard the whip cracking even in my
[21:47] <imbrillig> Which soon?
[21:47] <stargazer1955> LOL! mwahahahahahaha
[21:48] <Guest_Target> I have a TS/Crow: Stairway to Heaven almost finished,
an auction story,  and...(drum-roll) Conversations, the never-finished.
[21:48] <wnnepooh> sequel, sequel, sequel...
[21:48] <stargazer1955> cool! but I want a sequel to Destinies!
[21:48] <imbrillig> Sequel, sequel...
[21:48] <Guest_Target> Does anyone else hear chanting?...<g>
[21:48] <IrisWilde> Yea!!!  Conversations!!!
[21:48] <stargazer1955> sequel sequel sequel
<inyx> that's almost as bad as all of MC crowding into my little cubicle at work
and telling me the story I was to write - it's #6, and I'm only working on #2
right now...
[21:49] <bjkira> OHHHHH MY GAAAWD - a TS/TC:STH???? I think I've died
and gone to heaven!!!!!
[21:49] <wnnepooh> sequel sequel sequel... all together now.
[21:49] <stargazer1955> uh oh...we have got to talk tomorrow Gray!
<inyx> who was your consultant on Destinies
[21:49] <Guest_Target> Yeah, with a little X-Files and Early Edition in very
small parts.
[21:49] <imbrillig> sequel, sequel, sequel [21:49] <stargazer1955> sequel sequel
[21:49] <Guest_Target> No one was my consultant on DE--I loved KF:TLC.
<inyx> ah okay
[21:49] <wnnepooh> sequel sequel sequel  (VBEG)
[21:49] <IrisWilde> Gee!  Trying to see how many series you can put into one
[21:50] <imbrillig> I didn't until I read DES ENT.
[21:50] <bjkira> I have GOT to know the minute that one's posted - okay,
[21:50] <Guest_Target> No--I needed some FBI in a minor role, so I decided to
work with known characters, and the Early Edition was just a way to jumpstart
the plot.
<inyx> neat
[21:51] <wnnepooh> I knew I wasn't the only one who did that!
[21:51] <Guest_Target> BJ, OK--if you join mackielist over at onelist, you'll be
the first
   to know.
[21:51] <IrisWilde> Cool! sequel Well if sequel anyone can do sequel it, you
can sequel.
[21:51] <DawnCapp> LOL, Linda, you may find this odd but I watched KUNG
Fu but didn't like Caine (the priest) all that much. :-) I liked him better in your
[21:51] <Guest_Target> Iris, you're waxing poetic tonight!
[21:51] <bjkira> I'm there!  Mackielist - got it!
[21:51] <IrisWilde> Just a few subliminal messages, dear. <g
[21:51] <Guest_Target> I like Caine--it's David Carradine I don't much like.
[21:52] <imbrillig> Ditto.
[21:52] <IrisWilde> LOL!!  Same here...and I always wanted his characters to
speak just a wee bit faster.
[21:52] <wnnepooh> I always enjoyed the original KF, but I found I liked
David Carradine much better in TLC.  he seemed more human.
[21:52] <IrisWilde> character...singular...
[21:52] <Guest_Target> I think Peter made up for it with his machine-gun
[21:53] <DawnCapp> LOL
[21:53] <IrisWilde> Yep!  I could understand him!
[21:53] <BSgal> Didn't they call Peter "kid" alot also on KF:TLC?
[21:53] <imbrillig> It's the family thing. Made him more human. Hey, does Jim
ever get to be Uncle Jim to Blair's kids or vice versa?
[21:54] <Guest_Target> Hey, I gotta go check my satellite guide and see if I
can find the show I need to record. If you guys keep talking, I'll be back in a
minute.... <can you tell I'm having a good time>
[21:54] <bjkira> Good - so I'm not the only one who wanted to whack Caine on
the back and say, "Spit it out, man!"
[21:54] <DawnCapp> LOL! No, I always thought, "God forbid that this man
should ever have to leave a message on an answering machine..."
[21:54] <wnnepooh> There was an awesome bit when Caine tried to use
contractions.  WAY funny.
[21:54] <IrisWilde> LOL!!  Go to.....Chinatown......
   ask for........Caine....I will.......helpp.....
[21:54] <BSgal> LOL, Dawn!
[21:54] <IrisWilde> ........
[21:54] <IrisWilde> .......
[21:54] <IrisWilde> you.
[21:55] <DawnCapp> I can see it now:  "I... am.... Caine... I.... will.... BEEP!"
[21:55] <imbrillig> I asked my speech pathologist sister if she could help him.
She said she wasn't a neurosurgeon she was a speech pathologist.
[21:55] <IrisWilde> LOL!!!
[21:55] <BSgal> LOL<LOL
[21:55] <wnnepooh> LOL, ROFLMAO
[21:55] <stargazer1955> imbrillig, where does your sister work?
[21:55] <bjkira> ROFLMAO
[21:55] <imbrillig> Bethlehem, PA
[21:55] <wnnepooh> EAST COASTER!!!!!
[21:55] <stargazer1955> hospital based, school, or nursing home?
[21:56] <imbrillig> My niece is doing her masters in Speech in Arizona.
Independent - early intervention, some nursing home.
<inyx> I'm going to leave for the evening - Dawn - the log will be on it's way
to you shortly!
[21:57] <imbrillig> oops. Reading and typing confused the issue. My sister is
the employed speech pathologist.
[21:57] <stargazer1955> Okay....tell your niece good luck. No jobs. I'm a
nursing home speech path and was working 40 hours per week, now less than 10,
sometimes 145 hours
[21:57] <DawnCapp> Okay, gray! Thanks!
[21:57] <Guest_Target> I'm back--even the satellite's showing it at 7. How cool.
[21:57] <DawnCapp> (I feel like Im in DARK SKIES when I call you gray) *grin*
<inyx> night folks! Talk to you later Mackie!  (That's okay - I've spent the
last two weekends getting used to people calling me that to my face ;-)
[21:58] <Guest_Target> Oooh, you're giving me a Mag7 moment...
[21:58] <Guest_Target> Bye, inyx.
[21:58] <wnnepooh> Just outta curiosity, how many degrees do we have here?
[21:58] <DawnCapp> Linda, I'm going to have to go soon *sniffle*
[21:58] <imbrillig> ouch! She doesn't seem to have any trouble picking up as
much work as she  wants. SHe's turned down offers.
[21:58] <Guest_Target> Degrees of what?
<inyx> Mackie - you may be getting email from me - under the name of
[21:58] <wnnepooh> night!
[21:58] <bjkira> Ugh...  Dark Skies?  You had to bring up that...  show? (I
hesitate to call it a show, as it was totally un-entertaining)
[21:58] <Guest_Target> Great! Bye, graywulf!
<inyx> night!
Session Close: Sun Jul 11 21:59:06 1999

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