TAE's Chat
Sunday - June 6, 1999 (5 - 6 p.m. Pacific)

<DawnCapp> am I here? *grin* (Can y'all see me?)
<Sedera> I see you.
* Sedera grins
<DawnCapp> whew!
<DawnCapp> For a moment there I thought I was doomed. Be pretty bad to get blocked out of
my own hosted chat. :-)
<Sedera> Ooh that would be not good.
<DawnCapp> Now, let's just hope that TAE makes it *grin*
<teddbar06> hi, Dawn.  I made it.
<DawnCapp> Yeah! Who are you? :-) (TAE/)
<DawnCapp> (TAE?) that was supposed to be. LOL!
<teddbar06> Yep.  TAE I be.
<Sedera> TAE be ye?
<DawnCapp> Great. you're here. I'm here (after a bit of difficulty and a small scare)
<teddbar06> I'm the TE in teddbar
* Sedera grins

<DanaWheels> Hi, all!
<DawnCapp> Hello, Dana
<guest-bonniecleve> Bonnie laughs.
<teddbar06> Yeah.  I had to hurry.  I had to set the vcr to tape the last ep of DS9
<teddbar06> Hey, Dana!
<DanaWheels> Hi, teddbar!

<DawnCapp> DS9 is on now?
<Sedera> I forgot about DS9 it aired this week on ASN and I forgot.
<teddbar06> It starts at five, here.  I programmed the machine
<DanaWheels> *sigh* I have to record it this week when it repeats. We only recorded one hour...
was away at a con.
<DawnCapp> Hello wolfshy
<DawnCapp> We're just about to officially start the chat. Give folks a few more mins
<wolfshy> Hi Everyone

<teddbar06> Hi, Wolfshy
<guest-bonniecleve> Hi!
<DanaWheels> Hi, Wolfshy.
<DanaWheels> So, what ID is TAE hiding under? :)
<DawnCapp> teddbar06 = TAE
<teddbar06> I almost forgot to come, I was out in the front, swinging in my hammock chair and
<DanaWheels> OH! *laugh*

<DanaWheels> <hug TAE>
<Toni9999> I made it.  Hi!
<teddbar06> Hey, it was easier for me to get here from there.
<DawnCapp> Hello Toni!

<Toni9999> Hiya, Dawn. Left a new fic for this.

<DawnCapp> Left reading or left writing?
<Toni9999> Left writing....
<teddbar06> Ooh, what was it?
<Toni9999> Howdy, TAE, well, you see, Blair suddenly develops Sen abilities...enough already.
<DanaWheels> ACK! Go away for a weekend, and get 500 email messages!
<DanaWheels> Oooo... hurry up and finish it, Toni!
<teddbar06> Sounds interesting
<wolfshy> yea. I like to read it too.
<DawnCapp> Okay, I think we can "officially" start now. :-)
<teddbar06> OK.
<Toni9999> Will do.
<DawnCapp> If there is a delay with me, know that I am trying to log this :-)
<DawnCapp> to reiterate, teddbar06 is TAE
<teddbar06> When last seen
<DawnCapp> And TAE, could you recap what your latest stories were? :-)
<teddbar06> Uh, I did a missing scene for The Real Deal and an epilogue for TS by BS
<Toni9999> Loved your epilog for TSbyBS
<teddbar06> Thank you
<DawnCapp> And y'all can ask away! I'm just the *nudger* not exactly a moderator

<DanaWheels> Hehehehehe!
<teddbar06> I like Nudges, they're helpful
<wolfshy> What do you have in plan next?
<Toni9999> Also loved the real deal MS.  I heard the pork chop thing, but forgot it. Great catch.
<teddbar06> Urk we have commercials?

<DawnCapp> Yes, ignore those pesky newsflashes
<teddbar06> THanks.
<Toni9999> Looks like.  My computer is also quite slow.

<Toni9999> So TA how'd you get started writing Senfic?
<teddbar06> The one I'm currently working on is one where Jim, Blair, and Simon get caught in
an explosion in the courthouse.
<teddbar06> I started by reading it.

<teddbar06> Then, there was a period of a lot of marysues and decided I could do better.
<DawnCapp> How long ago did you start reading and start writing, TAE
<Toni9999> Me too, Dawn's  ;-)  And watching the show of course.
<DawnCapp> (graci, Toni)
<DanaWheels> TAE, kill off that obnoxious DA while you're at it. ;)
<teddbar06> I wrote Black and Blue Monday, reworked it for a couple of weeks then decided that
I could do that forever and never post

<teddbar06> I started writing for real in Jan 98

<LionLady4> Holy Moley - you've only been writing for over a year?
<CarolROI> Did you do any other writing before Senfic?

<teddbar06> I had actually started Extradition back the previous August, but didnt' really finish it.
<teddbar06> I also write Due South, on occasion.  All the talk about LoCs reminded me that my
first DS story only rated three Locs
<teddbar06> Yep Just been writing for a year and a half
<DawnCapp> What was your first DS story?

<teddbar06> Black and Blue Monday.
<teddbar06> It's a short comedy of errors.
<DanaWheels> <nudge TAE> I thought Black and Blue Monday was a TS story. ;)
<DawnCapp> Ah! You have so much sentinel fic, I thought that was a sentinel piece :-) Wasn't it?
<teddbar06> It is.  It was the first piece I ever finished.
<Toni9999> Yeah J & B falling thru roof right?
<teddbar06> That's the one.

<teddbar06> The rain and the roof collapse were based on a real incident
<DawnCapp> new folks, just jump write in with questions. teddbar06 = TAE
<Toni9999> Anything in particinspire You Shd Kno Me Better Than That?

<bonnie0455> hey guys! I made, storm and all
<wolfshy> Where did mable come from?
<DawnCapp> (yeah, Bonnie!)
<teddbar06> Not really.  It was just one of those where the muses bashed and I followed.
<bonnie0455> We had some clean up to do at my father in laws a BIG branch blew down just
behind our car! Whew!

<pokichu> Mackie made it, too -- she had to sign in disguised as two of her dogs....<g>
<CarolROI> How do you get started on a story...do you outline first?  Or make it up as you go
along :)
<DawnCapp> (hey Mackie)
<teddbar06> Mable was created because there were no worthwhile women on the series, I
checked and Joel had no background, and since my favorite person in the world was the head of
LAPD bomb squad, I made her up, based on a couple of ladies I knew.
<teddbar06> I don't outline.  I start off with a conversation or a single scene and let the muses
take it from there
<Toni9999> Do you do much research...what's your backgrd?
<DanaWheels> Or a reader asking TAE a question in email. :)
<teddbar06> I always wrote the story and then the outline in school, as well.

<teddbar06> I have an AA in Police Science/Administration of Justice, Certificate of Competence
in same (thats 26 or more units with a grade of B or better).
<teddbar06> I also have five years experience in Security work, plus sixteen years with the Gov't.
Six with the Corps of Engineers, ten with the Air Force.

<Toni9999> Lotta lawyers and police types in this fandom...
<bonnie0455> What do you do at the Airforce?

<teddbar06> Plus, eight years of hanging out with some detectives and retired detectives.
<teddbar06> I'm a Branch Secretary, a very unbusy one.  I spend a lot of time being a Hershey

<clanjester> Hi, everyone.  It's Izzy, but someone else has stolen my netname (my evil twin?).
<teddbar06> My base is closing and I'll be following my job to Ogden Utah, next spring
<DawnCapp> Hello, IZZY FYI, just jump write in with questions. TAE=teddbar06

<clanjester> Thanks, Dawn.  Hi, TAE!
<DawnCapp> (Awwww. I won't be able to see you when I go to Napa, anymore) *sniffle* (You
make some mean food!)
<LionLady4> Where is your base located?

<teddbar06> Thanks, Dawn, you want the recipe?
<DawnCapp> Heck yeah!
<teddbar06> McClellan AFB, Sacramento, CA

<CarolROI> Which is your personal favorite of the stories you've written? And is it different than
the one your readers like the most?

<teddbar06> It's easy, flour, Lawrey's Garlic Salt, eggs and water to make a thick batter.
<clanjester> Sounds like a lethal pancake mix.  What is this recipe for?

<teddbar06> Oh, favorite story...Hmmm  Well, probably the first Mable story, the one where Joel
gets hurt, maybe that whole series of several stories.
<teddbar06> It's for batter fried veggies.
<DanaWheels> I like that AU. :)
<teddbar06> I don't know which one everyone else likes.

<clanjester> Way better than pancakes.  Started thinking about maple syrup.

<Sedera> Yeah, for the longest time I thought Mabel was a real character on the show. <G>
<teddbar06> I can't help it.  I simply have a thing for bomb squad captains.
<wolfshy> I like all of them. I can't choose.
<DanaWheels> I WISH Mable was on the show!

<teddbar06> Thank you.  I try very hard to make the characters real
<LionLady4> I admit to reading the Team Building stories and Babysitting weekly
<teddbar06> Yes, she's based on my grandmother and my foster mother.
<DawnCapp> Tell us a bit more about Mable, TAE. You really wrote her quite vivid, and few
people write women in wheelchairs, which annoys the heck out of my very best friend who has fibro
<DanaWheels> Hey, TAE, how does TS by BS affect this AU?

<teddbar06> It doesn't, really.  I can pick it up from there and pretend whatever I want.  Whether
they knew before or not is rather immaterial

<teddbar06> Oh, my.  The team building stories were all based on reality.

<clanjester> Hey, maybe we should all write Paramount et al. and suggest they add Mable to the
<teddbar06> Oh, my.  The team building stories were all based on reality.
<inyx> I loved Team Building III

<teddbar06> It doesn't, really.  I can pick it up from there and pretend whatever I want.  Whether
they knew before or not is rather immaterial
<teddbar06> As for Mable being in a chair, two members of my houshold are in wheelchairs,
and a friend is in one part time, and SHE'S the reason I put Mable in a power chair.
<teddbar06> My apologies to Dana, who set me straight about that!
<Toni9999> Any thought of writing non-fanfic professionally?

<DanaWheels> *giggle* Hey, on the Rainier campus *I* would use a motorized wheelchair, but
otherwise, nope. ;)

<teddbar06> Well, I have a story that I've been toying with for a while.  Even before I started
writing fanfic.  I don't dream, so I wake up and plot stories.
<DawnCapp> Well, my friend manages law school with books on a manual more than half the
time *grin*

<DanaWheels> I'm talking about hills mostly. ;)
<teddbar06> Bet there's a book bag on the back of her chair.
<DawnCapp> We have little hills here (old town near mountains) she a strong gal, though!
<DanaWheels> I use a backpack...

<DanaWheels> *grin* THAT is why I have a dog. *laugh*
<clanjester> Bet there's a laptop, too.  She's gotta get her TS fix, right?
<teddbar06> Hung on the back of the chair?
<DanaWheels> *giggle*
<teddbar06> Sounds about right.
<DawnCapp> (hey I tried to assimilate her into that thinking, Dana. *grin*)
<DanaWheels> TAE! *ROFL!*
<clanjester> Hiding in her book bag.  LOL.

<DanaWheels> And what happened, Dawn?
<DanaWheels> The dog, NOPE. ;)
<DawnCapp> She has been thinking about a dog, but doesn't think she's ready for one yet
<DawnCapp> which should bring us back to TAE and Mable *grin*
<teddbar06> Hey, I just got Sheffield his own saddlebags, he can carry stuff, but only about
fifteen pounds
<DanaWheels> That's what *I* thought... found out quickly, that they make all the difference in the

<DanaWheels> How big is Sheffield?

<clanjester> What breed is Sheffield?
<teddbar06> He's about 80 pounds, shepherd/husky/wolf

<wolfshy> does he have blue eyes?
<teddbar06> Mostly white, brown and black mask, couple of brown patches, brown eyes with
gold flecks

<clanjester> Wolf/dog crosses are relatively common here, but not always considered safe.
<DanaWheels> Well, try wheeling into a store with a Doberman. :)

<DanaWheels> Gillis is big enough that I get a lot of stares and screams sometimes.
<teddbar06> My niece got him at 3 months from the Fresno pound as a husky mix.
<clanjester> I'd rather wheel into a store with Blair. (Sorry.)

<teddbar06> Poor Gillis.  If someone screamed at Sheffie, he'd bolt.

<teddbar06> ANyway, Ruth got a job out of the country and couldn't keep him, he was so shy that
no one else wanted him.
<teddbar06> 98
<DawnCapp> Hey new folks, emannep and Mpala, etc. TAE = teddbar06 and you can just jump
in with questions

<clanjester> Who trained Sheffield?  You?

<Emannep> Thanks, Dawn!
<DanaWheels> Well, I can't decide between Jim and Blair, and I AM working on that story about
service dogs.
<clanjester> Hi, emannep.  Hi, Impala.
<bonnie0455> (Hey Mpala!)
<teddbar06> He's much better.  His basic obedience was done by my niece, and I've been
teaching him to pull and carry the backpack.
<DanaWheels> Gillis just stands there and looks surprised that someone wouldn't want to play
with him.

<teddbar06> Sheffie sits on my feet and watches vistors, they think he's protecting me.  But I
know that he's using me to protect him.
<Toni9999> Had a dobie once; looked v. impressive; had been abused and was a soft-hearted
<DanaWheels> Gillis is a sweetheart. And the fact that I didn't crop his ears stops a lot of people
from realizing he's a doberman.

<teddbar06> That's part of Sheffield's problem  I can't imagine anyone beating a 3 month old
<DanaWheels> I can't imagine anyone beating ANY dog. *sigh*

<clanjester> Oh, yeah, cropping.  I wish the industry would stop making dogs conform to human
ideas of beauty.
<teddbar06> Well, that, too, but a *puppy*?
<DawnCapp> Which is why Fitz has uncropped ears :-)
<DawnCapp> besides, they're cuter that way
<DanaWheels> It's only allowed in the US. And I made the choice not to do it to my Service Dog.
<DanaWheels> Oooo...a pitbull with uncropped ears. Do you get many people that ask what
breed he is?
<teddbar06> Thank goodness.  I find cropped ears rather barbaric, as it's done so late.
<teddbar06> Well, my Raffles was often mistaken for a pit bull because she was brindle.  She
was Dingo/Whippet
<DanaWheels> My dog has been described as a greyhound, a rott mix, a GSD mix and a few
other things. :)
<DawnCapp> some people, Dana, not a whole lot, though - mainly they think he's too small (but
he's conformationally right)
<DanaWheels> *giggle*

<clanjester> You have a thing for the wild cross breds, don't you?  Is there a wild side to you?
<teddbar06> What's a GSD?
<DanaWheels> Lots of people think Gillis is a HUGE doberman. And he's not done growing yet!
<DanaWheels> German Shephard Dog.

<DanaWheels> WHY someone said he looked like one, I don't know. He's a black/tan
<clanjester> I mean, do you hear the call of the wild, TAE?

<teddbar06> I'm not particularly wild, I picked Raffie from the pound thinking she was a Jack
Russle mix.  I had her 3 years before I found out she wasn't a dog.  And Sheffield was going to be sent
back to the pound...
<DanaWheels> TAE, tell everyone what's Sheffield's name is when he's good. ;)
<teddbar06> Chief.

<DanaWheels> *giggle*
<teddbar06> word.

<Emannep> That's cute.
<teddbar06> When he's bad it's Sheff-FIELD

<clanjester> I think I missed something. How does the car accident relate to riding?
<SKnepley> hi all
<teddbar06> When we're playing, it's Sheffie or Sheffiefield.
<clanjester> Hi, SKnepley
<DawnCapp> hey, SK, teddbar06=TAE

<teddbar06> I cracked a vertabra in my neck and tore all the ligaments and tendons in my spine.
<SKnepley> what are we talkibng about
<LionLady4> I'm truly sorry to hear that.
<DanaWheels> I have a question, and it's not for TAE, I already KNOW what she wants me to do.
What did you think of TAE adding a real person to THE RACE?

<teddbar06> I gained 60 pounds and can't mount from the ground any more.
<DawnCapp> SK, we are chatting with author TAE and currently talking about dogs :-)

<teddbar06> I'm also afraid to get hurt.
<SKnepley> ahh ok
<clanjester> Oooh, nasty.  Do you fear further injury, or that your control of the horse may not be
stable? (no pun intended)
<teddbar06> horses.

<teddbar06> Well, all three of my horses were traind by me, since the accident.  They're very
good with people who know how to ride, but I'm still afraid of getting hurt again.

<clanjester> I thought it was terrific to add a real person to the story.  There is so little recognition
of the disabled of all kinds in society in general, a portrayal as realistic as TAE's might reach
people who otherwise wouldn't see who's really living next door to them.

<bonnie0455> hugs to you TAE!
<teddbar06> Which makes them nervous when I ride them.  Although, my youngest, who is the
one who wasn't ready for a rider until she was 5 decided to help me out the first time I tried to ride
her myself.

<DanaWheels> Help you out? How?
<DawnCapp> Hey Linda. TAE=teddbar06

<lhgraphics> Hi all, hoping this works<G>
<SKnepley> I liked having a real person in the story.  I rarely have problems with original
characters, so this doesn't bother me.

<bonnie0455> I like original characters and real characters, right, Dawn?
<DawnCapp> :-) Right

<DanaWheels> Good! TAE and I have decided to continue Mable's and Dana's friendship. I'm
working on the story now.

<LionLady4> I like that story line
<bonnie0455> Great! I can't wait to read it.
<clanjester> I admire the Hero du Jour series immensely.  The everyday heroism of the people
who risk their necks for us, and get so little respect.

<DanaWheels> *smile*
<SKnepley> Are you going to write more HdJ\

<teddbar06> Well, I had taught her to stand still, using a railroad tie to line her up with, then a
couple of weeks later, I decided to gen on board.  I lined her up next to the mounting block and spent
45 minutes trying to get up the nerve to step on.  I had to go use the facilities, came back, and
she crouched down so I didn't have to actually leave the block.

<teddbar06> Hero du Jour came about from the way a local station always ended their news
(since stopped)

<inyx> TAE - that's a wonderful story

<clanjester> Have you ever thought about a story in which one of the guys has to shoot a
knife-wielding individual and taken flak from the public who don't understand the exigencies of the

<teddbar06> I liked the idea, we always hear the awful stuff and I like 'good news' better.

<teddbar06> I hadn't thought of it.  It takes a special circumstance not to get in trouble for using
deadly force against anything less than a gun, even from the department.

<SKnepley> How are you going to use Blair as a possible cop in future stories?
<clanjester> It's the lunge space factor.  Here, cops are taught to shoot at 30 feet.
<teddbar06> There would be a big IA investigation.
<lhgraphics> TAE do you set a limit on your story length? You seem to favor the vignette style of

<teddbar06> Here, they have to be closer.

<teddbar06> My stories more or less write themselves, although, I admit liking the shorter
length, as my favorite author used it a great deal.
<DawnCapp> Hello, BSgal (TAE=teddbar06  - I should get that tattooed somewhere) *grin*

<clanjester> Sure, there'd be an investigation.  But people who don't understand how deadly a
knife/fork/scissors can be, scream cover-up.
<inyx> Who is your favourite author?
<teddbar06> I have a few stories that go on for 60 or more pages

<BSgal> Hi Dawn...Hi everyone!
<SKnepley> hey BSgal!

<teddbar06> Yes, they do, unless the attackee manages to injure someone first.
<teddbar06> My favorite author is still Leslie Charteris.
<inyx> The Saint?  Love it!

<wolfshy> Will there be any hurt/comfort in the future stories.
<clanjester> That's where the heroism comes in.  Doing what you have to to protect yourself and
others knowing you'll take the flak from the public.

<teddbar06> Yep.  Cut my teeth on Simon Templar and Doc Savage.<teddbar06> There will always be hurt comfort.  Including in the next one.
<teddbar06> I agree.  Maybe I need to have Blair shoot the bad guy?
<inyx> hints about the next one?
<clanjester> If I admit to knowing Doc Savage, am I letting everyone in on my chronological age?

<teddbar06> Nope.  It's been reprinted more than once.
<lhgraphics> I think if Blair shoots anyone he is going to have some serious self doubts and
<clanjester> Well, not personally of course.  LOL

<DanaWheels> Just as long as he INJURES the guy. In too many stories, authors have Jim kill
the guy. :)

<inyx> That just isn't realistic
<clanjester> Who injures what guy?  The knife-wielding perp?  (KWP)

<teddbar06> The new one starts out with Blair waking up in the dark, unable to see, finding Jim
unconscious and Simon with a broken leg.  A bomb went off in the garage of the courthouse.

<inyx> Ah - sounds good

<lhgraphics> I wonder what the ratio of injuries to deaths is when a cop uses his gun?
<bonnie0455> hurry - I want to read it!
<clanjester> See, that's just where the public doesn't understan
<SKnepley> Sounds very interesting. Do you know when it will post?

<teddbar06> I agree that Blair would have serious problems dealing with hurting anyone, let
alone killing.

<teddbar06> Well, as I recall, cops, even good ones, tend to choke when shooting at a real

<lhgraphics> not to mention having to go through the required couseling
<LionLady4> If you really want to torment blair, have him accidently hurt someone in Major
<teddbar06> They are taught to aim at the chest, as that
<bonnie0455> like when he had to shoot the bear to save himself and Simon?

<clanjester> Yeah, that's why they have to be taught to do it.
<DanaWheels> THey are, yes...

<teddbar06> is the biggest part of the target, most likely to stop them, and that's what they need
to do.

<clanjester> If they don't shoot to disable from far enough back, the KWP can kill at the end of the

<LionLady4> Like if someone stole Blair's gun and shot Jim or Simon

<lhgraphics> if Blair becomes an officer than the next time Jim drops his gun, Blair will have to
use his.
<teddbar06> Since most shootings (even police involved) take place within 21 feet, the odds are
that they would do serious damage, and very likely kill.

<SKnepley> That's no longer Blair angst, it's Blair angony :)
<clanjester> To really torment Blair, have him not intervene and see what happens.

<teddbar06> Not if he picks up something and heaves it at the bad guy.
<DawnCapp> As much as I do not want to see Blair kill someone or even carry a gun, if it came
to Jim's life (or even his own - actually anybody's) he'd intervene
<clanjester> I think we're talking the same distance length, then, TAE.  30 feet is the prepare to
fire point.
<lhgraphics> have Blair hesitate and that would make him seriously question his ablity to be a
cop and back up JIm,
<DawnCapp> and I think it would seriously do bad things to him

<teddbar06> Most cops go their entire careers without ever drawing their weapon except to
qualify on the range

<DawnCapp> Right (but this is Cascade and JIm and Blair - not most cops or most cities - Jim
has drawn his gun how many time already?) *grin*
<DawnCapp> The most dangerous city in America! I'll say!
[NewsFlash]  Join the Talk City team in search of intelligent life -
<clanjester> Wish it were true here.  There's a police shooting of a KWP at least yearly.

<teddbar06> And lost it how many?
<wolfshy> My Father was a cop and he never use his gun. I am from a small town though.
<LionLady4> I'd like to see Blair rescue Simon after being disarmed and humiliated

<SKnepley> I'd like to see Blair go through the training, but remain some kind of consultant.
That way he doesn't need to carry a gun.
<teddbar06> So, write it?

<lhgraphics> it is a fine line between getting your fiction exciting and keeping it realistic.
<teddbar06> I think I did that, more or less.

<teddbar06> in Qualifying and whatever the one before it was.

<teddbar06> Yes, I forget the titles of what I write.
<SKnepley> This is true.
<clanjester> TAE, TAE TAE.  We don't want to write our own stories, silly woman!  We want you to
write them for us!  LOL.

<DanaWheels> ROFL!
<teddbar06> Oh, no.  There are several folks who tried that.  Right, Dana?
<clanjester> You'll do a better job and we won't have to work for our entertainment!

<DanaWheels> Yeah, you bet!!! I am thinking of questions as we speak so she has to write to
answer them! :)

<wolfshy> You still have to work for it izzy. Feedback.

<teddbar06> But if you have a story you want to see, no one, no matter how much you like their
work, can do *your* story the justice it deserves.
<clanjester> Excuse me?  I get feedback from CT daily.  That's all I can cope with.  LOLOLOL

<teddbar06> Aint that the trug
<DanaWheels> That's why I'm writing this next story. :)
<teddbar06> Ain't that the truth. (try again)

<DanaWheels> TAE is letting me "borrow" Mable. :)
<teddbar06> Dana, you aren't the first person I've made write their own story, and I hope you
won't be the last.
<clanjester> (If you can call my pending nervous breakdown coping ......  ROTCLOL)  Back to you,

<inyx> Mable's also got a mention in the story Bonnie and I are writing
<DanaWheels> *giggle* Nope, I am really enjoying thinking it out.
<SKnepley> I'd have to say mable is one of the best original characters out there.  I love stong
female characters, and she is one lady I don't want mad at me.

<teddbar06> There are at least two others, and both of them are still writing.
<lhgraphics> Although I did co-write one story, I  prefer to edit.

<lhgraphics> Although I did co-write one story, I  prefer to edit.
<teddbar06> Well, you showriters' views on fanfic.

<teddbar06> And an excellent job you do, too.

<teddbar06> I don't mind.  As long as Mable remains Mable and doesn't turn into MarySue, it's
OK with me, as long as you ask, first. (ie, no slash, please)
<DawnCapp> Well it is 6pm so I'm going to say the chat is officially ended BUT we can all stay
and do a free-for-all *grin Just one question:
<DawnCapp> What authors do you want to see as guests for a chat in the future?

<teddbar06> I can hang

<clanjester> Do you want editorial rights over Mable then?
<SKnepley> I would like to hear fromLRH Balzer

<teddbar06> Just character rights.
<BSgal> DL Witherspoon
<lhgraphics> K. Ryn!

<teddbar06> Dawn Witherspoon.
<BSgal> Mackie

<clanjester> Dawn Capp
<SKnepley> not to mention DawnC <g>
<bonnie0455> I'll second Mackie and the others mentioned
<BSgal> Paula
<DawnCapp> (gee, i was hoping someone would mention me! LOL!)
<teddbar06> All of them, actually.  Bonnie, Robyn,
<inyx> Agreed
<wolfshy> Robyn
<bonnie0455> which Bonnie?
<SKnepley> And Taleya
<teddbar06> Anyone who has written more than one story.
<teddbar06> Both of you
<teddbar06> ;)

<BSgal> Aren't  you next week, Dawn?
<DawnCapp> No, Becky, silly *grin*
<clanjester> Hephaistos
<DawnCapp> Yeah! Heph is a great choice *grin*
<SKnepley> that's a big 14

<teddbar06> You could always do them alphabetically...
<BSgal> Oops! Then how about Dawn? <grin>

<clanjester> We'd never get to Witherspoon then!  LOLOLOL
<SKnepley> nan go by DL
<inyx> We could always go by nick or first name....
<teddbar06> Go by first names...

<SKnepley> and XmagX
<teddbar06> Oh, yeah.
<LionLady4> Great Day in the Morning - are you all Sentinel Fan Fic Writers?
<clanjester> So you wanna be way down on the list, huh, TAE?
<BSgal> Chats every Sat and Sun and we still won't run out for a while

* LionLady4 begins to feel threatened

<SKnepley> nah, I just read massive amounts of the stuff
<teddbar06> Too late, I got to be first.  And, as such, I got it easier than everyone else will.

<SKnepley> but we can get you back!

<teddbar06> Anyone can write, just use spell-check
<clanjester> Oh, shoot!  We didn't grill her.  We failed in our mission!
<teddbar06> You really think so?

<teddbar06> Heh, heh, heh
<LionLady4> So, say if i did manage to actually write something - is there a forum for these
<clanjester> Chief T/I . . . Whoa, Chief.  Did you choose that on purpose, Chief?

<wolfshy> Sometimes spell check doesn't work either.
<SKnepley> you can get on senfic
<DawnCapp> forum? you mean a website or senfic?
<teddbar06> Yep.  Cascade Times or Senfic
<SKnepley> it's a genfic mailing list
<DawnCapp> GP will archive and CL will also

<LionLady4> these are mailing lists?

<SKnepley> senfic is.
<teddbar06> If you join Cascade Times, however, you will have a lot of mail, plus some
wonderful friends.
<LionLady4> kewl.
<DawnCapp> senfic and cascadetimes are. Guideposts and Cascade Library are archives

<LionLady4> okay
<inyx> CT is a fun bunch

<clanjester> Warn her about me, first, please.  My public service announcement for the day.

<teddbar06> A little crazy. but then, consider the inmates.
<DawnCapp> (ah yes, there's a crazy lady on CT - actually, there are 100 or so crazy ladies on
CT) *grin*

<LionLady4> Well - Thank you everyone for this chat.  I have to go now - hubby wants the puter
<LionLady4> bye
<wolfshy> Test, Lots of Test.
<teddbar06> Of course, you have to take a bunch of tests to get in.
<inyx> TAE - it's been great - I'll see you on CT - I'm off to write with Bonnie!
<clanjester> Well, you're crazier than all of us, TAE, aren't you?
<teddbar06> Bye

<teddbar06> Un, not really
<teddbar06> Bye
<clanjester> Oh, what was your score again?  Mine was only 32.2121%
<BSgal> Goodnight kids!

<teddbar06> Awww.
<wolfshy> We are all alittle insane?
<DanaWheels> Night, TAE! All!
<clanjester> Bye, guys.
<DawnCapp> Night
<SKnepley> bye all!
<wolfshy> Bye everyone

<DawnCapp> thanks for coming, TAE
<DawnCapp> (hey you all! Say, "Thank you, TAE")
<DanaWheels> Actually, I may stay if you're staying a bit. :)

<clanjester> Many thanks.  Please say you'll do it again some time.
<teddbar06> And, that last insanity test is rigged.  Only for those who have actually done
something besides vegitate.  If so, your'e craxy.

<wolfshy> Thanke you Tae. See you all next week
<DanaWheels> )
<teddbar06> I can stay a while longer.  At least until dinner is ready.
<DawnCapp> I can hang for a few mins too

<clanjester> The last Star Wars thing was taped.  Me, Princess Leia.  I don
<clanjester> sorry, don't think so.

<clanjester> I've got a bad haircut all of my own.
<DanaWheels> *sigh* Desk clerk at the hotel I was at, INSISTED that she saw Gillis running up
and down the halls of the hotel. Yeah, right.
<teddbar06> I'm still taping.  It's just started the second hour.

<teddbar06> Were you with him?  THat's the only way he'd be running around.
<clanjester> Did you have any problem getting him into the hotel?  Where is it?
<DanaWheels> Hey, if it's a good copy, TAE, I may ask for a copy... depends on how our repeat
turns out.
<teddbar06> Idiots.

<DanaWheels> Yeah, I was... he was ATTACHED by a leash around my waist. Idiot clerk then
told the con chairman that Gillis was running around, but 20 people saw me and Gillis together, and
he never left my side.

<DanaWheels> I ALMOST didn't go to the con this weekend, but I was "drafted" to go.

<clanjester> Now that's the sort of thing CT could be doing as a group:  writing protests to the
hotel on their policy.

<DanaWheels> Yeah, by the neck... bad Gillis. We're working on heeling. *laugh*

<DanaWheels> Yeah, by the neck... bad Gillis. We're working on heeling. *laugh*
<teddbar06> Next time, insist on an 'assistant' to keep you safe from idiots.
<DanaWheels> Yeah, no kidding. Well, the afternoon clerk apologized, and the manager was
mortified that it happened.
<clanjester> Healing, too.  Pets do that, don't they?

<teddbar06> Good.  Imagine the bad press they'd get for lying about a service dog on duty?
<DanaWheels> Yeah, no kidding. Oh, and ClanJester, Gillis isn't a pet. :)
<DanaWheels> He's a working dog.

<teddbar06> Just young and in training.

<clanjester> Yeah, I know.  But I was including TAE's dogs in the statement and didn't want to
exclude cats, etc.
<DanaWheels> Yeah, REALLY young. He has been in a state since this AM. :)

<DanaWheels> Oh, thought you were talking about Gillis. :)

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