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Detroit Michigan Lady Talks About Finding Love, Romance, Friends, People, Dating, Detroit and Relationships On The Computer

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DETROIT LADY TALKS ABOUT ~ Computer Love ~ Romance ~ Relationships ~ Singles ~ Dating ~ Fishing ~ Casinos ~ Internet ~ E-mail ~ Poems ~ Jokes ~ Clip Art ~ Friendships


Dating ~ Love ~ Relationships ~ Romance ~ Love ~ Personals ~ Detroit Singles ~ Fishing ~ Casinos ~ Divorce ~ African Americans ~ Internet ~ Michigan People ~ Computers ~ Search Engines ~ Clip Art ~ Friendship ~ Windsor Ontario Canada


Real True Love Doesn't See The Color Of The Skin, It Only Feel's The Tenderness In A True Heart!

I must apologize and it is very sad that I have to write this, but I have to keep My Promise to God that I would.

I don't like games so I will be as open as I can about myself, E-mail friends and Chat Rooms.. This way you can decide if you want to respond back or not.. Both of our time is to precious to waste.

I am not interested in any type of friendship with a Married Man or someone who is involved in any type of relationship, because they should be giving their wife or lover the time they are spending E-mailing with me.

Because writing letters takes a Great Deal of Time it is also not a good idea to have a lot of E-mail friends or have them too far away, because if you become attached to them it could lead to many complications later.

Please remember that Many Times Mail Gets Lost, so if you like someone and they don't respond back in a few days, then resend them the last letter you wrote them just in case it got lost.

I mostly use AOL to just get my mail and I don't go into chat rooms.

There are many Demoralized Persons and Game Players who use different nicknames to try to fool you.. These are very Immature people playing childish games because they have nothing better to do.. You will have people who say how lonely they are and just wished they had a real friend to hang out with and they will write you for months and you still never meet them.. ( I guess their significant other won't let them out to play in the real world )

Guess What?? God sometimes surprises us when we have almost given up and when you least expect it God will send your True Real Forever Soul-Mate into your life.

Love ~ Singles ~ Dating ~ E-mail ~ Jokes ~ Poems ~ Fishing ~ Casinos ~ Romance ~ Relationships ~ Friendship ~ Michigan ~ Windsor

Please do not feel intimidated with this page as it took me a super long time to make.

I am just a very laid back, down to earth person.

Take what I say with a grain of salt and don't read into it too deeply.

* * * ABOUT ME * * *

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan ~ Now a few miles West of Detroit.

I do general office work.

I am over 50, not a young spring chicken or a skinny mini, but I do have all my own teeth

I really enjoy helping people in my real life and enjoy helping people new to computers.. I am more of a home person.. I am not a woman's lib person, because I feel that is what caused the break up of the whole family unit.. I think I am a very understanding person because of the many things I have seen and been through in my life and wish I could make everyone's hurts go away.


Right now just hoping to find A Card partner, Fishing partner, Someone fun to hang out with or a Beginner walking partner.. Anything more is up to God!

5'4, Blue eyes, curly bottle blonde hair, over 50.

Romantic, Sensitive, Affectionate, Caring, Monogamous, Full Figured, Considerate, Intelligent, Tender Heart, Sense of Humor, Old Fashioned and Down to Earth.

I am more of a big shirt, jeans, slacks, tennis shoe type person.

Not into the wild life or the bar scene.

Can be a little shy at times.

Love to laugh, but can also be very serious.

I enjoy a lot of physical contact, love pleasing my man and also being pleased.

I am a smoker and like a lot of people wishing I could quit, but knowing I won't as of today.

I Am Not and Do Not Claim to be special in any way, other then I am a super good person and hate to see anyone hurting or being used by other people.

I took the name Sad Eyes X because I had a hurt heart and said to myself that maybe someday if I have Real True Forever Love again I would change my name to X Sad Eyes.

If the time and the setting were right ~ Maybe we could rock each other's world upside down.


Doing anything with someone I enjoy being with. It could be sitting on a park bench holding hands, sitting on a swing talking or dinner and a movie.. It's not what your doing, it's who your doing it with that makes it all so wonderful.


Someone who lives within 25 miles of Detroit, single, honest, sensitive, considerate, understanding, thoughtful and who can be both silly and serious and who has the Free Time to go out and do things as friends.

* * I am just hoping to find an Activity Friend and Companion * *

~ Granny seeks Grandpa ~

Would just like one honest single male around 50 to 60 that lives within 25 miles of Detroit who just wants a Card partner, Fishing partner, Someone fun to hang out with or a Beginner walking partner.

I am just a good person who due to my life long marriage ending would like to find someone in a similar situation.. Someone who is not ready for a romantic relationship, but would just enjoy having a friend to do things with and good conversations.

All of my lifelong friends are married and I don't feel right intruding in on their lives.

I enjoy Fishing, Computers, Jazz, Blues, Fireflies, Cards, Antiques, Theater, Backgammon, Guitars, Casinos, Country Drives, Picnics, Museums, Slow Dancing, Wishing on Stars, Watching the Planes at the Airport, Watching the Ships on the River and Short Train Rides.

The reason that age is important is because people must have some memories in common to chat about (Examples: Woodstock, The Good Humor Man, JFK, James Brown, Hula Hoops, Viet Nam, etc.)


A Single Gentleman in the Detroit Area between the ages of 50 and 60.

An Old Fashioned, Monogamous, Romantic, Tender, Honest, Loyal, Sensitive Man.

A Man that is not afraid to cry.

A Man that doesn't travel a lot in his work.

A Man that wants nice things, but not to the extent that he works so much he never gets to enjoy life.

A Man that likes to please and be pleased.

A Man that loves to work with his hands.

A Man that likes to go out and do some fun silly things.

A Man That Has The Time Needed to Start A Relationship.

What I think I prefer and what God knows I need in a man could be two completely different things and God knows best!

* There Is Life After 40 and Divorce ~ ~ The Body Verses The Mind *

As we mature various minor health problems do exist in many persons over 45 and many have small limitations, but as long as we can get around then there is no reason why persons should not live life as best they can.. ( Using myself as an example ) My mind keeps saying I can still do all the things I did at 30, but my body says " Oh! You Wish You Still Could ". If we can't still do all the things we wished we could, then we can share our good memories with friends when we go Fishing, Play Cards or are out for a Nice Country Drive.

* This Page Is Dedicated To A Truly Remarkable Man ~ ~ LEON of the Netherlands *


There are just as many women who play games on the internet as there are men.

I want to now talk about computer Chat and E-mailing with people.

I Have Not had my heart hurt using the computer, but I used to have a chat room called Sad Eyes and I got 100s of people a week coming in and telling their sad stories of being hurt by e-mailing with people they met on the computer.. As A Promise I Made To God below are some of the many things I have been told by the 100s of people who got hurt by the people they met on the computer.

Since the people on the computer are from all over the world and from all different social groups it is a good reflection of society.. Like in real life there are good, bad, funny, serious, happy, unhappy, cruel and heartwarming people.. You might be chatting, e-mailing with a female for months and never really know that She is really a He.. You might never know that the person you chatted with for months who told you they went out dancing every weekend is really in a wheelchair or that they are not the race you thought they were.. You could chat for months with a 14 year old who said they were 40 or you could chat with a someone who said they were 20 and who is really 50.. You might fly out to meet you new internet friend, only to find no one there to meet you and their phone disconnected.


Looking for Love on the computer is like looking for the needle in a haystack.. I have myself known of about a total of eight different people who did meet through chat, e-mail and they got married, but on the other hand I have heard of thousands that have ended in nightmares.. Just like in the real world there are millions of people, yet how hard it is to find just one that we can love and that can love us back Unconditionally.

Just please be careful and don't expect to find that dream come true, because sometimes dreams are just that.. If you are just looking for someone to talk with, then only meet them with the intention of visiting their state and having them show you around.. Only go knowing that they are a person just like yourself, with a heart, soul and feelings and like you they also have Extra Baggage that they are carrying with them.

It is so super easy to make hundreds of friends on the computer, but if you make too many computer friends then you can't even remember who most of them are.. You must remember that even though you may feel very close and special to these people on the computer, in Reality if you were sick or really needed a real shoulder to cry on these wonderful computer friends won't be there for you.. Oh Yes! On the computer they will be there, but if your not online they won't have any trouble replacing you with someone else.. On The Computer So Called Friends Are A Dime A Dozen.

I know I may sound hard about chat and e-mail friends, but I have heard so many stories by many peoples that had their hearts torn apart by the Computer Game Players.

The only thing is just try to be yourself and try not to get caught up in the role playing.. If your hoping to meet that One Special Person then try to only e-mail with people within 30 miles of your location, because in order for any relationship to grow it must have lots of Personal Attention and that is Impossible if you are thousands of miles apart, unless you have the time and money to spend on a lot of traveling.

I have e-mailed with many idiots, jerks and game players and I feel very sorry for these sick people, because they feel so bad about themselves that they are afraid to be the real person that they are.

I know that I have been lucky in the fact that I still have a few people that I met the very first week I went on computer over 2 yrs ago.. We are just good friends and they call me about every two weeks on the real phone and we send tiny surprises by real mail to each other and more then once they have all offered to fly here when I was going through some bad times and these Few even though we have never met will forever remain in my heart because they accepted me for what I am and not someone they dreamed or pretended in their mind that I was.



It starts out with innocent chatting and then e-mailing and all of a sudden your caught up in the Cyber Fantasizing World and the next thing you know is that this person makes you feel so good that you start comparing your True Partner to this mystery person and all of a sudden your Marriage and Life is Destroyed.

I have seen many real life relationships end in divorce, because of the online roll playing romances people get involved in.

Never Forget that everyone sounds good over a computer.

If people would only invest all the time and energy they spend playing on the computer to their real life partners there would be less relationships falling apart.

People never stop to think that being on the computer so much could be what is helping to cause their real life relationships to break up.

If your on the computer all the time then how can you be giving your partner what they need?

Many say, I have to use it for work.. Then what are you doing in chat rooms or looking up singles ads?

If people would devote as much time to their partners as they do to the computer and be as Sweet and Nice to their partners as they are to a bunch of total strangers then maybe they could save their relationship.

You may think there is something better out here then what you now have, but if I were you I would get off the computer for a couple of months and try to save your relationship.

Become Addicted to your partner instead of some Online Pretend Fantasy!

The grass always look greener on the other side of the fence, but remember The Grass Still Has To Be Mowed and The Bills Still Have To Be Paid and Now You Not Only Have Your Old Problems, But You Also Have A Whole New Set To Deal With.

If your so unhappy with the relationship your in now, then get out of it and let the other person go before you go e-mailing with others.. The life you destroy just Might End Up Being Your Own.

You may be able to fool people through e-mail, but you can't fool God and Remember, What goes around, comes around ten fold.

Where Are Your Values?? What Happened to the Word Commitment?? Does the Word Love Mean Till Something Better Comes Along?? Try Giving Instead of Taking.. Try Thinking of Others Instead of Yourself.. Would You Like to be Treated the Way You Treat Others?? Look at what You did Wrong and You Might Find Out What Real True Forever Love Is.

* * * BEWARE * * *

This is not meant against the nice people and please don't be offended by it and if you are then part of it must apply to you.

This Is A General Note To Everyone.. I get so tired of the same people writing me over and over using different names they get using all the Freebie E-mail addresses off the www, ( A few examples of free e-mail addresses on the www.. Yahoo, Hotmail, Earthlink, Worldnet, Globalnet, Rocketmail, etc. ) - ( These are the weird people who have no friends, so they have to keep changing their names) Please! Always use your real true TCP/IP/PPP/ Local Server/Provider E-mail address.. If someone has to hide behind a phony free www e-mail address and can't admit who they really are then these nut cakes must have something to hide and I would prefer they go play their childish immature games somewhere else.. Oh! I understand and am very sorry that you are a very sick person who has nothing better to do.

A lot of married people use these free e-mail addresses so their spouses can't read their e-mail.

I know that on some personal programs on the Web that you must use their address to write someone the first time, but You Can Put Your Real E-mail Address In Your Letter! I dislike having to open Netscape to go on the Web to send my mail out and some only allow me to send so many words/characters in the letters I send out.. I truly hope you understand that without a real e-mail address you can't be trusted.

I am very sorry to the Sweet, Kind, Nice People for saying this, but if you knew the sick perverts who write me you would then understand!

This applies to those fruitcakes who get a thrill out of typing nasty words on a computer screen.. Anyone who has to type dirty words on a computer to get themselves off must really have a super Undersized Penis! A Real Man doesn't need to talk about it, but a man who wishes his wasn't so tiny does! A Real Man uses a woman and not a computer screen to make love too.

If you think I am being unfair, then list yourself for a week in a chat room using a woman's name and then tell me all about the wonderful nice men you meet.

You know the old saying.. Walk A Mile In My Shoes and Then Tell Me How You Feel?

Usually the people that get offended by what I say about the weird people on the computer are in some way guilty of game playing and hearing the truth hurts.

I totally understand that it is not easy to discuss with strangers certain personal things about yourself until you get to know them, but to say general stuff like, First Name, City, Approximate Age Group, Hobbies, Martial Status, Children, Smoke, Drink, Etc. is a must to establish any sort of friendship, yet so many people expect you to meet them in person after a couple of letters in which they tell you nothing about themselves.. Do you think you could get a loan if you didn't fill out the application?? Would you buy a car without finding out if it had an engine?? Would you go to a used car lot to buy a house?? or Would you first try to find out as much information that you could before wasting a lot of time for nothing??


In Loving Memory Of ~ Willie ~ My X Fishing Partner and Best Friend

Gone But Never Forgotten ~ How Very Much I Miss You

I will admit that I was raised with much bigotry and I want to say Thank You to one of the most wonderful man I ever met.. He taught me so many wise things.. This kind gentle man had more intelligence in one finger then most people have in their whole bodies.. The knowledge he has given to me will remain with me forever.. A man with so much character and tenderness in his words and thoughts is very hard to find, although I know there must be many others like him some where out there in this world.. This man had a mind and a heart so full of deep emotional feelings for others and a heart that could see deep within a persons soul.. What a wonderful world we could have if people would not judge others on the color of their skin or religious beliefs, but rather take the time out to get to know the real person within and not prejudge what our parents and society has taught us.. We all just come in different shapes, sizes and colors, but inside we are all just the same, one heart and one soul. I just want to say Thank You.. I will Never forget how Very Special You Were.. You words of wisdom, thoughts and feelings will forever remain with me and I hope someday I can touch someone's heart the way you have touched mine.. Thank You!

* * * JOKES * * *

Q- Why is sex like Jell-O

A- There's always room for more.

Q- How can you tell if a Blonde works in an office?

A- A bed in the stockroom and huge smiles on all the bosses' faces.

Q- Why did the snowman pull down his pants?

A- He heard a snow blower coming his way.

Q- What's a politicians definition of safe sex?

A- No Reporters Around.

Q- What did the hurricane say to the coconut tree?

A- Hold on to your nuts, this is going to be a hell of a Blow Job.

Q- What's the difference between oooh and aaah for a woman?

A- About Three Inches.

Q- Why Cookie Dough Is Better Than Men?

You don't have to change the sheets if you eat it in bed.

It won't wake you up because it's hard..

It won't get jealous if you pick up and try another one.

It never has an insecurity problem with its size.

* * QUOTES * *

Time is your most precious commodity you can give to others, you show love when you give of your time.

Love is sharing all your past journeys and now taking new journeys together.

True wealth is not what you have, it is what you are.

Many times only the heart can see what is invisible to the eye.

Love, like a wild flower is often found in the most unlikely places.

We all see angels, if we never recognize them it's because they come in ways we don't expect.


People who use free e-mail addresses and not their real paid for server provider addresses.. Hmmm I Wonder What They Are Hiding?

Someone who says how good looking they are... Like Who Really Cares?

Someone who thinks I'm impressed when they say they own their own business.. So do millions of other people.

Someone that says in their first letter to me, Send me a picture.

Someone that sends me their phone number in their first letter.

Someone that says.. I have the time to become acquainted and then writes a letter every 5 days with 15 words saying how busy they are and will write when they get more time.. If your that busy and can't take 10 minutes to write, then why bother writing? Obviously, You Don't Have Time For Starting Any Type of Friendship or Relationship.

BOTTOM LINE: There are a lot of Very Nice Super People on the Internet.. JUST BE CAREFUL!

Right now I am just really hoping to find Someone Fun To Hang Out with, A Card Partner, a Fishing Partner when it is warm out or a beginner Walking Partner.

I don't need your picture, because it is not going to tell me what is in your heart and soul and I could care less if your handsome or how much money you make.. The Heart Cannot Lie.. I am only interested in what's on the inside in your heart and soul, as that is the real you and that's what lasts forever after your so called good looks are gone.

* * * THOUGHTS * * *

When Love ends it is like the end of a dark and lonely road.

Look deep inside someone's heart before you judge who they really are.

Thank God everyday for the good things that you do have. Only remember your good memories and forget the sad ones.

The Only Thing That Cures A Broken Heart Is True Real Forever Love.

Again I will say that I am nothing special, other then a good person who dislikes to see people hurt or used by others for their own gains.

* * * THE TIME IS NOW * * *

If you love someone, Love them now while they can know your sweet and tender feelings from which true affections flow.

Love them now while they are living. Don't wait until they are gone and then have chiseled in marble your sweet words on Ice-Cold Stone.

If you have thoughts of someone. Please go tell them now before there is death between you and they won't be able hear you.


Four came from men who for over three months keep writing and saying we must get together soon and also keep complaining that they work over 60 hours a week.

Four came from men living with a woman ( But, they are just Roommates/Friends or they are unhappily living together and just can't move out right now )

Six sent me their picture at least four or more times.

Seven came from men who don't have cars, but want to go out together.

Seven came from unhappily married men wanting to get together.

Nine letters came from women asking me to please stop write their husbands.

Ten wrote and after many letters still refuse to answers any questions about themselves, yet insist I send them my phone number.

Fourteen were from males under Thirty-five.

Eighteen letters came from men living over 500 miles away saying how maybe we can go fishing together soon.

Twenty-eight live over 300 miles away, but want to get together.

Twenty-five live over 200 miles away, but want to become fishing friends.

It Only Proves Most People Who Answer Personal Ads Don't Read What The Ads Say.

Dating ~ Love ~ Relationships ~ Romance ~ Love ~ Personals ~ Detroit Singles ~ Fishing ~ Casinos ~ Divorce ~ African Americans ~ Internet ~ Michigan People ~ Computers ~ Search Engines ~ Clip Art ~ Friendship ~ Windsor Ontario Canada

* I am 50% the woman in the picture at the top of this page and I am 50% the Angel below *

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