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Middle Class


Janene Gentile
Graham Everett
Raymond Kruse
Demoy Shilling


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Janene Gentile: Bass Player

Janene Gentile, the bass player with Middle Class, sees her performances as a rhythmical relationship of work to deed, to action. She interacts with the audience and touches their senses on a physical and spiritual plane as a means of harmonizing with the band. Her rhythms enter the solar plexus, leading her listeners to transcend the limits of time and space. Ms. Gentile completed her undergraduate studies at Fordham University, and received a Masters in Arts & Education from New York University. She has traveled and performed throughout Europe, and participated in the New York Punk scene and NoWave movement. Her and her Fender jazz bass have caused many a chest pain in the local NYC clubs such as CBGB's, The Pyramid CLub, White Columns, La Bamba, Urban Nites Rashion Moda Open Art Space, and Franklin Furnace.

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