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Middle Class


Janene Gentile
Graham Everett
Raymond Kruse
Demoy Shilling


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Raymond Kruse: Drums

A local Long Island drummer for 40 years, Kruse knows the true meaning of middle class. Although employed as a public school teacher, his avocation as a musician has taken him down many paths. He started his professional career as the beat with bandleaders Buzzy Linhart and Kinky Friedman, touring throughout the United States in various venues. After entering education, Ray became involved with pit orchestras and has played in Pippin, Grease, 42nd Street, and Gypsy. Jazz was next on the list, and opportunities to play with Giacomo Gales, Mose Allison, and other local jazz musicians began to take shape. Ray has recently stretched his repertoire by joining the Sound Symphony, a classical orchestra. As a Middle Class Poetry Band member, Ray has the opportunity to experience the kind of musical intimacy rarely found in small town bands.

Page Updated: 6/7/03