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** Michael J. Wood **

The contents of all our pages!!!

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Mikes Computer Music Page!!!

My own MOD files and guitar samples!!!
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I just added Inner Trance. Download it.

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My MOD / S3M files Inner Trance (my strange creativity)
Baschase.s3m Bass Chases Synth
Dance.s3m Dance I kept forgetting to put this one up.
Partymix.s3m Party Mix
Childmin.s3m Sweet Child
Dazed.s3m Dazed
Dazed2.s3m Dazed 2
Hpnotize.s3m Hypnotize Sunshine (Rocks) Horror Night

MOD / S3M files from other people by Purple Motion/FC by Skaven/FC Mission Impossible< /A> Babylon Zoo's "Spaceman" by WickedX
Jingle.s3m Awesome Christmas medley

MOD / etc. Players MOD4WIN 2.30(for Windows) IPLAY v 1.22 My files are best played on this DOS player Cubic Player v 1.6 Another DOS player Scream Tracker v 3.21 - This is an editor for making your own files
Playerpro4_41_sit.hqx Player Pro - Player for MAC

My Guitar Riffs, Mode/Scale samples, etc. Small acoustic sample of Aeolian Mode in Em (one of my favorite modes) Acoustic sample of Blues Scale in A7

A variety of WAV files
Moelie.wav Simpsons : Moe takes a lie detector test
Halfass.wav Simpsons : Homers view on why not to Strike
Nedokli.wav< /A> Simpsons : Ned Flanders
Exclnt.wav Simpsons : Mr. Burns
Trnitoff.wav Cheech & Chong
Beback.wav Arnold Schwarzenegger : I'll be back
Hasta.wav Arnold Schwarzenegger again
Feature.wav Welcome to our feature presentation

This page was last slightly updated on December 6, 2000

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