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Miko no da's Homepage!

I am no longer taking submissions!
Due to real life circumstances, I just don't have enough time to do all the work required in updating this page. You'd be surprised how much effort something like this can take. ^_^;
As of now, this page will be an archive for myself and Chichiri no da only. I deeply apologize to everyone whose fics are archived here, and all those fans who have found this site to be a useful resource in the past. Please do visit in the future for updates on our fics! Domou arigatou to everyone who has visited and mailed comments, your feedback has been greatly appreciated!

PLEASE, minna-san... if you have any of my fics listed on your website, PLEASE copy and paste the html directly onto your OWN SERVER... DO NOT link directly back to my website! It's overloading my bandwidth, which causes the site to be down more often than it's up.

Ne, wanna link to my page? Check out the awesome BANNER that Chichiri no da made for me!

First off, I'd like to thank Chichiri no da, my aisuru and the best beta reader this side of Japan, for all her help and support.

WARNING! A great many of these fics are LEMON in nature. This means that they are sexually explicit, or X rated. There are also fics with YAOI content - pairings between two MALE characters. ALL of these fics will be CLEARLY MARKED. If you aren't legally allowed to read these, or if this type of content bothers you, DON'T READ IT! If you choose to ignore these warnings, don't blame (or flame!) me if the fics upset you. There ARE fics which are not Yaoi or lemon, so don't be too intimidated! Having read the warning, if you'd like to proceed to the fics, click on the ^_^ at the bottom of this page.

C&C is always appreciated. I can be reached at, and Chiri-chan can be reached at Please note that flames will be cheerfully used to roast marshmallows! All characters and series do not belong to us, they belong to their respective companies. No copyright infringement is intended with the writing of these fics - they are a form of appreciation. Please don't sue us, we're starving ex-students with very little money! (And Chiri-chan's mom is a lawyer. ^_^)

Over my years of internet surfing, I've picked up a lot of graphics and backgrounds, and I don't know where any of them came from any more. If you see something on these pages that you recognize as yours, just email me and I'll be happy to give you credit!

Having trouble with the Japanese terms? Check out the handy-dandy GLOSSARY for explanations!

And now, on to the fics na no da!