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Babylon 5

Babylon 5 is a Science Fiction show written by Joe Michael Strazynski. Mira played a fabulous role and did a wonderful job as "Delenn of Mir." Delenn is the character that is featured in the background! Anyway, Mira has said that she loved this particular role because Delenn is a complex woman.

When asked, Mira has also said that Delenn was like her first role all over again. It was her first role in American television, so she had to adjust to not only a whole new country but also a new carrer, audiance, and style. Delenn and Babylon 5 lasted five years, and also had five films. I could never do it justace with what I have to type, so you should try to watch it yourself.

The Sci-Fi Channel plays
Babylon 5 every week day
from seven p.m. to eight
p.m.! One episode...

Mira Furlan: An Actress of Many Talents